Essay: The Death Of Chivalry

Biological women in the United States are being subjected to genocidal violation – we could call it existential rape of a certain type – by misogynistic biological males posing as trans-women...



hese fake women hate real women. They are the real oppressive patriarchs who wish to—like a lot of men—simply take up more space in the world and deny and confiscate the hard-fought rights women have battled for over the course of decades. They are not content to govern the corporate boardrooms; they want to compete with women in beauty contests, sports, and other existential life experiences, and to have a coercive monopoly on the right to claim that a definitive definition of a woman is trans-phobic, sexist, and toxic—all the while claiming that they are real women.

Before these trans bullies came along, no one had a problem defining what a woman is: an adult female with XX chromosomal markers. Trans-women have now taken away a woman’s right to live by her biological definition and to feel pride in her femininity.

When colleges add menstruation products to men’s bathrooms with the demand to treat men who menstruate with the same respect, one has to ask: Where are the real men standing guard by the doors of such bathrooms—their territoryproclaiming: Not on our watch! Where are the men ready to dislodge and destroy such dispensers in principled revolt? Let us be clear: men do not menstruate. It is sheer lunacy to assert as much.

Biological male trans-women seek to erase real women by claiming that a man who feels he was born in the wrong body but has no desire to remove his genitalia—such as Dylan Mulvaney—can still be a woman. Mulvaney is a grown man with a penis and testicles. He has said he refuses “to tuck” because the world needs to get used to the fact that some women have penises. He even believes he will get pregnant one day—I suppose that’s why he was seen frolicking with a tampon on his show chronicling his transformation to girlhood. Where exactly is he placing the tampon?

Why was a garish looking biological male crowned Miss Netherlands in July of 2023? The Netherlands has a population of 17.53 million people – presumably of which at least fifty percent are female – and yet the deranged country chose to crown a man cosplaying as a woman.

Has it occurred to anyone that a significant percentage of biological men identifying as transwomen are simply failed men? They are men who could not make it in a man’s world and now want to encroach on female space, to violate and erase the women in that space through disguised bullying so that they can try to make a success of their lives now as “women”? Who was Dylan Mulvaney as a man? A banal nobody. As a man in drag, he’s now as famous as Jackie Onassis – just by pretending to be her.

What sort of world are we living in when heterosexual men allow this kind of psychosis that permits the erasure of their heterosexual female counterparts? Why are we not seeing more real men exercising chivalry and protecting the honor of biological women—several of whom have obviously been bullied into capitulating and siding with these female poseurs?

Hundreds of men went down with the Titanic into the icy waters, drowned and froze to death in the name of honor to insure there would be room on the limited number of lifeboats for women and children.

Our neutered men today seem to agree with their female partners—they who have menstruated, given birth to children, and had genuine experiences as women—that a biological man can be a woman. Let’s chalk it up to a stereotype about women that has some empirical traction: they don’t like protracted fights and nasty battles and, further, they are more likely to be inclusive and conciliatory than most men.

When a biological woman hears of a biological-male-trans-woman entering a female beauty contest, or competing in a women’s sporting event, one may conjecture that the maternal part of her wants to believe in the authenticity of his desires and wishes. It would not occur to the majority of women—some of whom mistakenly want to be trans-allies to the detriment of their own agency and identities—that the real motives of these men in women’s spaces is to achieve power and dominance over women. Period. Men competing in female beauty contests? It’s unspeakable. It’s revolting. And where are the real men who love bona fide female beauty? Why are they not cancelling their subscriptions in droves to Sports Illustrated, which had the temerity to place a trans model on its cover?

No real man allows himself to be ruled by a woman. But American men have been laboring under the toxicity of feminist egalitarianism for quite some time now, and they have become the beta boys of their wives and female partners. They are no longer leaders of households. They no longer revel in their masculinity or even have any idea what the concept of masculine happiness means. Rather, they allow themselves to be re-socialized like good progressive male feminists into the image manhating feminists want them to be. Little need be said then why these de-fanged, emasculated men cannot and will not, for the most part, stand up to these biological male-trans-women. These men have allowed themselves to be caught up in a veritable explosion of gender ideologies and have subjected their sensibilities to the feminization of female sexual norms and mores.

This malarkey has no place in rural white and black working-class societies where men are still men and where women know they are women and see their womanhood as non-negotiable. In all my travels across this great nation, I have never met an adult rural white working-class man or black man or working class black Christian woman with any patience for the utter insanity behind the non-binary movement, gender pronoun imposition, or gender ideology, for that matter.

Bourgeois American men, many of them marooned in the suburbs and cut off from the elemental rhythms of urban life, have shriveled up emotional lives with little vitality and zero exuberance. They haven’t any fire in their bellies to sustain convictions and principles apart from the platitudes and bromides they have inherited from the herd. They are largely automatons who follow a script that is written for them.

When the plethora of biological male-transwomen claim that they too want to be mothers and can be mothers, there are few, if any, self-respecting straight men throwing down the gauntlet and telling them to their faces: “No! You can never be a mother. You will never get pregnant. And even if you adopted a child, that would not make you a mother just because you’ve had cosmetic surgery and dress like a woman.”

The real reason for the absence of chivalry, of men standing up to protect the honor of real women, however, lies in two words: moral cowardice, and its logical corollary: moral appeasement. In matters of morality and values, individuals have grown weak and soft and are terrified of standing alone and of having the courage of their convictions. It is not that people want to be on the so-called right side of history. It is that people are existentially terrified of being moral outliers because their need for belonging and acceptance at any cost supersedes their own integrity and moral independence. They have outsourced their moral lives to the herd and capitulated their mind and its judgments to the ubiquitous conventions of that herd.

The hysterical virulence behind people’s opinions is hermetically sealed in the moral safety net of left-wing orthodoxy. They are not independent voices. They are the collective ventriloquists for a nihilistic vanguard of psychotic sex fascists.

When a biological male, identifying as a trans-woman, claims that he is a lesbian because he is a real woman who happens to be attracted to women, there is no lower place to go in terms of psychological degradation and conceptual obfuscation.

Perhaps the last real men left in America—tough, beer drinking, silent-types who smoke and are not quick to make conversation—the construction workers and builders and plumbers and electricians, the guys who clean up the mess after tornadoes and hurricanes that decimate whole regions—just see this as a mostly bourgeois problem. Their wives are not coming out as non-binary and, for the most part, if their children come out as trans they tend to just ignore them until they come to their senses. They know that real Gender Dysphoria is a very rare mental disorder, and that it is more likely that their child will win the lottery or be struck by lightning than be afflicted by it.

They know their kids got infected by a horrible idea pathogen—transgenderism. They know that the majority of kids claiming to be non-binary and trans-gender are accessorizing their identities and embracing a fad. Some are confused and want to be part of the new “cool.” Others are just plain attention-seeking narcissists.

Such men tend to see things in moral binaries. There are few shades of grey as far as they are concerned. So, they opt out of a psychotic conversation where common sense has been cast as an outlaw, and almost a criminal, and the evidence of one’s senses is dismissed as being refracted through a heteronormative and patriarchal lens.

But here the transgressors are right; only, the defendants in their case have not gone far enough. Rigorous heteronormativity and unyielding patriarchy are exactly what are needed to combat a society in which a radical gynocentric feminist paradigm rules the epoch. Women run the primary socialization of young boys in the United States. There used to be a time when fathers were the creators of the family laws that ruled the hearth. Mothers acquiesced to the judgments of the fathers.

Today’s fathers, because they are men, are toxic by definition. Is it any wonder that it is in Middle Eastern, African, and largely Third World immigrant families where traditions of paternal family law rule the day? These immigrants, high functioning testosterone males who brook no contradiction, are living in the midst of a bunch of effete, bourgeois, neutered American men who are largely terrified of their wives, and terribly upset if their children do not like them if they discipline them. They allow their wives to tell them how to be men and thus lose status in the eyes of their women who feel abject contempt for any man who can be ruled by a woman. For many women – not all – the essence of femininity is the desire to look up to a strong man and be led by him.

This ideal is lost on American society for the simple reason that the predominant Alpha males in America are female feminists. They call the shots in education and in the feminization of our military via a nefarious and insidious woke ideology wedded to transgenderism. Our corporations are governed by a gynocentric paradigm. The entire Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are spearheaded by a feminist egalitarian ethos. Women run America. There is only a deceptive facsimile of a patriarchal system. Men cower in fear of female retaliation, retributive justice, and rage.

Men can’t flirt with women, tell them they look pretty, offer innocent compliments, and enjoy spontaneous masculine happiness with them. It is women who have created a sex war with men. They have criminalized male identity by naming it as toxic because it is male.

Men will continue to suffer under matriarchal colonization because feminist Alpha women speak with moral authority. Male feminists will die a natural death until an army of real men realize that feminists are acting like Alpha males out of sheer desperation. They are members of a socio-political cult that has taught them that they don’t need men, and that the ones they do acquire must bend to their will. Until a heroic army of men starts practicing a biblical and unnegotiable form of responsible masculinity in which they lead, provide, protect, and leave an enduring legacy for others, male feminists will remain the eunuchs of these self-described “Boss Bitches,” who want nothing more than to be rescued from the tyranny of their own ambitions, imposed drives, and conflicted desires.✪


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