Government-Run Public Schools Are Losing Students & Big Money

America’s public education system, an institution destroyed by sexual predators, cronyism, incompetence, and corrupt unions, is losing students and the big government dollars that come with those students….

The only exception being Florida…

Gee, I wonder why Florida is the exception, asked no one ever with even half a brain.

According to the far-left Associated Press, the actual statistics are quite stunning. The numbers are both surprising and inspiring. However, unlike the teachers unions, I actually care about protecting and educating children, something the public schools no longer do.

Here is the relevant information from the AP story:

  • A school system in suburban Kansas City is eliminating over 100 jobs, including kindergarten aides and library clerks.
  • Oakland, California, is closing seven schools.
  • In Olathe, Kansas, where the school system is cutting 140 jobs[.]
  • In Houston, the largest district in Texas, enrollment tumbled by more than 22,000 to around 183,000 in fall 2021 and only about half of those students have returned.
  • In California, which announced this month that enrollment had fallen by an additional 110,283 students[.]
  • Since the pandemic began, the [Minneapolis Public Schools System] district … has lost more than 4,000 students, along with the state funding they generate.
  • In Iowa, the Des Moines district [lost 1,600 student,] canceled a conference, sold a building and isn’t replacing some retiring teachers as it cuts $9.4 million in spending for the upcoming school year.

What’s happened, as the AP admits, is that during the anti-science lockdowns, a lot of parents discovered the joys of private schools and homeschooling and never looked back. And why would they? As soon as the lockdowns ended, the public schools decided to jump out of the closet and announce their campaign to sexually groom little kids using child and adult porn.

Additionally, Democrat-run cities lost students as decent parents fled those increasingly crime-ridden dumps with their insane housing costs, taxes, regulations, and fascist policies that regulate everything from smoking to soda size to what kind of grocery bag you’re allowed to use — all while the nastiest and most destructive sexual sins are normalized and foisted on small children.

Ah, but then there’s Florida…

Amid the upheaval, some states have gained students. Florida was among the leaders, according to the data-tracking site Burbio. And some districts’ head counts benefited from new families, including some who moved to less costly areas as work went virtual.

Of course Florida is thriving. Florida didn’t allow the corrupt teachers union to shut down the schools so the teachers could run off to Cabo. Florida also put a dead stop to all the sick gay porn and grooming in its public schools. Florida did what the government is supposed to do: protect the parents’ rights to decide how their kids will be educated.

If the GOP ever wakes up, it should make school choice the 21st century civil rights movement. However, that needs to be more than just lip service. There are still good public schools with good public school teachers. We all know that; but overall, the public school system has become a breeding ground of educational failure, sexual grooming, abuse and left-wing propaganda. Nothing could be better for America’s children, especially in urban areas, than if the whole system was sent to Hell, which is where it really belongs. ✪

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