Happy New Year?

Happy New Year?

✪ Happy New Year, Americanists! Of course, I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year! That’s because you’re very good people who deserve to have the happiest New Year possible regardless of whatever our criminal government and their brainless sheep followers have in store for the country this year to continue making life miserable for everyone. We all already know all too well, they’re real professionals at fucking things up. The only saving caveat for most of us is that we happen to live in Red areas of the country where the misery index isn’t nearly as high. To those of you less fortunate trapped behind enemy lines in blue states or cities, I extend my most sincere & heartfelt sympathies as I continue to pray for your inevitable deliverance. I admire the courage and fortitude you must have to endure this clown shit show. However, apart from the normal, daily events in our lives and because nothing is ever completely perfect, we must still persevere to enjoy life to it’s fullest while living in an America under the thumb of professional government criminals and their obscenely greedy woke globalist business partners. I wish I could say with all confidence that this New Year will be a better one, but in all honesty, I’m not so completely certain. Nobody knows for certain what the fuck will happen. Now hang the Hell on for just a minute and hear me out before you have a fit! Here’s how I arrived at my conclusion. The Left is losing the long war regardless of how many smaller battles they may be winning.  Regardless of however hard they are working at appearing not to be losing because they are losers and they know it. They are doing what all petulant children do when they realize they have lost: adopt a batshit loco scorched Earth policy of full on destruction of everything they can get their hands on. Sound familiar? They’ve significantly ramped up this strategy during the last year because ever since the stolen election, they’ve been completely blind to everything else which isn’t part or parcel of their woke agenda. They, the Donkee sheeple, the agitators and all the other fools lead astray & poisoned by the communist mind cancer just refuse to acknowledge the greater reality outside the orbit of their tiny, pea sized brains.

That’s why we see the “people in charge” seemingly going along with and supporting all of this retarded transgender bullshit. Come on, man! These assholes know damned well there are only two biological sexes and trans freaks are just hopelessly mentally ill deviants. However, the trans freaks serve a very definite purpose for the Political Class: they sow chaos and division in society by undermining the already established and very successful order of traditional normalcy. And they use this sick shit as a hammer to go after everything they can wreck; marriage, the family, religion, etc. They’re running the same game on us with all of their “systemic racism” bullshit, too. Question: since the leftist communists now control almost every institution and aspect of American life, how can America possibly still be a racist country? When we measure & compare communists and conservatives in America by their own words and actions, WHO comes up as being the real racists? The defense rests! However, these assclowns are only playing a part in a much bigger script being written by the Davos Billionaire Social Club who envision a future where they own everything, fuck robots and piss all over the rest of us while we clamor to “serve” them. The only reason why America and Americans are under such a heavy attack from this hive of Euro-peon evil at this point is because we represent the last remaining bulkhead standing between individual freedom and their evil lust for absolute World domination. An epic battle is taking place on our very own soil right now through this choreographed subversion against the last remaining bastion of true freedom in the World. Where they have failed in their planning is by not understanding we’ve already been a free people for much too long to ever go along with agreeing to be their globalist slaves. Give me liberty or give me death! They have made the fatal error of believing their own propaganda in much the same way many drug dealers eventually become their own best customers. Progressives may live in America and yes, may even have citizenship by their good fortune of being born here, but in truth, they are anything but real Americans. They have very little in common with real Americans.

Because the Davos ghouls fund and give them their marching orders, our domestic communist political class continues to suffer from some sort of stupid, deluded fantasy they are the new conquerers of America! The only people the Globalists have really won over seem to be the desperate parasite takers in our society, the self-loathing sponges and worms who blame everyone else but themselves for everything miserable about their pathetic lives. The losers who are enticed by the bait on the hook of even bigger promised gibmedats to which they feel self righteously entitled. Yes, they may live here among us, but that doesn’t in any way make them AMERICANS! An American is someone who embraces the ideology of individual freedom and responsibility; a way of life which incorporates honesty and moral values, love of God and country. The quintessential American is someone who supports minimalist government, is family oriented, possesses an actual work ethic; and strives for success and excellence without harming others. All of these qualities and characteristics are diametrically opposed to the basic tenets of Leftism.

The good news is the longer this shit drags on, the more people become fed up. The bad news is, at this juncture, I’m no longer as certain as I once was that we can vote ourselves out of this unpleasant situation. The worms have become too corrupt, too emboldened, too entrenched & too invested in their own hubris for power and control to ever simply stop or respect the will of We The People. Try as I may, I also can’t really see any way forward towards a future which involves any peaceful sharing of power with these people. Hey, I’ve tried! They’ve made it abundantly clear this time that they’re not in any way the least interested: they’ve stacked the deck and thrown all the chips onto the table for this hand. Their choice, not ours. Once that hand gets played and the train starts rolling, there will be no stopping it until America has been completely purged of all communist ideologues, along with their supporters and enablers. Unfortunately, this is the hand they have dealt themselves. I know you all already know this; however, I hasten to remind you the Left does not. They continue to whistle past the graveyard by believing they have already won the game.

There is a growing trend of slowly withering support within the ranks of all but the most rabid & extremist of leftist idiots. It’s not readily visible yet, because most of them are still too afraid to speak up & ashamed to admit they royally fucked up by supporting Joe and the Ho. It’s almost as if they’re shocked to discover they’re finally getting that socialism they claim to have always wanted, but now don’t once they finally have their first bitter taste. Another leftarded cognitive blindspot; they believe socialism is the answer to everything; but somehow it will magically never directly impact or affect them in their own lives. FAIL! Along that line of thought, socialism is only a solution for “greedy capitalist pig robber barons” and never for loyal donkee party voters or supporters. FAIL! Funny, but most of those so called “greedy capitalist pig robber barons” are in fact, the biggest socialists of all and nothing is more dangerous, stupid or filthy than a socialist with too much money. Prove me wrong! I won’t mention any names, but Pedowood and Silly Con Valley come to mind.

Slowly, the unwashed masses are waking up to the fact that if they make society’s producers into criminals, there won’t be anyone left for them to steal from. That’s when the real cannibalism starts! Suddenly, they’re feeling very alone & vulnerable because the only culture and society they have ever known to afford them the very comforts and opportunities they constantly bitch against are starting to dissolve beneath their feet. WTF did these idiots think was going to happen? Buyers’ remorse: their first hit of actual living socialism, not the idealistic, academic propaganda packed into their heads about “equality” & “workers owning the means of production” or some such other lofty bullshit. How many communist governments throughout history have ever given their workers control over the means of production? How many of them have ever done a better job of providing for their citizens than their citizens could for themselves? Correct answer, ZERO, NONE, NADA. I don’t care what you say, ALL forms of governments STEAL. That’s because they produce nothing of their own. What’s that you say, snowflakes; empty store shelves and out of control inflation and crime are giving you that oh not so fresh feeling? You assholes have made it a mission for your entire worthless lives to constantly push for this bullshit. Why suddenly all the unhappy faces now that your dreams are finally coming true? What’s that you say? You’re frightened for the future? You damned well better be! Talking communism might have been fun for leftards in college because it helps them get laid by ugly chicks who never bathe or shave, but now that it’s finally arrived, most of them don’t like what they’re seeing. Turns out, it’s not the most glorious people’s utopia they were promised or expected; however, they won’t ever admit it to themselves because that would mean they were wrong and if there’s one thing leftist assholes can’t do, it’s admit they were ever wrong. Worse, most of them have no real skills in life other than chanting slogans, looting and cancelling naysayers online. In a purely socialist society, no skills means toiling in the fields under the Sun from from 5AM to 10PM for a cup of lukewarm, fish head broth in a rusty can. Either that or DEATH directly at the hands of the State because the unskilled are often deemed “nonessential.” Hey, where have we heard all this before? Their $300K Ivy League degrees in marxist transgender social algebra won’t save them because the Red Real Deal says that college degrees are just another strictly bourgeois construct. Don’t believe me mighty social justice warriors? Just ask the Cambodians.

As you can see, regardless of how all of plays out, there is really no safe or comfortable place in the future of America for any Democrats or their supporters. In a purely communist America, they will forfeit all of the comforts and luxuries they enjoyed before their “revolution” and be reduced to a class of disposable slaves just the same as everyone else. How about that for equality, assholes? In a cleansed, post communist America, they’ll have an even bigger problem because they will find themselves stuck in a country which no longer tolerates them or their ideas. Either way, it will still suck to be then. The rest of us at least still have an opportunity; they however, are cooked turds either way. Do you now see more clearly why they are making such a stink now? It’s their political swan song, the last act of their drama, the clown circus finale and they know it, too. The lefties will finally get to experience all the consequences of their own lies and gaslighting bullshit in real time and they won’t be able to escape nor survive it. 

Yes, the New Year is now upon us, and the General’s prediction is this one will be very similar or slightly worse than last year as we come closer to the tipping point of the November elections. If they are as stupid and insane enough to pull the same steal shit again as I fully expect them to, this time there will be violence. Be prepared: the police will finally be forced to come off the sidelines & marxist governors will most likely call out the National Guard. If the Left attempts to blatantly cheat again or worse, I pity anyone employed in politics. However, that’s still eleven months away and lots of quirky shit can still go down during that period of time. Anything can happen. Who knows? Billy Gates may release a new version of smallpox on the World. President Shitpants and our Donkee Congress may put Fauci on the Supreme Court. I do know that we, the real Americans & the rightful heirs of the Founding Fathers’ vision of a free and prosperous country will endure and prevail throughout all of the dramatic death rattling of the Left. Rest easy, stay alert, and make this New Year great for yourself & all those who matter most in your lives. Happy New Year! ✪

Carry on,

General Mossberg