At the center of any effort to Resist The Great Reset lies the strategy of the individual refusing to consent to be governed. In fact, in the face of the prospect of unprecedented loss of freedom, it becomes the individual’s duty and obligation to refuse to consent to be governed by those in positions of authority who certainly do not represent our best interests...



s the Global Elite continue to push ahead with their Great Reset plans, there are many precautions you can take so you won’t have to conform to their plans. Understandably, not all of these suggestions may be possible or practical for everyone, but each one helps to diminish dependence on outside influences. The ultimate objective is to not need them or anything they provide:

1. Turn off your television: Or even better: throw it out of your window. There is hardly anything worthwhile or redeemable now on TV. Mainstream media worldwide reports the same propaganda talking points to create chaos and mass anxiety. In addition, it’s been known for a long time that television can directly impact personal mental health. Since the onslaught of covid, they have been shamelessly trying to convince us that watching TV is good for you while you’re sitting at home alone due to unscientific and arbitrary lockdowns.

2. Eat more pasture grazed, open range meats & feed bugs to your chickens: Klaus Schwab and the WEF have ordained we shall “eat ze bugs'” s a condition to saving the planet from the fake, manufactured climate change crisis. Fried locust has never been a staple of the human diet and will not be in the future, regardless of that the Elite think. Still, the media continues to push it in the hopes of somehow “normalizing” it. Instead, we should eat exactly as our ancestors & forefathers always have: meat, fish, shellfish, roots, eggs, vegetables and fruits. Skip the bugs – save them for the chickens.

3. Limit Your Sugar Intake: Avoid consuming more than 8g of sugar per day. Sugar impacts our brain pathways in a chemical manner similarly to addictive drugs; and in some cases, can mirror the effects of cocaine. Would you willingly give your children cocaine? No, you wouldn’t. So why unnecessarily overload them with sugar? Most of us don’t actually realize how much we consume because it is hidden in all types of processed foods. Human studies confirm the link between added sugar and higher inflammatory markers and life threatening chronic diseases such as cancer. Skip the sugar – your health will thank you.

4. Consume alternative and objective media and learn how to read and interpret scientific studies: There are many great alternative media sources such as Telegram, Substack newsletters, thematic blogs, critical Twitter accounts, Truth Social and general news and other non-alphabet sources. Also, try to learn how to read & interpret scientific studies, including their methodology (which is almost always biased). This will improve your ability to reason with nee information and decision-making processes.

5. Drive an older model car with as few electronics as possible: This has several advantages. Such cars usually don’t break down as often, are less likely to be tracked so the government has less control over limiting your movement. Owning and driving an electric vehicle when facing an energy crisis and blackouts in particular is not practical if you wish to remain mobile during an emergency. Also consider the fact the overall environmental footprint of an electric car is much larger than that of conventional ICE automobiles.

6. Reject mandatory vaccination, CO2 passports and digital IDs of any kind: The German Green Party, part of the current German coalition government, already proposed mandatory climate passports before the ‘pandemic.’ Fortunately, the CO2 credit and social credit score systems won’t succeed if enough people resist and refuse to comply. Many people were tricked into taking the vaccine in order to travel or continue working. That degree of gaslighting and blackmailing mustn’t be allowed to ever happen again.

7. Become more self-sufficient regarding your use of water, food and electricity: Governments fear nothing more than a self-sufficient and independent citizenry. If you grow and produce everything yourself, the government cannot impose their taxes on it. It also makes you less vulnerable to blackmail. Even if you only own a balcony or roof terrace in a city, chances are still good you may have enough space to grow pesticide-free vegetables. Alternatively, you can also join a community allotment association.

8. If possible, own your land and farm it: As stated above, private land ownership may crucial to future survival. Before becoming a farm, educate yourself as thoroughly as possible by researching technique and important information online. You may want to search and learn the basic principles of agroforestry and permaculture. Typically, an area as small as 1000 sqm is enough to provide your family (including grandparents, siblings & cousins) with sufficient amounts of meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

9. Insist on your digital privacy (look into using Linux & CalyxOS): Man is a creature of habit, so I understand this step may be challenging for some: however for the sake of your personal online privacy, it is quite important. You don’t want Big Tech like Google, Zuckerberg and CCP-TikTok nosing around in your business and knowing more about more about you than you do. Consider installing and using Ubuntu or Mint Linux operating systems as alternatives for enhanced privacy as they are beautiful and user-friendly. CalyxOS is an Android operating system that also puts more privacy into your hands. A de-googled phone is a safer phone!

10. Insist on your privacy #2 (Searx &Brave, don’t Google): We all guilty of googling; and I must admit, Google offers some excellent features. However, Google is a notoriously dangerous data miner that also manipulates search algorithms (favoring Democrats and the current thing). SearX is a brilliant alternative. So is Brave, which uses its own search engine. Support your friends instead of the enemy.

11. Pay with cash whenever possible and avoid bonus programs: Cash is still king because it is anonymous and untrackable. It provides for transactions to be made without any digital footprints or tracing pathways, preserving your privacy. Pay with it whenever possible. I have survived without a bank account for one year because I expressed my own opinions online. Other dissidents’ assets have also been frozen and blocked. Doing everything digitally makes you their perfect slave: resist! Especially any future rollouts of CBDC. Also, do not participate in payback programs. They actually use your data to generate money; nobody gives money away for free.

12. Homeschool to prevent your children from becoming brainwashed: Homeschooling is actually illegal in many countries, and not everybody has the (financial) freedom to move to a country where homeschooling is possible. Instead, what you can do is educate your child on basic important things that matter: hands-on skills and common sense. 90% of what I learned at school was later literally useless. As an adult, I often face real-life issues such as “how to install an electrical system,” or “how to repair the roof, conserve foodstuffs” and “how to avoid paying taxes.” Schools don’t teach too many of the necessary life skills.

13. Connect socially with like-minded people: It does not matter how or where you find them; online, at your local church, in the neighborhood or sports clubs. Connecting with like-minded people is necessary to retain your sanity and support each other if necessary. A study from 2015 shows that “society plays an important role in determining the quality of life of human beings particularly in case of loneliness.” You know what to do! 🙂

14. Don’t message from impulse or emotion: During the era of the Great Reset and cancel culture, it’s common to often feel emotionally compromised. Avoid sending messages, emails or social media posts whenever you find yourself in such a state. Instead, type it out, save it as a draft and temporarily take a step back. If possible, even sleep on it before sending. We always make better decisions when we’re not clouded by emotions.

15. Take more responsibility for your own health: You are responsible for your own health; nobody else and especially not the corrupt WHO. Whether or not to consume a Big Mac with a soda and load of fries tonight is exclusively your choice. Or, you cab prepare a healthy, nutritious home-made dish. It’s also your choice whether you watch a Netflix series tonight or go and lift weights at the gym. It’s your choice to either lurk on social media tonight or read a good book. It’s also your choice to maintain your health in beneficial ways so that you don’t need to rely on the medical and healthcare industries.

16. Have more than two children: The Ruling Class, especially the eugenicists, are trying their best to depopulate the world. They claim there is non-sustainable overpopulation and that we must reduce the global population down by discouraging women from having children. They are demonizing the family institution through vaccines and abortions, etc. However, overpopulation is a myth. Of course, having more than two children is fine if you can afford it; however, Bill Gates and his “philanthropist” friends will hate it. That in itself makes a bigger family more worthwhile.

17. Continue to voice your opinions: Don’t ever be intimidated to comply! The louder and more vocal, the better. Many new doors can often open after doing so. Be courageous!

18. Exercise and sleep more: Exercise and adequate sleep are both good for your health. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain and boost your emotional mood. On the other hand, constantly shortchanging yourself on sleep and exercise increases the incidence of depression, anxiety and psychological distress.

19. Buy local products and boycott large food corporations: Processed foodstuff is poison. So boycott multinationals that control the global processed food industry to the highest degree possible. Instead, grow your own food and buy local or organic products whenever possible.

20. Develop and practice any positive form of a personal spirituality: It really doesn’t matter whether you believe in the Bible, Karma, energy or serving your fellow Man. What matters is it gives you deeper purpose and meaning to your life. Spirituality can also help you deal with stress by fostering a sense of peace, purpose and forgiveness. Such characteristics can make a real difference in times of emotional stress or illness.

21. Diversify Your Investments: Allocate portions of your money into physical assets such as gold, cryptocurrencies, land and more. Don’t put all your trust in big banks, stocks or digital currencies: especially those controlled and manipulated by governments. The increased push towards state-controlled digital currencies can pose a threat to your financial independence due to potential issues such as a lack of privacy, manipulation, or even direct control of your financial resources. Personally, I consider tangible assets like metals and land to be much safer investments and stores of value. It’s always wise to hedge your bets, particularly when considering the looming possibility of a new global crisis.

22. Prepare yourself & your family for the Unexpected: Learn basic survival skills such as how to start and build a fire, purify drinking water and basic first aid. This doesn’t only prepare you for possible future crises, but also enhances your self-reliance and confidence.

23. Promote Community Cooperation: Strengthen & support your local community by participating in local events, neighborhood watches or community gardening. Strong communities are more resilient to external shock.

24. Avoid Unnecessary Debt: Minimize your reliance on credit and always strive to live within your means. High levels of debt essentially allow the banks and government to own you by exercising financial leverage over your decisions and actions. The debt culture is laying the foundation for a future social credit system, where your credit history could potentially influence your access to various societal privileges. Avoid this entrapment by cutting unnecessary expenses and focus more on savings and investing wisely.

25. Provide adequate means to defend and protect yourself, family and property: Educate yourself thoroughly in the knowledge, use and ownership of firearms. Learn how to become a responsible, informed and extremely capable gun owner while you still can. The Establishment hates this because what they most fear ia an enlightened, free and able citizenry! ✪


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