JB Shurk: King Deep State Rules The Country From A Stolen Throne

All hail King Deep State! That is essentially what we have now, is it not?  An unelected, all-powerful, mercurial king ruling large over everything; certainly not a binding constitution limiting government’s authority and preserving Americans’ rights…  



he First Amendment of our Constitution forbids Congress from restricting an individual’s free speech, but that hasn’t stopped King Deep State from conspiring with Big Tech to silence every voice deemed offensive to the realm. Our Fourth Amendment forbids nosy officials from poking around in Americans’ private records and communications without first securing particularized warrants establishing probable cause that a crime has been committed, but that hasn’t stopped King Deep State from rummaging through our emails, text messages, and bank statements or eavesdropping on our intimate phone conversations in the name of “national security.” Our Second Amendment forbids the government from infringing the people’s right to keep and bear arms, but that hasn’t stopped King Deep State from restricting gun purchases, tracking gun owners and disarming those he doesn’t like. The Bill of Rights doesn’t mean much when King Deep State uses it as royal toilet paper. Perhaps it should be renamed, “The Bill of Humble Suggestions, Should His Most Excellent Majesty Approve…or Require Some Gentle Two-Ply.”

If the first step to recovery is admitting that we have a problem, then let’s be honest with ourselves: this is no longer a country ofby, or for the people. It is an imperial stompy-foot of, by, and for “elites.” A private central bank decrees the value of our dollars. Covert espionage agencies advance secret foreign policies in our name. The Pentagon conducts illicit foreign wars for our alleged benefit. The National Security Agency monitors what we privately tell each other. King Deep State’s Silicon Valley vassals tell us what we can publicly say out loud. The Fascist Bureau of Intimidation decides when dissidents’ doors must be broken down. The King’s obedient press corps prints only pre-approved news. The Supreme Court holds up a wet finger in the Deep State’s manufactured winds to determine which rights we may temporarily retain. And a small contingent of multinational investment firms and industrial behemoths write the bills and budgets that the people’s pretend representatives in Congress never read but obligingly pass.  

Those same paid actors posing as legislators give hollow speeches about “democracy” and “freedom” and what it means to be a “good American,” but they vote for laws the American people despise, find ever-new ways to curtail Americans’ liberty, and import millions of foreigners without Americans’ permission. The House of Representatives is meant to ensure that the American people have a local voice in the national government. The Senate is meant to ensure that each state’s sovereignty is respected and protected. Instead, both legislative chambers are nothing but Deep State rubber stamps that order the American people around and treat the individual states as vestigial organs lacking purposeful functions. Congress is a place where pompous puppets say exactly what King Deep State requires in return for social privilege, ballooning stock portfolios, and prestigious titles. It attracts fools, frauds, showboats and thieves. Whatever else one might call that den of corruption, it certainly is no representative democracy!

As for the people’s chosen representative in the White House, the last few years have exposed who really controls the presidency. Joe Biden has been well known as a child-sniffing moron for the last half-century. During that time, the Biden Crime Family has had a notorious reputation for trading government favors in exchange for financial gifts from foreign regimes. Long before the propaganda press invented Joe’s “stutter” as a pretext for his incoherent ramblings, he was universally recognized as a bought-and-paid-for boob with a basement IQ. Today, his cognitive decline is so incapacitating that staffers prepare notecards reminding him when to pause, sit, stand, walk and breathe. Nobody would be surprised to see video of Barack Obama leading Old Joe around on a leash and feeding him treats. Every thinking person in the world knows that the putative president of the United States is an untrustworthy and compromised ignoramus who is beholden to hostile foreign powers and easily angered due to the rapidly progressing nature of his evident dementia.  

Given that is the case, why aren’t our international allies anxiously warning that Joe Biden’s mental handicaps and questionable allegiances make him inherently dangerous in our nuclear world?  Why aren’t peaceful nonprofits calling for Joe’s resignation before he inadvertently initiates WWIII? Novelists and news reporters were so perturbed during the high-stakes chess match of the Cuban Missile Crisis that they spent the next few decades worrying about the lethal repercussions of having either a traitor or a madman in the Oval Office. Today, we have an incompetent turncoat holding notecards with the nuclear codes, and every politically correct writer is happy as a clam and carefree. Why? The answer is that absolutely no-one actually believes Dementia Joe Biden is in charge of anything.  

Consider how astounding that fact really is. Joe Biden can trip over his feet, fall down stairs, jumble the names of dear colleagues, speak to imaginary friends, scream at bewildered audiences, flirt with little girls, confuse deceased heads of state with current ones, introduce himself as a sitting senator, forget why he has classified documents stored in his garage, mix up entire decades of his life, and even tell bumbling lies as outrageous as his insistence that Papua New Guinea cannibals ate his uncle for dinner.  Still, neither friend nor foe mistakes his mystifying gibberish or obvious senility as a national security threat because everyone in the world understands that King Deep State is really running things in the United States.

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If there were any doubt of that wretchedly disgraceful reality, it surely disappeared once President Trump managed to win the 2016 election without King Deep State’s permission. Ever since that once-in-a-century aberration when an absolute political “outsider” not only succeeded without King Deep State’s blessing but also explicitly ran on a platform promising to dismantle the king’s illegitimate empire, the evil monarch and his bloodthirsty henchmen have insisted on showing us who really rules the United States.  

King Deep State’s crimes against Trump and his administration are too numerous to fully recount. The Intelligence Community spied on his campaign and political allies, framed members of his staff as Russian moles, sabotaged his administration with trolls and leakers, and managed to impeach him for noticing Joe Biden’s quid-pro-quo corruption in Ukraine. Federal government personnel routinely flouted President Trump’s lawful executive orders and openly advanced antithetical policies that should have resulted in their discipline and dismissal. Deep State agents filed fraudulent witness statements, initiated bogus “independent” counsel investigations, and spent years fabricating Russia collusion propaganda with the intent to bury Trump in lies and force him from office.  For all their assorted crimes against the sitting president, nobody of any consequence faced any professional or legal punishment. The ringleaders of the attempted coup d’état against President Trump — including Jim Comey, John Brennan, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — shamelessly applauded their own treason.  

Yet after surviving one criminal conspiracy after the next throughout his presidency, it is Donald Trump who sits as a defendant in four separate criminal trials orchestrated by Deep State prosecutors relishing the possibility of taking his liberty — if not his life.  Just as the Department of (in)Justice will continue to persecute J6 protesters, King Deep State will never stop until he takes Trump’s head.  Democrat Bennie Thompson’s effort to remove President Trump’s Secret Service protection makes that horrendously clear.

And what does America’s “paper of record” have to say about such treachery? The New York Times fangirls swoon, “It Turns Out the ‘Deep State’ Is Actually Kind of Awesome.”  Conquered “journalists” know how to behave. Freedom-loving Americans all know the King must go. ✪


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