JB Shurk :The Future Zero-Sum Game

Let’s imagine that a complete societal collapse occurs in the near future.  With New York high school students hunting down their teachers for supporting Israel, the FBI continuing its own hunt of J6 political protesters, and rising violent crime throughout the United States



nfettered illegal immigration and the replacement of Western civilization with a suicidal devotion to some amorphous, multicultural pustule have shattered the unifying bonds of a shared culture.  Institutionalized racism in the form of government, academic, and corporate DEI initiatives that have replaced merit with skin color and oppression index scores has divided the population even further.  The demonization of mainstream political opinion as “extremist,” or “ far right,” or even as prima facie evidence for “domestic terrorism” has ensured that roughly one-half of the body politic can no longer express its views without threats of criminal sanction and career retaliation. 

Any American who opposes Marxist globalism, Deep State imperialism, bureaucratic tyranny, or central bank money manipulation is labeled a threat.  Any American who strenuously defends free speech, religious liberty, private property, the right to self-defense, and any other personal freedom that guards the individual against intrusions from the State is labeled a threat.  Any American who objects to the global elites’ obsession with “global warming” or who believes real science is never capable of reaching a dogmatic “consensus” is labeled a threat.  In other words, the U.S. government and its globalist allies view at least a couple hundred million Americans as “enemies of the State.”

In functioning democratic republics, vicious ideological disagreement does not normally set a nation on fire.  Political factions with great hostilities toward each other can coexist when political outcomes are determined by a set of agreed-upon rules.  Democratic elections, republican virtues such as civil respect for political minorities, and constitutional safeguards that ensure the preservation of individual rights all foster a kind of governmental fairness that allows even polarized societies to flourish.  However, when certain speech is censored as “hateful” or as “misinformation,” when the criminal justice system selectively prosecutes individuals based on their political affiliations, when nobody has any faith in the legitimacy of an election’s outcome, and when constitutional rights are regularly disregarded or overridden by the State, then peace breaks down quickly.

When the normal release valves for civil disagreement disappear and the State chooses to perpetually torment certain citizens for their beliefs, those victims of the government’s authoritarianism are left in a social wilderness.  The deprivation of their civil rights within the governing system leaves them with a choice: to abandon their principles and avoid persecution or to operate beyond the constraints of the system.  Whenever and wherever such a choice has been foisted upon a population, civil conflict becomes the unavoidable result. 

What makes our circumstances particularly incendiary is the extent to which the American “ruling class” has taken sides.  Corporate oligarchs, the entrenched bureaucratic government, and the State-controlled press have joined together to push extremely divisive moral, economic, and political worldviews upon the American people.  By doing so, they have not only burned the bridges responsible for maintaining cultural peace but also destroyed any potential off-ramps that might allow these institutions to alter course as future events transpire.  

In the past, multinational corporations could expect liberty-minded Americans to more or less respect the movements of “free markets,” even when they disagreed with the outcomes, such as the offshoring of American jobs to more business-friendly environments.  Now, however, after not only witnessing China and other foreign adversaries buying up companies and properties in their own backyards but also enduring transnational behemoths haranguing Americans for not sufficiently embracing “transgenderism, electric vehicles, white privilege,” limitless immigration, and other tenets of the “woke” faith, a substantial percentage of formerly “free market” Americans subsequently view the financial class with irate suspicion.  

Instead of facilitating the free trade of goods and services, large companies have revealed themselves to be exclusively interested in long-term monopolies, government partnerships, and social control.  Corporate oligarchs have chosen to proselytize Americans into accepting the World Economic Forum’s trans-human, technocratic, feudalistic project of global management, and, by doing so, they have made themselves enemies to all freedom-supporting human beings.  While defaming anyone to the right of Marx as a “fascist,” corporate boardrooms’ incestuous relationship with government-wielded power has brought fascism back to life.  Freedom-minded Americans now know that neither corporations nor the governments that they furtively control are their friends. 

If and when civil order breaks down, there will likely be no circumspect public division between those “elites” who betrayed liberty and those “elites” who did not.  Because of the overwhelming unanimity of “elite” support for the Marxist globalists’ program of radical change (or the noticeable silence of those companies, politicians, and institutional parties in the face of this civilizational onslaught), when the fire finally rages, it will consume all.

The central bank money printers, corporate kings, “global warming” zealots, government technocrats, clandestine security services, and bureaucratic authoritarians have created a quintessentially zero-sum game.  Therefore, when regular people are finally forced to defend their way of life against tyrannical aggression, they will conclude that no person in a position of authority today is without some guilt.  The graveyard of burned bridges and detonated off-ramps all around us has ensured that there will be no future “safe space.”

In a discussion with Tucker Carlson, astute public policy critic Michael Shellenberger says bluntly, “We know that the pillars of civilization are cheap energy, meritocracy, law and order, and free speech, and all four of those pillars are currently under attack.”  Because of governments’ sustained offensive against the very pillars necessary for prosperity and peace, there is a widening gulf separating the priorities of global “elites” and the general populations that they insist on ruling.  Shellenberger looks at the “climate change” conference now taking place in Dubai and sees it as nothing less than “an anti-human death cult.”  Carlson agrees and concludes, “It’s not environmentalism.  It’s the snarling face of tyranny.”

Americans have a history with tyranny — their national ethos is predicated upon its destruction.  For two and half centuries, Americans have celebrated their ancestors’ victories over the British Empire and the creation of a new country hostile to aristocratic entitlements and founded on a sincere devotion to the protection of individual lives, an individual’s liberties, and an individual’s ownership of private property.  

Now Americans are waking up to a collectivist nightmare that devalues individual life and discards individual liberty as a relic from the past.  As the U.S. government takes increasingly unconstitutional and un-American actions against its citizens, the public is grudgingly accepting the distasteful reality that tyranny not only quietly returned to America’s shores many decades ago but also did so through a united front that includes central bank money-printers, a stealthy army of national security forces, a permanent D.C. Deep State, and a cabal of Wall Street financial “elites.”  While the State-owned-and-operated press corps betrayed their journalistic duties to guard Americans’ freedoms and reveal objective truths, those with the largest megaphones accepted lucrative deals to become the government’s slavish spinmeisters and propagandists.  Even religious leaders have become mouthpieces for Marxist globalism’s “anti-human death cult” now in full swing.  

What this means is that when social collapse occurs, it will be widespread and devastating and will require a great deal of endurance to make it to the other side.  However, Americans are in much better shape than those nations of people who have no history of self-government, respect for personal property, or devotion to human liberty.  Already, small towns of people are organizing for future calamity by speaking clearly about their agricultural resources, potential monetary needs, and capacity for self-defense.  Soberly preparing for the globalists’ planned destruction is how we will all survive. ✪


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