JB Shurk: Will Voters Finally Turn The World Upside Down?

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So the Great Awakening continues apace. All across the West, men and women who simply want to be left alone are concluding that their governments will not leave them be to live in peace…



oe to any Establishment hobgoblins who believe they can sabotage their home nations without paying a price. After having failed to implement Brexit or curtail mass illegal immigration during their last decade and a half in power, Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives appear destined for extinction-level losses in the U.K.’s July 4 general election. This regrettably means that Labor’s champagne socialists will seize Parliament’s suicidal reins and drive that once great nation deeper into the ground.  However, in the background of Great Britain’s self-immolation comes the resurgence of the Brexit champion Nigel Farage, who enjoys unprecedented support for his Reform Party.  Because the U.K.’s Deep State has refused to honor the terms of Brexit, the British people are ready to overturn the whole system. On July 4 — what a lovely day for a revolution!

Emmanuel Macron, the Rothschild banker and diminutive king who married his grandmother schoolteacher, will likely suffer electoral humiliation of his own in France’s legislative elections over the next two weeks. The Napoleon wannabe — who speaks snobbishly of European empire and prefers to be photographed while kitted out in the latest boxing fashion — called for snap elections in a stompy-foot hissy fit after the French people handed him heavy losses in the European Parliament vote earlier this month. 

Just as Le Petit Fromage seems to believe that he can convey strength by staring menacingly at stationary punching bags, Macron thinks his political hubris can transform almost certain defeat into chance victory. The French people, on the other hand, are fed up with mass illegal immigration, rising crime, and deteriorating standards of living (common complaints throughout the West) and are not particularly enthused about the growing prospect of a hot war with Russia. It is difficult to persuade French citizens that they should rally around their tricolor flag and defend Ukraine’s borders when French aristocrats continue to lecture the peasants that national borders are so passé (another common complaint throughout the West).

Of course, the granddaddy of imminent political earthquakes is the (cross your fingers, throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder, turn around three times, and whisper, “MAGA-MAGA-MAGA”) likely return of President Trump to the White House. Oh, I know the Democrat Deep State will continue to do everything it can to rig the election in November (even if it has to throw the MAGA Man in prison and wake up half the dead people in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Phoenix to “vote”), but political polling in the United States continues to show Iron Trump with substantial leads over Horse-Glue Biden.  If the United States didn’t have a third-world election system devoid of voter identification and rife with mail-in-ballot fraud, the propaganda press would already be grudgingly admitting that Biden’s re-election hopes are as dead as a doornail. Since Dementia Joe is the president for dead voters, though, and because he managed to “win” fifteen million more votes than the progressive demigod Barack Obama did during his re-election campaign, the Fascist Bureau of Intimidation and the Department of (in)Justice are still telling everyone, “Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”  As Hans Gruber would say, “You ask for a miracle?  I give you the FBI.” 

Just as in 2020, the Federal Government is once again busy conspiring with social media companies to censor any videos that might make Wandering Joe look feeble, confused, dumb, ignorant, senile, angry or incontinent. That must be a tough job for our A.I. tech lords since being feeble, confused, dumb, ignorant, senile, angry, and incontinent is kind of Joe’s brand. Once you start mass-deleting embarrassing videos of the guy whose uncle was eaten by cannibals, you risk wiping (like, with a cloth?) his whole existence right off the Internet. Can’t have that; how can America’s puppet “president” pretend to “lead” the “free world” if he can’t be seen?  

All of those ironic “scare quotes” in the last sentence remind me of the way the great writer-fighter James Howard Kunstler handles the man currently stumbling around naked in the Oval Office.  Whenever he discusses “Joe Biden,” he always puts his name inside quotation marks as a way to signal to the reader that Joe Biden does not really exist. “Joe Biden” is just part of the Deep State’s kabuki “democracy.”  He’s a figurehead occasionally pumped full of amphetamines and presented to the rest of the world as some sort of bizarre nuclear superpower proof-of-life. Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi are under no illusion that the doddering child-sniffer suffering from furious paranoia is really running things in the United States. There is no president leading the free world right now because there is no president, no leadership and no free world today.  

The chief purpose of the West’s COVID police state, after all, was to give the Establishment’s technocratic totalitarians several years to hunt around for things in society that looked free-ish, so that any residual safeguards against their authoritarianism could be promptly euthanized. In Marxist globalism’s build back better dystopia, it’s kill or be killed. And if the West’s obsession war, economic devastation, unreliable electric grids, unrestricted immigration, assisted suicide, vulnerable food supplies, abortion, and experimental “vaccines” has proved anything, it is this: the Establishment Blob really enjoys killing things.

Right now Deep State assassins throughout the West have set their sights on free speech. As the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab would readily tell you, it is incredibly difficult to be a successful Bond villain when ordinary Westerners are allowed to say mean things. Americans, Brits and Germans cannot be permitted to express outrage when politicians allow dangerous illegal aliens to rape and murder their children. Farmers cannot be permitted to protect their nations’ food supplies from rabid “green”-energy fanatics intent on delivering global famine. Voters cannot be permitted to vote out all the Marxist globalists dedicated to foisting biometric surveillance and central bank digital funny money upon the masses. Don’t the little people understand that the important people must protect “democracy” by censoring dissent, abrogating property rights, rigging elections, and subverting popular sovereignty?  

The German government certainly understands. As the Alternative for Germany (AfD) — the second most popular political party in the country — continues to gain public support for its commonsense solutions to rampant illegal immigration, the German Deep State is getting closer than ever to outright banning the party as a “security risk for people and democracy.”  As Germany enjoys an esteemed reputation as a champion for liberty and human rights (sarcasm alert!), no doubt many other Western nations will follow its exemplary approach to protecting “democracy” by destroying it. Dwarf ruler Macron would surely get on board with banning Marine Le Pen’s National Rally from France. The Labor Party’s Keir Starmer (so sorry, Siiiirrrr Keir Starmer) would love to ban Nigel Farage’s Reform U.K. Party from ever obtaining power.  “Joe Biden” is just jumping at the chance to outlaw the Make America Great Again political movement in the United States.  

Hmmm, come to think of it, “Joe Biden” has already imprisoned hundreds of MAGA voters for protesting election fraud on January 6, 2021. Unindicted Russia Hoax co-conspirators John Brennan and James Clapper worked with the Department of Homeland (in)Security to target all Trump-supporters as likely “domestic terrorists.”  And Reichsführer Merrick Garland and his Department of (in)Justice are desperate to jail President Trump before the 2024 election. The Nazi-like authoritarianism that has retaken Germany bears too much of a resemblance for comfort to the grotesque tyrannies metastasizing inside the United States.

2024 might just be the year voters turn the world upside-down. ✪




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