Jill Biden’s ‘Hunger Games’ Themed Christmas White House Video Is A Complete Holiday Abomination

The official Biden White House Christmas video symbolizes our descent from a great nation to one marred by tyranny and lacking an identity...



n a video posted to X on Wednesday, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden showed off her bizarre, oversized plastic White House Christmas decorations, which include massive decorative balls that many have accurately observed resemble Covid models. Somehow, Dr. Jill turned the elegant people’s house into the set of a freakish “Babes of Toyland” remake. This result is cartoonish and tasteless. 

Worse than the decorations are the dancers from the radical leftist New York City-based Dorrance Dance studio, who lead viewers through a tour of the White House in the video. That’s right, the dance performance isn’t just weird; it’s another opportunity for the Biden White House to slip anti-white racism and radical Marxism into the country’s Christmas celebrations.

Dorrance Dance claims its “art” is “Rooted in protest and transcendence.” The studio is avidly anti-police and promotes explicitly Marxist organizations, such as Black Lives Matter, on its website. According to the studio’s founder, Michelle Dorrance, “white supremacy, racism, and colonialism” are “deeply embedded” in American culture.

Racism and America hatred aside, the performance is genuinely perplexing. Anyone who has watched the video can’t help but ask questions.

What is on this man’s head? Is he a rabbit? A mouse? And why does the crown look like it’s made out of cardboard? If he is the Mouse King from The Nutcracker, why is he wearing a suit and tie? 

Is the theme now corporate Christmas? What is festive about a black suit? It’s like this lady recorded the video after work, and White House staff said, “Here, hold a candy cane; that’ll make you look spirited.”

What makes this costume Christmas-y, and why is he wearing a giant purple flower? If he had a poinsettia on his head, it’d still be weird, but at least it would be on theme with the season!

Again, what about this getup has anything to do with Christmas, and what in the world is she staring at? Whatever it is, I hope I never see it.

As a colleague of mine pointed out, the video looks more like Mardi Gras than a Christmas celebration. The first and most glaring problem with the Christmas video is that it’s missing the point of Christmas. Nowhere is there a nativity scene in sight. Of course, no one would expect a group of Marxist tap dancers to include Christ in Christmas because the group likely views Christianity itself as a “colonizer religion.” The Biden Administration knew this. The White House intentionally stripped its Christmas celebration of deeper meaning, making the decorations and dancers feel all the more clownish and vapid.

Secondly, the gaudily dressed Dorrance dancers have an uncanny resemblance to characters from the Capitol in the dystopian Hunger Games series. President Snow himself could have produced the video, and I’d be none the wiser. Frankly, comparisons to The Hunger Games are perfect for a White House occupied by a president accused of selling out the American people to foreign adversaries for millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, the propaganda press continues to run cover for President Joe Biden. Whistleblower testimonies, Hunter Biden’s text messages, assertions from former Biden family business partners, and evidence from a “highly credible” FBI source all allege that the elder Biden was closely involved in his son’s sketchy overseas business dealings. Yet the media is still gaslighting the American people, maintaining that all accusations of wrongdoing are a figment of House Republicans’ imaginations.

Unsurprisingly, legacy media institutions willing to cover up the Biden bribery scandal are also willing to fake-fawn over Dr. Jill’s Christmas decorations. The consensus of the people is clear on X: the decorations are ugly, and the performance was weird and out of touch. But, according to the corporate media, the decorations created a “whimsical wonderland.” This is, of course, the same corporate media that blasted First Lady Melania Trump for her beautiful and classy Christmas decorations.

The White House’s continued insistence that the rising cost of living is not real further contributed to the dystopian theme. “Prices are down for eggs, milk, toys, and TVs. Gas prices are down … Wages are rising, and higher than before the pandemic,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated yesterday.

“Prices are not down for any of those things,” Federalist CEO Sean Davis wrote on X to correct the record. “Is she a liar, or is she objectively a stupid person incapable of understanding basic math? The answer to both questions is yes.”

Like clockwork, leftist journalists jumped to the administration’s defense, insisting food prices aren’t really that high. How are they proving it? By smugly recalling the prices of lavish meals they ate to mock Americans.

Our country is suffering under an inflationary economy created by a leader who likely sold his people out for wads of cash. This same administration has made a mockery out of the Christian values our country was founded on by inviting Marxist tap dancers and naked crossdressers to the White House and unleashing the FBI on pro-lifers, traditional Catholics and concerned parents at school board meetings.

Biden promised to “unite” the public when he ran for office, but instead, he stood on a podium bathed in blood-red lights to declare war on half of the American public. He’s actively interfering in the next presidential election by persecuting his primary political opponent, plunging the country further into debt, and his inability to handle foreign conflict imperils the safety of Americans at home and abroad.

Biden has victimized the American people, stripping us of our dignity and spirit. Indeed, the people’s house that he occupies will fly a pride flag and host anti-white racist dancers but won’t prominently display a nativity scene. The Biden Christmas video is just as offensive as his presidency. It is a symbol of our descent from a great nation to one that is marred by tyranny and lacking an identity.✪


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