Joe Biden Looks Seriously Unwell

Of course, he’s already been long known as a tone-deaf gaffe-meister. Last year, as a candidate for the Democrat nomination, Joe spent much of his time looking lost in his own Delaware basement. Every president since 1952 has used a teleprompter; however, few more than Biden’s boss, Obama, who once comically used one standing in the dusty poop of a rodeo arena…

Those machines can be tricky as the speaker is expected to appear speaking spontaneously and genuinely from the heart while robotically reading aloud every single word written by someone else as they scroll before their eyes. Recall the campaign of 2016 when Hillary Clinton, who was likely the worst presidential candidate in modern history, went on teleprompter autopilot and even read aloud her parenthetical script directions “(PAUSE FOR APPLAUSE).”

To his credit, Biden did manage to overcome a childhood stuttering problem. Not an easy task, but essential for every politician since the invention of radio. However, Biden’s current problems aren’t about stuttering. He often appears confused, lost, unsteady & unprepared. He often slurs his words while speaking. Last fall, he clearly had no idea whatsoever he wanted to say and at times gave the teleprompter operator on-camera directions—“No, go back.” In one online Q & A videoconferencing appearance, Biden completely lost track of where he was and stood for several minutes with his back to the camera.

He repeatedly shuns any spontaneous contact even with supportive media reporters & rarely takes live questions. His aides are often seen cupping his elbow for leverage, while steering the 77-year-old (now 78) briskly through crowds. Before someone decided it would be much better to reduce his personal appearances, Biden would ramble on & on, often without any rhyme or reason beyond simply being heard. Once while Jill Biden was speaking and gesturing, Biden bit her finger. Presumably, he was just being silly, but it was an extremely bizarre & worrisome action. In more than one joint interview together she has had to complete and finish her husband’s wandering answers on more than one occasion.

On the campaign trail, Biden’s work days often ended by 9 am. While a 73-year-old Donald Trump was doing four or five major rally speeches in multiple states daily, Biden was at home resting after calling a “lid.” You might argue Biden’s absence was an intentional strategic move to give Trump the full media spotlight in some futile hope he would slip up or implode; however, that’s not something a sharp, fully competent, potential future chief executive would do.

At one town hall in Iowa, Delaware resident Biden asked the audience members how the infrastructure was there in Ohio. Easterners do seem susceptible to confusing Iowa and Ohio, but that was a really dumb mistake which cast doubt on Biden’s mental acuity, especially while he was campaigning to be “president of all Americans.”

In office, Biden has not proved to be a model of any serious actions beyond ceremonial photo-op and signing executive orders. With a masked Kamala Harris always haunting & standing stoically behind him, the oldest man to ever become POTUS sits alone at an empty impromptu desk with an immense presidential seal and his notes. On one Zoom conference call with congressional Democrats, Biden offered to take questions. Boom! The video feed was instantly terminated. At another event, the president couldn’t remember his defense secretary’s name while he was standing directly next to him. It’s difficult to excuse such instances as anything other than dementia.

When Biden finally did manage to get out of the White House, he had last week’s disastrous trip up on the stairs of Air Force One, where he stumbled not once, not twice, but thrice. His inept aides who were standing right there, could have easily dismissed the awful optics of those falls as something that sometimes happens to everyone, instead they blamed the wind. The wind? The President of the United States, who must face political adversaries like Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jung-un, and the murderous mullahs of Teheran, was thrown off balance & felled by a gust of wind? Seriously? Is this is the best excuse Biden’s collection of experienced aides can devise?

We also saw lots of media attention last week on Biden’s exclusive network interview with a handpicked former Bill Clinton aide. It was taped on Wednesday but not actually broadcast until Thursday. What you more than likely missed in the avalanche of glowing adulation was a tiny italicized note on ABC’s transcript—“Edited for Clarity.”

In those intervening 24 hours between the taping & broadcast, were all of Joe Biden’s confusions, mumblings, mistakes “edited for clarity?” And if so, by whom? Former presidential aides have never heard of such a thing & ABC failed to answer any email requests for clarification. It’s not the Media’s responsibility to clean up after a president’s verbal blunders; and White House officials aren’t supposed to allow anyone to change up or paraphrase presidential words, certainly not without full public disclosure and explanation.

Today’s scheduled live news conference should preclude any such tinkering.

More specifically, exactly what is Joe Biden confused about? Americans have a right to know without the interference of a sympathetic media always covering for him. What do all of those gaffes and confusions really reveal about his current mental state and ability to carry out the duties of his office?

Most Americans accept the fact that older folks can some times accidentally fall, forget daily details, confuse names, etc, however, elderly grandparents do not have the nuclear launch codes. They also cannot send loyal sons and daughters away into harm’s way for decades on end in distant lands on mission-creep operations. During his almost daily media encounters, Trump underwent constant, nonstop media scrutiny. While he may have said or done controversial things during those 1,461 days, launching new military conflicts definitely wasn’t one of them

Biden has yet to hold a solo news conference in his first two months in office; another dodgy piece of undeniable evidence which raises further concerns about his cognitive condition among many ordinary Americans, not to mention our concerned allies and opportunistic adversaries, who may see his weakness as an opportunity.

We shouldn’t forget how perilously close the World came to nuclear Armageddon in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis after the Soviet Union based nuclear missiles in Cuba. Premier Nikita Khrushchev took this strategic gamble because he originally considered John Kennedy was a weak president.

Biden’s first news conference will be held today @ 1PM Eastern. Biden’s obvious deteriorating mental and physical condition has now gone beyond politics to become an issue of national security. These concerns are legitimate and will soon have to be addressed, one way or another. ✪