Joe Biden’s COVID Address Was A Complete And Total Failure


Joe Biden’s first address to the nation as president was at least coherent; he spoke directly to the teleprompter and his diction was comprehensible. But it was flat, repetitive, ungracious and lugubrious. He was incapable of giving the slightest credit to his predecessor, although President Donald Trump is almost solely responsible for advancing the vaccine timetable more than anyone could have hoped for…

Last May, President Trump was sharply condemned by the Democrat media complex for predicting a virus vaccine would be available before the year’s end, but it was in fact distributed starting December 11. By the January 20th Inauguration Day, over one million vaccinations had already been administered in the United States. Biden ignored these facts and instead spent a great portion of his address strangely taking credit for most of the accomplishments of the Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Program originally created by President Trump.

President Biden also spoke often & frequently with an exhausted sincerity about his desire to create a national unity. Yet his comparative invisibility, somnolent manner, and reluctance to interact even with the friendly national political media who seems to worship the very ground upon which he walks, have all precipitated a much cooler and thwarted political atmosphere than was ever possible with the pyrotechnics which marked the Trump era. This phenomenon is reflected in the steep declines in viewership of all the major news channels; more than a 40 percent drop in viewers on CNN, with similar declines at MSNBC, and slightly less than half of that on Fox News. Love or hate him, nobody can deny Trump was indeed the great newsmaker; and, as intended by those who voted against him, his departure from the Oval Office has had the effect, for better or worse, of making politics a much more dreary, colorless and uninteresting past time in the United States.

However, the nearly 48 percent electorate who supported and voted for President Trump know national unity will never be achieved by constantly denigrating him in the News Media nor robbing him of any credit due where he clearly deserves it. National unity will also never be achieved by forcing the Conservative half of the electorate to renounce all of their expressed political values in order to suddenly embrace precisely what it was they voted against four months ago. Such demands and expectations are completely unreasonable & impractical.

On Thursday night, President Biden also demonstrated his party’s strong over-dependence using the coronavirus pandemic as a tool to acquire office and forward the progressive, socialist agenda of the Democrat Party. To watch someone in his position of power be so unfamiliar with statistical facts was truly an eye opening experience. His remarks on Thursday painted a dark mental picture of an America struggling to come to grips with an almost universal plague which directly threatens the lives of nearly every man, woman and child in the country. Biden further went on to instruct us all to make certain we listen to Dr. Fauci, who has more often than not proven more incorrect than accurate in many of his failed directives and predictions. During the last year, Fauci has taken almost every contradictory position possible in regards to the virus. Only his unceasing advocacy for destructive shutdowns has remained constant; a cure which has proven itself to be far worse than the illness itself; and, a complete disaster for the mental, physical and economic well being of everyone in the country. As Biden said, if we all remain masked up, listen to Dr. Fauci & continue to live in fear, then perhaps the government might approve of small family gatherings at home on July 4.

Doubtless in the coming days, the gas-lit, swooning Democrat echo-chamber which is the national political media will surely hail this as the greatest address of its kind since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fireside chats on the banking system in 1933. However, I suspect the polls will soon show how the American public was left completely unimpressed by the president’s dreary recitation of the dark and hopeless national night he only reluctantly admits might finally be ending. We already know the virus doesn’t kill 99.997 percent of healthy Americans below the age of 65 who catch it. In addition, we know 94.6 percent of those above the age of 65 who become infected will also survive. Sadly, the ones who die will die because of other ailments & co-morbidities which compound the severity of their virus infection. We should also note the average age of coronavirus deaths and national life expectancy are now the same, 78. Most Americans are weary of being forced to wear masks indefinitely and having our schools remain closed. Most Americans want to move on and have their lives back.

Finally, the president’s physical appearance last night on television was in no way reassuring. He looked sickly pallor & underweight. At times, he appeared to quiver and shake. His stiff appearance and manner did not incite any kind of public confidence he is likely to enjoy a long and healthy life. He was also oddly dyspeptic and downcast for someone who so routinely had proclaimed during his campaign he could physically overpower his chief opponent. In contrast, President Trump kept a full working schedule for days on end without ever disappearing or calling frequent “lids.” As the country now approaches the milestone of almost 100 million covid vaccinations, the numbers for death and hospitalization by the virus continue to sharply decline and herd immunity now seems to be an inevitable reality. Biden should have been much more optimistic and upbeat about emphasizing these developments, but instead he was not. That was actually his best moment in the sun for “healing” and “unity” which he strangely chose to completely ignore.

I can’t totally agree with those who criticize him for claiming the Covid relief bill is exclusively his one major legislative accomplishment, although 90 percent of it was just good old-fashioned greedy pump-priming and payback; backtracking on old failed Obama programs to financially rescue corrupt and misgoverned blue states. Having the vice president, “first lady” and “first gentleman” continue to tout the magnificence of this horrid and wasteful bill doesn’t help matters either, while Biden continues to blissfully ignore and deny the monstrous migrant crisis building on the southern border for which he is exclusively responsible. Unfortunately, the president’s canned and lackluster address to the nation last night did not succeed in placing the American public any more at ease with him, his administration or destructive policies. ✪