Kamala Harris & AOC Push For New Climate Bills To Be Scored On How Much They Impact Black People

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āœŖ Sen. Kamala Harris of California and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York are teaming up on a proposal requiring lawmakers who introduce climate bills to consider the impact such legislation will have on black people and poor communities. The two Democrats introduced the Climate Equity Act Thursday that would, if passed, require Congress to score future climate bills based on how much they may negatively impact poor and minority communities

The two Democrats initially unveiled a draft of the bill in 2019, when Harris began her unsuccessful run for president,Ā mediaĀ reports show.

The equity score would be similar to the economic scores the Congressional Budget Office applies to other legislation, WaPo reported. The Climate Equity Act would also apply to regulations the Trump administration proposes in the future.

ā€œCOVID-19 has laid bare the realities of systemic racial, health, economic, and environmental injustices that persist in our country,ā€ Harris said in a statement to the Post. ā€œThe environment we live in cannot be disentangled from the rest of our lives.ā€

The bill comes as reports indicate former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, isĀ consideringĀ Harris to be his running mate.

Biden pledged early during the presidential campaign to pick a female running mate. The bill ā€œis a really big deal,ā€ Kerene Tayloe, director of federal legislative affairs at WE ACT for Environmental Justice, told the Post, referring to the scoring system.

ā€œNothing like that has ever existed,ā€ Tayloe added. The New York-based environmental group helped Ocasio-Cortez and Harris craft the legislation.

Harris backed the Green New Deal in 2019, which sought to aggressively cut carbon emissions over the next decade.Ā The resolution, crafted by Ocasio-Cortez, called for ā€œ10-year national mobilizationsā€ toward addressing climate change.

A fact sheet published alongside the proposalĀ saidĀ the plan would ā€œmobilize every aspect of American society on a scale not seen since World War 2.ā€

Ocasio-Cortezā€™s GND would reportedly phase out fossil fuel usage within 12 years. Studies show the plan would come with a hefty price.

Americans could be forced to pay up to $93 trillion to implement the Green New Deal over a decade, the conservative-leaning American Action Forum (AAF)Ā noted in a studyĀ in February 2019.

Republicans in the SenateĀ torpedoedĀ the legislation in March 2019, while Democratic lawmakers called the vote a dog-and-pony show. The GOP defeated the proposal 57-0, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calling the bill a socialistic ploy designed to kill the economy.

ā€œThereā€™s no question Iā€™m in favor of banning fracking,ā€ HarrisĀ saidĀ during a September 2019 CNN town hall, although she did notĀ embraceĀ a fracking ban in her climate plan.

Biden has similarly declined to endorse an outrightĀ ban on fracking, though he didĀ promiseĀ during a CNN debate in March that he would stop new fracking projects. āœŖ