Commentary: Communism Is Here & Russian History Warns Us To Act!

There is no time left to waste. The remaining time to act is fleeting. We need to look to History to understand & learn, “How did the Russian Empire fall to the Communists in 1917?”



he Answer: Quickly. Communists took over when they recognized the opportunity.  And it took very few Communists to accomplish the coup and kill the Tsar and his family.  Here are the circumstances which led to Russia being ripe for takeover: 

WEAK LEADERSHIP: Tsar Nicholas II was an extremely weak leader; ill-equipped to lead his military and out of touch with the Russian people.  He suffered an unexpected and humiliating defeat in the Russo-Japanese War in 1905 which severely downgraded Russia’s standing in the world.  Military morale plummeted further with the huge loss of life that resulted from Nicholas II’s attempt to poorly manage his military during World War I (1914-1917 for Russia).

BAD ECONOMY: The Russian economy suffered greatly under the weight of these two wars and the loss of life.

COMMUNIST AGITATION: Marxist students and labor unions agitated at every possible opportunity against the status quo. Marxism calls for change. However, Marxists will never tell you their change always involves collapsing all existing governmental and societal power structures and erasing all signs of previous history. Their intention is to destroy everything in order to “build it back better,” but the rebuilding never happens. Because the Russians were eager for new ideas and change, the Marxist students’ promise of utopia gained a foothold in the population.

JUDICIAL INEQUALITY: Marxists also played upon the internal strife that existed because the judicial system favored Russians and Russian Orthodox believers over other ethnic and religious minorities in the country.  At that time , Russia stretched from Europe all the way across the Asian continent, making it perhaps the most ethnically diverse country in the world.  Inequality in judicial matters was felt by these ethnic and religious minorities.

Nicholas II was too slow to recognize the truth in time to correct his country’s course, so he renounced his throne, intending to transfer the monarchy to his brother, Michael. He bungled that too, because Michael had no interest in becoming the Tsar.  Instead, Prince Lvov formed a provisional government which eventually collapsed too. 

What started in late February with Nicholas II’s abdication (the February Revolution) ended in October with the Bolshevik Revolution. Communists quickly grabbed power and began a purge of all dissenters which continued until 1991.  In order to retain their power, the Bolsheviks assassinated the exiled Tsar and his entire family on July 17th, 1918.

Now let’s take a look at the United States & compare:

WEAK LEADERSHIP: We currently have weak leadership in Washington, DC and we have already had a disastrous withdrawal from a lengthy & expensive war in Afghanistan that underscores the weakness of our present leadership. Our government just released frozen assets to Iran in exchange for only five hostages and is pouring billions of dollars into a proxy war in Ukraine. 

The Communist Chinese successfully flew a spy balloon across our entire country before our leaders finally dealt with it; likely after its mission to collect vital information had been completed.  China already has troops positioned in our hemisphere along with a growing navy. Canada is weak neighbor and an ally of China. Mexico refuses to stop the flow of illegal immigration into the US coming in from every part of the globe through its border. Our leaders are doing nothing to halt the flood of illegal invaders

BAD ECONOMY: Like Russia in 1917, our economy is weak. The costs of the war in Ukraine, illegal immigration, wasteful spending, crushing debt and various irresponsible economic policies have placed our economy at a historic low point.

COMMUNIST AGITATION: Our college campuses have been infiltrated & saturated by Marxist professors. Many campuses also host a chapter of the Confucius Institute funded directly by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to promote Mao’s version of Communism (Maoism) to students and faculty while planting CCP operatives close enough to spy on our university research projects. 

Communist student groups under various names (including Antifa) constantly agitate for Communism with little or no resistance.  They advocate for Critical Race Theory, Gender Ideology and are working to implement a Social Credit Score based on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives designed to control people’s behavior to ensure they follow Communist policies. Students then graduate to flood corporations and labor unions with these same ideas to agitate at work.

JUDICIAL UNREST: Our judicial system arbitrarily enforces the laws of our country under the excuse of “Social Justice” while ignoring our Constitution. Our Department Of Justice has been weaponized to attack political opponents.  Democrats aim to “build back better” by packing the Supreme Court.

CONCLUSION: The United States now shares many alarmingly similar characteristics to 1917 Russia. We’re currently steeping in Communism. We’re already well past the point of denial by telling ourselves it’s not coming or it can’t happen here. If we don’t organize and act right now to push back, it may soon be too late.

How Can We Push Back?

It starts with staunchly supporting the TRUTH and refusing to go along with LIES.

The Jews in Germany politely bought lies.  When the Nazi Party (officially called the National Socialist German Workers Party, a Marxist political party) told the Jews they would protect them from being attacked in their own homes (Nazi attacks), the Jews agreed to leave their homes and move into in a ghetto to live.

After isolating them in ghettos, the Nazis then intensified their attacks. Then they told the Jews they would only be safe if they boarded trains special places they could live safely and freely practice their religion. Of course, those special place were the concentration camps. 

LIES convinced the Jews to cooperate at each step. Even the Jewish star sewn on their clothing helped identify and isolate them. The German public education system of the time indoctrinated students into believing the Jews were inferior and the root of all Germany’s social and economic problems. Despite watching all of this develop and knowing exactly was happening, many Jews refused to believe anything would happen to them.

So here’s one lie we as Americans should immediately reject: “A Communist takeover can never happen here in the US.”  For all practical purposes, it already ha. You were forced to mask and social distance during Covid. You were told, “Don’t go to work for 2 weeks to flatten the curve.”  You were told you needed to get vaccinated and carry a vaccine passport. You were told the vaccines worked and once taken you would not get Covid. You were told you’d need only one shot. You were told the vaccine was “safe and effective.” You were also told if you didn’t get it, you were a liability to society not worthy of participating in anything. You were told you needed to take the vaccine in order to keep your job and/or travel. You were told if you didn’t take the vaccine, you would be blamed for the deaths of other innocent people.

Lots of people lied to you about many things over a very long time. Infact, they’re still lying to you now. Lots of people made lots of money while gaining lots of power in the process.

Now many of those same people are telling you your traditional use of the language must change; you must use arcane, newly invented pronouns if you do not wish to offend others. You’re being told you are not allowed to question or raise objections to boys using girls’ restrooms and locker rooms or calling themselves girls in order to win in sports. In much the same way Hitler used the public schools to teach hatred, your children are being taught gender fluidity and transgenderism are normal and anyone who refuses to accept these ideas is a bigot.

Thankfully, you are still an intelligent person who recognizes the Truth.  You know boy are boys & girls are girls.  You know a LIE when you see one: there is no such thing as “gender fluidity” and t here are only two human sexes, male and female. The medical healthcare profession is lying when they tell parents their confused children will commit suicide without “gender affirming care.” It’s child abuse to advocate for these kinds of lies. 

American universities are hotbeds of Communist indoctrination. If you pay for tuition, you have a means to fight against their lack of free speech and attacks on other students who do not accept Marxism. If your local campus is home to a chapter of the Confucius Institute, work to have it closed and removed. It’s only another modality of communist indoctrination hiding behind the lie of “sharing culture.” (Mao was the biggest destroyer of Chinese culture during his Cultural Revolution).  Contact your legislators, file complaints and push for elimination of any public funding which may be used to support the Confucius Institute. If a university is privately funded, approach its donors to directly address any concern about possible Communist infiltration with the request to cease all donations.

Likewise, you can directly boycott the products and services of companies and corporations which support woke policies by advocating Social Credit Scores and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies. Let them know you will no longer be spending your money with them. These social policies have admirable sounding names but are really systems of control designed to divide a population and punish dissenters.  These kinds of policies and ideas will eventually lead to mass extermination or imprisonment of those who dissent and refuse to comply; a phenomenon which has occurred in every country in which Communists have come to power.  Every American company needs to understand the consequences should they decide they want to be the next Bud Light.  Never forget divided we fall, but united we can financially push back against this ideology.

Stop buying Chinese products because it only supports the Chinese economy, military and Communist party. The Chinese are not our friends and are actively working against us simultaneously on several fronts to take us down from within.  If you still question the urgency of taking action to stop this process, please consider the attempts to prevent President Trump from running in the 2024 election. Remember the January 6th political prisoners who are still being held in prison without due process in violation of their Constitutional rights. May God bless and protect the United States from completely succumbing to the disease of Communism.✪


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