New York Terror Shooter Arrested: Black Nationalist Who Praised 9/11 & Called For Killing ‘All The Whiteys’

Frank James, the primary suspect in Tuesday’s subway shooting in New York City that left 29 injured, has been taken into custody and indicted on a federal terrorism charge, officials announced on Wednesday…

James was arrested at the corner of St. Mark’s Place and 1st Ave. in the East Village of Manhattan, NYPD commissioner Keeshant Sewell said at a press conference with city and law enforcement officials. 

Spectrum News said it obtained video of the arrest:

James, 62, allegedly set off smoke bombs and fired at passengers in an N train while it pulled into the 36th Street subway station in Brooklyn. Ten people were shot, while 19 others were injured in the ensuing commotion. No one was killed in the incident.

James, a Philadelphia native, made a series of videos in which he rants about race, violence, mental health, and other subjects and uploaded them to a YouTube channel. Law enforcement officials told the New York Times that the channel, “prophetoftruth88,” broadcasted videos featuring James.

Suspected terrorist Frank James was a supporter of the black separatist group Nation of Islam. His recorded rantings on his YouTube channel and Twitter account were full of his racist poison. YouTube has already disappeared his channel with Frank James’s hundreds of videos.

But there’s one comment in particular that may sound eerily familiar to those who were sentient beings on 9/11/01 and remember its aftermath.

One of the most shocking comments uttered in response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon and the attempted attack on the White House or Congress was said by Senator Barack Obama’s spiritual advisor and pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Barack Obama’s Chicago minister, who officiated the Obama’s wedding ceremony, declared before cheering parishioners that the Islamist Al Qaeda attack was America’s “chickens coming home to roost.” It was so divisive that Obama, then running for president, had to disavow Wright and gave a speech on race to distract from the poison coming from the pulpit of the church he’d belonged to for 20 years.

James, who reportedly calls himself a “prophet of doom,” described 9/11 as “the most beautiful day, probably in the history of this f***ing world.”

In another video, James claimed that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a precursor to a race war.

“These white motherf***ers, this is what they do,” James said. “Ultimately at the end of the day they kill and commit genocide against each other. What do you think they gonna do to your black ass?”

James was also quite upset that new Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is married to a white man. “I had no idea, with that African name, that she would be married to a white man. … Our black sister Supreme Court Justice, power to the people, is married to a f**king white man. (Crying) I don’t believe this sh*t. Oh, God! Wait a minute. This motherf**ker right there, there he is. There he is! White man! Black sister, Ketanji, married to a white man.”

He also posted positive things about Black Lives Matter shooter Micah Xavier Johnson, who murdered five Dallas Police officers.

Will the Leftist media memory-hole the name of the racist terror suspect and stay mum on hate crime and terror charges against the man, as they have done with other Leftist killers? ✪

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