Nobody Believes Joe Biden’s Transgender Day Celebration On Easter Sunday Was A Coincidence

Instead, the White House wants you to believe the Christian conservatives who criticized Biden for pushing radical gender ideology during Holy Week are really the bad guys...



he White House has been working overtime the past few days to convince Americans that Christians, not President Joe Biden, are somehow to blame for the controversy surrounding his decision to elevate a fake holiday celebrating radical gender ideology over the most important Christian holiday of the year.

This Easter the President of the United States and his White House made a clear and distinct decision to force Transgender Day of Visibility into the spotlight on the holiest day of the Christian calendar.

Over Easter weekend, the so-called “devout Catholic” Joe Biden officially proclaimed Resurrection Sunday to be the 2024 Transgender Day of Visibility, a day for “lifting up the lives and voices of transgender people throughout our Nation.”

When faced with questions about his proclamation on Monday, of course Biden’s first instinct was to lie and deny his role in the mounting scandal.

“I didn’t do that,” Biden lied, before accusing House Speaker Mike Johnson of being “thoroughly uninformed” for suggesting otherwise.

In fact, cafeteria Catholic Joe Biden is pushing almost exactly the Islamic version of Jesus Christ, one in which Jesus is a great teacher and all around nice guy, but not to be taken too seriously or literally. This is precisely how Catholic Joe Biden finds himself as the head of a political party that not only condones, but openly celebrates abortion. And make no mistake, many of these summer soldiers of the sacred honestly believe that Christ would condone murdering a baby in the womb. It’s not that far a stretch.

It didn’t take long for Biden’s in-house propagandist, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, to further his denial by projecting the Democrat’s wrongs onto the people criticizing him. During her press briefing on Monday, Jean-Pierre dared to claim that outrage over the perversion of the most important day in Christian history is “misinformation.”

“I want to be very clear. Every year for the past several years on March 31, Transgender Day of Visibility is marked, and as we know for folks who understand the calendar and how it works, Easter falls on different Sundays — right — every year, and this year it happened to coincide with Transgender Visibility Day, and so that is the simple fact,” she said, going on to attack Christian conservative politicians who allegedly spread “cruel, hateful, and dishonest rhetoric” — like that Jesus’ resurrection is more important than endorsing mental delusion.

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Jean-Pierre didn’t simply accuse Biden’s biggest critics of spreading misinformation, but she claimed they deliberately disseminated disinformation in a wrongful quest to undermine the president.

Jean-Pierre said:

“A lot of misinformation done on purpose. And as a Christian who celebrates Easter with family, President Biden stands for bringing people together and upholding the dignity and freedoms of every American.”

The last three years have proved nothing but the opposite. Biden is not the unifier in chief he claimed to be in his 2021 inauguration speech. He’s divisive and hateful, and he’s made a career out of weaponizing the government to persecute faithful, God-fearing Americans. But the White House wants you to believe the Christian conservatives who criticized Biden for pushing radical gender ideology during Holy Week are somehow the bad guys.

This is not the first time the Biden White House employed totalitarian tactics to justify the exact same celebration. In 2023, Biden and his ruling class allies scoffed at the idea that the Covenant school shooting was a hate crime against Christians. Instead, they offered solidarity to trans-identifying Americans like the Nashville shooter.

This cynical method of attacking Christians is becoming more and more common and it has two central moves.

The first part of this operation is cloyingly and annoyingly familiar. It involves that uniquely Leftist penchant to insist everyone be made “uncomfortable” in order to facilitate social change. Oh, did you want to watch your kid react joyously to his Easter basket followed by Mass and a nice dinner? Sorry, you have to spend today being miserable thinking about how bigoted you are towards trans people. It is literally the job of the Left, they assure us, be they politicians, actors, or pop singers, to make us all as uncomfortable as possible. Thanks. 

But this is only the beginning, the second part of the operation is actually far more insidious.

You see, once you have been made sufficiently uncomfortable you are primed for your Christian faith to be used against you by people who don’t know the Catechism from a Christmas Tree. They will insist that if Jesus were here today—which He is, though they don’t actually acknowledge that—He would say that you must embrace transgenderism on the grounds that He loved everyone.

Up is down. Left is right. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Two and two make five. And Biden is a saint who did nothing worth backlash.

In reality, it’s Joe Biden who is wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether leftists have celebrated a “Transgender Day of Visibility” before. The president’s proclamation didn’t just “happen to coincide with” Easter; Biden chose to elevate it above the historic religious holiday, which is celebrated by at least 70 percent of Americans.

As Dave Marcus wrote in Human Events, after the White House denied forcing a transgender celebration on Americans on the holiest day of the year, “then, on Easter Sunday itself, the social media posts started rolling in. Biden praised Transgender Day of Visibility, then his Vice President Kamala Harris, then Department of Justice U.S. Attorneys joined the onslaught. So spare us, please.”

So don’t let Jean-Pierre’s propagandist posturing fool you. The outrage was justified — and even more so when news broke that the White House’s flyers for an Easter egg art contest prohibited “religious symbols” and “overtly religious themes.”

Biden’s hostility to Christians is indefensible, which is why Democrats and their allies in the corrupt media are doing everything they can to convince Americans to hold their fire. Yet the subsequent spinning, twisting, and lying are what Democrats’ behavior requires. They know that if they set the narrative, their accomplice media will eagerly go along with it.

But if there was, on this past Easter Sunday, a bright side to Biden’s betrayal of his faith, it was indeed in the backlash. And I don’t just mean the angry responses from Christians who will no longer be bullied by the woke left on the basis of their supposed privilege, I do not just mean the protesters at St Pat’s being manhandled away from the altar. What I really mean are the three word messages like, “He is Risen.” What I really mean are the pictures of happy families and flowers and wonderful meals celebrating life conquering death.

And yes, of course Christ compels us to love those who identify as transgender, just as He compels us to love doctors who mutilate children on the basis of fashionable psychobabble. You see, those of us who worship the Lord Jesus Christ understand very well that He loved the sinner and hated the sin. For us, there is no contradiction in this, in fact, in its great mystery, this concept opens up not only God’s love, but the eternal life promised and proved on Easter. ✪


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