Op-Ed: Is The Left Agitating For A Hot War With Russia To Cement Domestic Tyranny?

It has been odd and alarming watching the powers-that-be relentlessly escalate the proxy war our government is waging against Russia. It’s not just that we’re sending billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine, are calling Vladimir Putin a war criminal and issuing other fighting words, are training Ukrainian troops and are trying to effect Moscow’s economic destruction…

It’s also that, senior American officials have now revealed, via intelligence aid the U.S. has helped to:

  • Kill Moscow’s generals,
  • Down a plane carrying 312 Russian soldiers and
  • sink one of Russia’s warships.

The kicker:

By revealing this publicly — perhaps as strikingly inappropriate as leaking a Supreme Court draft opinion — Biden Administration officials appear to be bragging about these “exploits” and rubbing the Russians’ noses in them. If you wanted to provoke a hot war, this is exactly how you’d do it.

But why would our officials seek conflict with the nation boasting the world’s largest stockpile of nukes (6,000) in the name of thwarting aggression that, as I explain here, globalist policy invited and is none of our affair? It all has a very Dr. Strangelove quality about it.

But there may be a method to this madness. And, no, the mere desire to further enrich weapons-manufacturer political donors doesn’t explain it. However, there is one motivation which does: power.

A serious conflict would provide the Left an opportunity to seize complete domestic control, to cement its power over the entire country — perhaps permanently.

Most certainly, locking horns with Russia would be used to further curtail domestic civil liberties.

We know this because historically, major conflicts are often thus used. Abraham Lincoln arrested opposition journalists and publishers during the War Between the States. WWI saw the passage of the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918, the latter of which absolutely infringed upon Freedom Of Speech. And Franklin Roosevelt is notorious for having interned U.S. citizens of Japanese and German descent as well as persecuting some Italian-heritage Americans.

The trampling over civil rights would surely be worse under a major-war scenario today. Not only have we already gone much farther down the rabbit hole of moral nihilism and wanton constitutional trespasses, but Americans who even question our Ukraine policy are already labeled “stooges of Putin.” Moreover, Democrats have already made it crystal clear what they ultimately want: complete power — by any means necessary.

This desire manifests itself in politicians such as Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) calling for violence against political opponents and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) threatening SCOTUS justices who dare to rule contrary to the Left’s agenda.

Heeding such calls, the Democrats’ de facto storm troopers have effected hundreds of violent riots; more than 600 in 2020 alone. One Democrat operative, Scott Foval, was caught on hidden video in 2016 talking about inciting violence at Trump rallies and unabashedly said, “We’re starting anarchy here.”

This type of violence is once again beginning to ratchet up just in time for the Midterms with news that the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade opinion could be overturned soon. This is also attended by threats made against the “conservative” SCOTUS justices by doxxing them, with activists openly encouraging protests at their homes.

This violence has been tacitly approved by Democrat leaders — and it is — conservatives who are hung out to dry if they step even one inch out of line, as the unfortunate plight of the January 6th martyrs proves. In contrast, 2020’s CHAZ, or Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone takeover of part of Seattle was by definition an insurrection, but was sloughed off. It’s biggest “warlord” leader, Raz Simone, was apparently never even charged with a crime.

Correspondingly, Nancy Pelosi called the longest ever occupation of an American government building — the leftists’ 2011 takeover of the Wisconsin Capitol — an “impressive show of democracy in action.” This statement was of course, equally as true as claiming the stolen (and it was) 2020 presidential election was “the most secure election in U.S. history.”

Get the picture?

It’s definitely not pretty and it all adds up to this: a major war under Biden’s watch would become a pretext for the greatest Big Brother seizure of control in U.S. history. The question remains; are the radicals currently in charge crazy or desperate enough to risk global nuclear war for the sake of absolute power?

There are two important matters to consider when assessing this. First, being completely un-American, the Democrats have nothing to run on in the Midterms aside from the just ginned up Roe v. Wade abortion controversy. Second, and as I have often already warned, these are not normal demagogues; they are power mongers.

Just as human beings often lust after food, sex or money, they can also exhibit another unhealthy phenomenon: an endless lust & pursuit for power. And just as any man may endanger his marriage or career to indulge in his prurient desires, megalomanic idealogues may also take abnormally dangerous risks to satisfy their darkest cravings.

To cement complete power requires something Marxist revolutionaries call “crisis,” the third stage of communist subversion. The first stage, “demoralization,” is usually the undermining of a nation’s moral foundation; Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov said this was already “more than complete” in the mid 1980s. The second stage, “destabilization,” is what we’ve already witnessed with recent violence, the toppling of statues and the intensified attacks on our institutions during the last several years. Now all that remains is a crisis to facilitate revolution for the final seizure of power.

A major war (along with accompanying food shortages) could certainly fit that bill. And while this may all seem crazy in theory, the people in charge may just be crazy enough to attempt it. ✪

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