☆ “Resist Authoritarianism & Don’t Abuse Power.”

There are few places in this nation safer from the coronavirus than seclusion in one’s vehicle. While driving, we are neither likely to contract the disease nor spread it to others. But in Pennsylvania, the spirit of caution has been replaced by authoritarianism and overt abuse of power as law enforcement officers have been ordered to ticket people simply for driving without an “essential” purpose. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took great exception to news of this degree of enforcement.

He is correct. This is absolutely absurd. And while it isn’t only Democrats who are taking the coronavirus lockdowns to their authoritarian extremes, the left clearly holds the lion’s share when it comes to abusing this temporary acceleration of power. This, arguably more than anything else, is why it’s so important we oppose the body of work being compiled by power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats. They are using the coronavirus crisis as camouflage for their power grab. It is imperative that we not only raise awareness but take action now.

Anita Shaffer, 19, was just driving. It’s understandable considering the lockdowns. People do not like to feel as if they’re prisoners, even in our own homes. She was putting nobody at risk, including herself, yet she was pulled over and ticketed. That’s not the American way. At least it shouldn’t be.

Some would say we should wait until after the coronavirus crisis before we move forward. That would be a tremendous mistake for two reasons. First, trying to pry newfound power from authoritarian progressives is like trying to take a bone from a hungry Rottweiler. Second, the longer the people are exposed to draconian policies, the more normalized it becomes. We cannot afford to wait to defend our rights.

There is a right way and wrong way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. While the left is quick to say we must “listen to doctors” and “follow the science,” they are very selective about which doctors and what science we’re supposed to follow. Anyone who calls for locking the entire nation down with an iron fist is popular to the left. Any doctors or scientists who say we should take appropriate precautions about the coronavirus while also taking into account other factors like our rights or the economy are anathema to the left.

Rational doctors and scientists who do not support the Left’s narrative cannot be trusted… according to the Left.

We do not live in a police state, but some are pretending we do. This is why the Saving America Conference on April 18th is so important. It’s free and will be held on Facebook Live; we may be opposed to authoritarianism but we’re also practical about the dangers of the coronavirus, as all Americans should be.

The coronavirus does NOT suspend the Constitution. It must not be allowed to predicate the subversion of our rights. As Senator Ted Cruz says, we must “resist authoritarianism” and abuse of power. The people must unite against government oppression, even during this crisis.