OP-ED: The Biden Cabinet, The Most Incompetent In Our Nation’s History

An exclusive political editorial authored by TNA’s very own Copper John



residential Administrations come and they go, with each leaving their mark on our Republic.  From Nixon’s foreign policy that formed lasting relations with Asia and China, to Carter’s administration that left the United States Crushed with the highest inflation in our history to massive fuel shortages.  The Clinton Administration gave us NAFTA, the Bush Administration gave us the Patriot Act, Obama gave us racial tension within our borders and Trump’s Administration gave us energy independence, perhaps the strongest, pro America foreign policy ever and a juggernaut of an economy that included all races in this country, and perhaps most important, a secure border.  The common theme here is that each of these administrations had a cabinet that helped guide those administrations to make policy decisions and regulations and such to reach the outcomes and legacies of those administrations.

Enter Joe Biden and his cabinet.  It is fair to say that Biden’s Administration, guided by his cabinet members has been an unmitigated disaster for nearly every aspect of this Republic.  We are seeing the highest inflation in 40 years, the southern border is a human tragedy, our transportation issues are mounting, energy policy is non-existent, our foreign policy has crushed our credibility and made us a laughing stock around the world, education is collapsing when it comes to the ESSENTIALS of what our children need to know to be competitive and the list goes on and on.  Biden’s cabinet members were chosen because of their ideology over their experience, expertise and competence.  When we look at a sampling of the cabinet members, this becomes painfully evident.

Jennifer Granholm – Energy Secretary

  • Physically laughed at reporter when asked if fossil fuel production will increase
  • Leading the national charge against gas stoves
  • Told every day Americans to just go buy 60K electric vehicle
  • Wants entire combat fleet completely EV by 2030 (clueless about austere environments)
  • Fuel prices skyrocketing
  • Has not set a comprehensive energy policy

Pete Buttigieg – Transportation Secretary

  • Has ZERO mass transportation experience
  • Has failed miserably with every national transportation challenge
  • Failed to assist Ohio in the New Palestine derailment/chemical spill and fire
  • Failing to provide any updates on continual train derailments
  • Has not addressed the back up at the ports and trucking issues
  • Told the airlines to just cut back on flights rather than fix the issues with air traffic and pilots this summer

Anthony Blinken – Secretary of State

  • Was present and did not even try to prevent the invasion of Ukraine
  • Taiwan invasion is imminent
  • Saudi Arabia decreasing its output and aligning with China/Russia to end the Petrodollar
  • Has done NOTHING to stop the BRICS alliance in South America which is moving away from the American Dollar for trade.
  • Has essentially lost all of South America to the BRICS Alliance
  • Helped cover up the Hunter Biden laptop story with his influence

Alejandro Myorkas – Secretary of Homeland Security

  • Responsible for the LITERAL INVASION of our Southern Border
  • Has helped this government usher in over 5 million illegal Aliens into this country since this administration took control
  • Has continually LIED in front of Congress and the American People on the state of the Southern Border

Lloyd Austin – Secretary of Defense

  • More interested in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) that building an unbeatable military.
  • Has chased out the vast majority of the meat eaters from the combat ranks.
  • Responsible for falling recruitment and is not meeting recruitment goals in ANY branch of the military
  • Believes that using Drag Queens is a good means of Recruitment.
  • has not halted the transfer of weapons to Ukraine, even with the invasion of Taiwan a real possibility this summer.
  • Has weakened our military to a point where winning battles is now in question.

It is clear to see the combined incompetence of this cabinet when it is all laid out.  The members of this cabinet have not solved ONE problem facing this nation, but rather have created problems for every day Americans to face on their own.

  • Illegal immigration
  • High fuel prices
  • Supply chain issues
  • Empty shelves
  • Deadly chemical spills and fires
  • Unsafe railways
  • Airline flight delays and cancellations
  • Weak military
  • Emboldened enemies around the world

Not only is an incompetent and ideological cabinet useless to the needs of the American People, it has proven to be dangerous to our way of life. Our bank accounts dwindle, we are living check to check, fuel and groceries are getting unaffordable, and we are looking at a looming banking collapse.  Never before have we faced so many threats of nuclear war, invasions of our nation, Ukraine, and for sure Taiwan.  NONE of this would be staring us in the face if we had competent, America First leadership.  The incompetence of this Administration and its Cabinet is truly staggering in its scope of disaster. ✪


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