OP-ED: Until Lambs Become Lions

âœȘ We are locked in a zero-sum game rebellion of the elites, who are intent on fundamentally transforming America into an authoritarian state with a single ideology and ruling class…

In order to defeat this rebellion, we need to understand the terrain we are operating on and the strategy and tactics of our enemy. Even more important, we need a strategy of our own to guide our struggle and return to a functional representative government, bounded by the Constitution with the power fully vested in the people. Only a few decades ago, American politics was driven by shared interests of prosperity and well-being aligned with a free constitutional republic. We need to drive from the American consciousness the current docile acceptance of the fact that America has a ruling class—or a ruling elite—and we must banish these terms to the trash heap of racial epithets and aristocratic garbage.

What We Are Facing

Political warfare is the use of political means to compel an adversary to do one’s will, driven by hostile intent. It operates within an aggressor-victim construct and its purpose is the complete seizure of power by the aggressor, and the forced assimilation of the victim. Political warfare is employed when public relations campaigns, gentle persuasion, and soft power mechanisms fail to convince a victim to accept the aggressor’s ideology or terms. When conducted between rivals within a state, it uses both overt and covert influence operations, variously known as propaganda and information operations, but may also use assassination, paramilitary or law enforcement activity, sabotage, coup d’état, and proxy violence.

Asymmetric warfare is war, or hostile action, between belligerents whose relative material power—military or institutional—differ significantly, or whose strategy and tactics differ significantly. Typically, this is seen in conflicts between conventional militaries and resistance movements. Insurgency, guerrilla warfare, and separatist movements are normally asymmetric in nature.

Over the last few years, traditional Americans have watched, stunned, as their country makes a national descent into a post-truth, post-justice, post-American society. They find it hard to believe; society appears unmoored and events surreal. Why? Because they are the targets of an effective information operations campaign that, as in Isaiah 5:20, calls evil good and trades bitter for sweet. In fact, we are embroiled in asymmetric political warfare.

How Did We Get Here?

We arrived in our current situation because our ruling elites painstakingly prepared the battleground in advance. In 2012, they amended the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act to permit the domestic dissemination of government propaganda into American newsfeeds. 

In 2015, they passed the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Act, which created a cottage industry of government-funded, progressive-leaning CVE consultants and think tanks dedicated to pushing the myth of right-wing “domestic extremism” and “white supremacy.”  Employing teachers, healthcare professionals, first responders, and community leaders, the Obama-era CVE mania built a federally controlled and funded local surveillance and intelligence collection apparatus that spans from grade schools to the workplace to the doctor’s office. An apparatus that still uses debunked pseudoscience to classify ordinary Americans’ constitutionally protected speech and activities as “pre-terrorism indicators.” 

Under the pretext of keeping us safe, they passed multiple counterterrorism laws such as the 2001 USA Patriot Act, the 2015 USA Freedom Act, and the various FISA Amendment Acts (2008, 2017, 2018, 2020), which, taken together, authorize warrantless mass surveillance of all American’s communications, activities, associations, and business transactions.

In addition to these legislative actions, Americans became apathetic and lost the will to hold their government leaders accountable. The multi-tier justice system under which we now suffer has been years in the making. According to a 2019 Pew Research Center analysis, of the 79,704 total federal defendants in the year 2018, fewer than one percent went to trial and were acquitted. The vast majority were coerced into plea bargains as a result of prosecutors stacking charges, a practice of bringing large numbers of often redundant charges against a defendant in order to force a guilty plea. Many defendants, facing decades behind bars from the stacked charges, take a plea agreement even when innocent instead of going to trial and gambling on the meager acquittal rate. 

Our federal security services were weaponized and converted into secret police enforcers for the Democratic Party. If you are a 60 or 70 year-old Trump political supporter with no criminal record, you get a televised, dawn FBI SWAT raid and a de facto life sentence for a contrived process crime. If you are a ruling class criminal, on the other hand, the Justice Department looks the other way and you get sweet book deals, million-dollar GoFundMe accounts, and high-paying gigs on establishment media news shows.

Domestic propaganda, mass surveillance, and a multi-tiered justice system—these are the tools of tyranny that were diligently set in place by the elites to facilitate their aspiration to permanent power. This is not solely a leftist march through America’s institutions: Plenty of GOP politicians and government officials participated in building this authoritarian infrastructure. If traditional Americans are going to take their country back, this is what they face.

Developing An Agenda

Traditional Americans need a political movement, and that movement needs an agenda. Agendas define the movement, its people, and its principles. It’s not enough to just be against something, people need to know what they’re fighting and sacrificing for. Agendas serve to keep a movement on the right track by functioning as a guide for decentralized political action. A political movement’s agenda should be simple and concise 
 if you can’t fit the agenda on the back of a postcard, you don’t have a political movement, you have a cult.

An agenda should be inclusive. Not in the HR department sense, but in the John Connor sense of “If you’re listening to this [message], you are the resistance.” We need to welcome the disaffected from labor unions and academia who are repelled by the progressives’ authoritarian ideology. We should be proudly colorblind, with zero tolerance for critical race theory, cancel culture, and identity politics.

We need to remake a path to the American dream for all Americans, especially for those who have been left behind by decades of job offshoring, H-1B outsourcing, crushing student loan debt, cancel culture, and discriminatory hiring practices. We need to break up the Silicon Valley tech monopolies who are toxic to the survival of our republic. We need to make coming to America a privilege bestowed only on those who can create value for our society and assimilate into our culture. But most importantly, we need to make America free again by rolling back the destruction of our civil liberties and reempowering the Bill of Rights.

Where should this agenda lead us? In the short term, it needs to be physically in the communities, in the streets, and at the barricades. Our agenda should be published across conservative media for all to read, understand, and act on. In the long term, it will lead us back to America, to a free republic where you can speak your mind, be who you want to be, and accomplish whatever you have the wherewithal and imagination to dream.

What Lies Ahead

The ruling elite have the power and they own the government and primary institutions in America. They are not going to give up this power without a fight, and we are not going to take back our country without suffering casualties along the way. 

Expect ruling class institutions like the media, academia, and Big Tech to use “othering” tactics to smear and isolate traditional Americans in this struggle. Many will be falsely labeled extremists, insurrectionists, racists, and enemies of the state. Canceling and blacklisting will be the elite’s primary weapon and will result in job loss, financial depravations, and social isolation. The national security apparatus will be unleashed onto ordinary Americans who will then be arrested, imprisoned, or worse. As shocking as this sounds, this is how authoritarian regimes treat their undesirables, and you, by challenging their rule, will be declared an undesirable. These are the same things our founding fathers faced when they pursued independence from the crown. 

We can counter these assaults on our liberty by organizing at the local and state level. By anticipating the actions of the ruling elite and their proxies, we can set up community outreach programs that mitigate their attempts to crush us. Shadow services, food banks, and employment networks can provide financial assistance and jobs to traditional Americans who get canceled or face financial hardships resulting from their political activism. 

Evangelize liberty by holding town hall meetings at your local library, bar, or social club in order to network, and discuss the agenda. Leverage these networks to develop the community outreach programs that will help protect your members if and when they get canceled or arrested. Keep your meetings focused on helping, not hurting, and don’t allow talk of violence. Remember, government informants and agents provocateur are an integral part of the political landscape.

Volunteer for homeschooling pods with families who want to withdraw from the political and social indoctrination in the public school system. If you are an attorney, volunteer pro bono services to defend members of the movement. There is a lot that ordinary Americans can do to help one another. You are only limited by your imagination.

Last but not least, primary those Vichy state and local elected officials who are more concerned with conforming to the ruling elite’s ideology than ensuring the welfare of their own constituents. Local elections are often decided on single or double-digit margins. Mobilize, organize, and vote them out of office. 

In the past, conservative and independent-minded Americans have believed that it is the individual’s responsibility to work hard, find a job, and make his way in society. The importance of individual responsibility versus the state’s welfare programs has always been a touchstone of this belief system. That was then, this is now. In this struggle, we traditional Americans need to help one another, have each other’s backs, and unite as a community. We need to use our collective strength and resources to protect and support our movement and its members. If we do this, we nullify the primary weapons the ruling elite can wield against us.

Building The Barricades

Somehow, America ended up with a ruling class. A government instituted by and for the people now considers the people its most dangerous enemy. Ruling elite, a term that was used derisively a few decades ago to describe the small self-important coastal aristocracy is now accepted to define a large wealthy class of robber barons and their loyal government apparatchiks. If the American citizen is to regain control of his country, this class distinction has to go the way of the segregated lunch counters at Woolworth’s and “let them eat cake” French queens.

If we want to disband the ruling class and restore America to a constitutional republic, if we want to have a functioning representative government, for the people, and by the people, then we have to do it ourselves. No politician or political party will do this for us. 

At this moment we are the weaker side in this asymmetric struggle. Right now, we are 80 million couch potatoes and keyboard warriors with rifles in our bedroom closets. This is not a force to be reckoned with. And the ruling elite know it because they control the information flow and own the power institutions. Traditional Americans will have to organize and band together to help each other and fight in this struggle. When we become 80 million strong, organized citizens with a tangible agenda, when we know where we want to go and what we want this country to look like, and when we can see the path to achieve this, only then will we become the lions we need to be to achieve victory. âœȘ

Max Morton is a retired U.S. Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, former CIA paramilitary operations officer, and a veteran of multiple armed conflicts, revolutions, and contingency operations.