OP-ED: Welcome To Soviet America


âœȘ America has already changed in bewildering ways since Donald Trump left office. For the first time in our nation’s history, the president of the United States, out in the open and for all to see, is a demented, senile figurehead. With the support of a media class, ostensibly charged with keeping him in check but instead behaving like the old Soviet Pravda, Biden is able to cover up his otherwise obvious physical, mental, and moral infirmities…

Unlike Trump, who rose to power with a popular movement, Biden succeeded through his handlers’ trickery and guile. His campaign was the most cynical in American history. He spent much of his time taking naps and hiding from the public. But he was shielded by propaganda and the support of a corrupt ruling class every step of the way.

Biden’s fake campaign is now succeeded by a fake presidency. If it appears he is governing with malice and neglect, that’s by design.


In more ways than one, America is starting to resemble the old Soviet Union. Our nation’s capital is a military garrison. The American Pravda are howling for dekulakization. The hapless losers of the 2020 election must be “deprogrammed,” they insist, and a tenuous bugaboo of “domestic terrorism” must be crushed.

The tone for this new era was firmly established on January 20. The American Pravda, as anyone with the misfortune of catching the “news” can relate, spent the day rhapsodizing over General Secretary Biden as a democratic miracle worker, a paragon of “decency,” virtue, and deep religious conviction, in whose care America would be safe and secure from every danger.

Anyone who has spent some time listening to Biden’s platitudes over the last year could have predicted the content of his awful and deeply dishonest speech. While calling for “unity” and healing, Biden declared that democracy had “prevailed” with the victory of his party. But much work remains to be done, as America is under attack by “political extremism” and “white supremacy” that festers in the hearts and minds of untold numbers of citizens. 

Who are these kulaks standing in the way of the promised land? The Washington Post warns of a “disease that seems to have taken hold in the nation’s nervous system.” John Brennan gives a clearer view of this “insurgency” that needs to be isolated and destroyed, which includes “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians.” 

Understand, this new threat of “domestic extremism” is exclusively a phenomenon of the Right. Nothing the Left ever does can be considered extreme, as all decent people know, after a summer of “mostly peaceful” anarchy and arson. Those concerned that this new “war on terror” is actually a call for political repression have nothing to fear. The people who spent four years comparing Trump supporters to Nazis are only talking about a handful of dangerous malcontents, and anyone who suggests otherwise might just be an insurgent himself. 

A few brave people, such as Tulsi Gabbard, Tucker Carlson, and Glenn Greenwald, have spoken out against this authoritarian crackdown. “Religious extremists, are we talking about Christians, evangelical Christians? What is a religious extremist? Is it somebody who is pro-life? Where do you take this?” says Gabbard. 

Indeed, what is “political extremism”? Some might find it extreme to make it the government’s policy that men and women are identical, or to seek the addition of 11 million new citizens to the body politic, as Biden did on his first day in office. Some might find it extreme to treat foreigners with boundless solicitude, and Americans like aliens in their own homeland. 

But no, the real “extremists” are those who cling to archaic notions of free speech, borders, and the biological reality of sex. 

These kulaks are morally obliged to shut up, get out of the way, and accept that they are the losers, not just of the election, but of History with a capital H. That’s their part in the “healing” process. If they will not submit willingly to their dispossession, then they must be forced to accept it. 

The Party Comes First

A reasonable person could only describe what Biden has done so far as abusive. His agenda will introduce massive disruption to the lives of ordinary people and the things that give order, stability, and meaning to their lives. Rights and freedoms will come under attack as never before. 

How to justify all this? Well, it’s simple. The American people don’t deserve anything. Why? Because they’re racist, of course. Well, some of them are. Some people belong here; others don’t. 

Citizenship no longer means anything. To be counted as American depends on having the right opinions and belonging to the right identity groups, not on loyalty to the Constitution and this land, but to the Party, its social engineering, and the novel society it seeks to bring to life. 

Elections that do not go the Party’s way are not “legitimate” and must be reversed in the name of “democracy.” Views of which the Party does not approve are “hate speech.” But there are many inducements, both positive and negative, to the loyalty the Party inspires. The costs of dissent are potentially ruinous. On the other hand, those loyal to the Party can do more or less anything they want. They can even spy on the president of the United States and get away with it. 

In the name of unity, the “extremist” holdouts must abandon everything they believe and accept that they are to be treated with hostility from now on. America’s transformation into a borderless, genderless, Third World authoritarian dumpster is not to be questioned. 

Who is truly American, who are the rightful heirs to this land? They know who they are. Biden has reminded us constantly: immigrants, “people of color,” and other “marginalized classes.” They are America’s future. On the other hand, it is incumbent upon “oppressors” to hate themselves without reserve. Whites must apologize for their complicity in “whiteness,” which is to say, for being born. Conservatives must become liberal—or else. 

This is where things now stand. But to the undeceived, none of it was hard to predict. It was clear that Biden would govern as no “moderate,” and Trump supporters had every reason to fear their disenfranchisement. The only surprise is how quickly it happened. 

What Biden means by “unity” is subordination. It is an insult to pretend that his allies ever wanted anything else. 

After four years of being disparaged by Trump as the enemy of the people, America’s ruling class is out for revenge. âœȘ