OP-ED: We’ll All Be Lucky To Live Through The Biden Presidency

You may choose to believe that Joe Biden is simply the most incompetent President in American history. You may choose to consider that a guy who has taken tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party might be playing for the other team. What you must accept, if you are awake and lucid, is that our nation is in the greatest peril that it has been since 1941…



ladimir Putin just opted out of the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty that existed between his nation and ours. Russian ballistic nuclear submarines have also been put on alert. Putin is talking in terms of deploying new types of nuclear weapons. Putin is explicit in tying his actions to American support for Ukraine.

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From Reuters:

“They intend to transform a local conflict into a phase of global confrontation,” he said in announcing the Russian withdrawal from the START nuclear weapons treaty. “This is exactly how we understand it all and we will react accordingly because in this case, we are talking about the existence of our country.”

Our response to all this has been for Biden to travel to Ukraine and effectively write the Ukrainian government a blank check for endless support. We have just announced yet another massive aid package for Kyiv. Putin is in a corner. His conventional forces have been shredded. His nuclear weapons look increasingly like his last, best hope.

And, we keep upping the ante.

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China’s top diplomat is in Moscow for discussions with the Russians. A worldwide China-Russia military alliance appears in the offing. There is significant concern about possible Chinese military support to Moscow in Ukraine. A visit to Russia by Chinese leader Xi Jinping is planned.

Ukrainian President Zelensky, never one to miss an opportunity to pour fuel on the fire, has opined that World War Three is about to begin:

“For us, it is important that China does not support the Russian Federation in this war,” Zelenskiy told the German daily newspaper Die Welt. “In fact, I would like it to be on our side. At the moment, however, I don’t think it’s possible. But I do see an opportunity for China to make a pragmatic assessment of what is happening here,” he continued. Because if China allies itself with Russia, there will be a world war, and I do think that China is aware of that.

Just to make sure no one thought Zelensky was going out on his own the American Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield added her own commentary. “…If there are any thoughts and efforts by the Chinese and others to provide lethal support to the Russians in their brutal attack against Ukraine, that that is unacceptable. That would be a red line.”

The Iranians are reported to have now enriched uranium to 84% highly enriched uranium (HEU). It is commonly accepted that an HEU level of 90% is sufficient to make an atomic bomb. Without getting lost in the technical details of the enrichment process, the amount of time it will take the Iranians to go from 84% to 90% is negligible. This could happen within a matter of weeks.

Assuming the Iranians have resolved the engineering issues involved with the assembly of an atomic bomb, which they almost certainly have, once Tehran has the HEU it needs it has the bomb. More likely it has a bunch of bombs and warheads. The Iranians already have the missiles with which to deliver these warheads.

A nuclear-armed Iran means war in the Middle East. Israel will never consider coexistence with Ayatollahs in possession of nuclear weapons. An Israeli attack could, in fact, come at any time in an effort to stop Tehran from completing the enrichment process.

The Taliban have released photos of their new special operations units showing them armed to the teeth with weapons left behind in Afghanistan by the Biden administration when it cut and ran from Kabul. In Pakistan, the Pakistani Taliban, with support from the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan have begun an effort to destroy the security services and topple the government in Islamabad. At stake are the 200 or so nuclear weapons the Pakistanis possess.

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We are stumbling toward the prospect of global war and the widespread use of nuclear weapons. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, we are facing the prospect of attacks on the United States and its allies with atomic bombs. The Biden Administration keeps racing headlong down this disastrous path with apparently no thought to the danger.

We are either witnessing the most breathtaking display of incompetence in American history or very deliberate actions meant to lead to our downfall. Either way, unless somebody steps in and forces a change of course we are headed for the rocks.

We will be lucky to live through this administration. ✪


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