Opinion: WW3, Clown-World Edition

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If  you don’t understand the “why” of things, you will never be able to fully understand what’s happening; your conclusions will be merely reflections of your own biases...

It comes down to a few simple points, which I’ve explained several times over, but will repeat here:

  1. The Western elitist banksters have maintained utter control of their respective financial currencies; this debt-slavery system is the basis of their power. It has been, for all intents and purposes, their private playground. This power has been used to buy anyone they want, in government, the military, the media, anyone they want.
  2. The Western banking system is based on debt issuance and it is rapidly dying. The entire fiat-money system, a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions, is now so heavily overloaded with bad debt that it is collapsing under its own weight. Countries who don’t use that funny-money as their sovereign currency but have been forced to utilize dollars/euros/yen for international trade, are busily switching to alternative currencies from countries that produce something besides fiat money. In other words, the demand for the Western currencies is rapidly declining.
  3. The much-touted “Great Reset” is a plan to depopulate the world (the 1st and 2nd worlds through vaccinations, the 3rd through starvation), and reset the financial system back to zero, so that everyone begins in the new system with zero debt…  and zero property or possessions. The “Great Reset” will usher in the new trackable and controllable fiat-money currency, where they decide what and when you can buy approved products. And if you speak out against whatever bullshit the bankster-owned government is selling (which will be tallied via a Chinese-style social credit system) your money could be reduced, confiscated or flagged for your arrest the next time you go shopping with their new digital currency. You’ll toe their line, or you’ll starve.
  4. The “Great Reset,” where everyone will adopt this bitter pill of slavery, will only be accepted if people are desperate for government intervention due to starvation, lack of energy (heat for your home, gas for your car) or disease. And it will only be accepted if there’s no alternative currency which people can utilize to maintain some level of purchasing power without “Big Brother” watching over your shoulder, and deciding what you can- or cannot- purchase.  The Russian ruble is exactly such an alternative.
  5. The BRICS countries- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa- have resisted globalist efforts to become part of the Western banking system, and are now challenging that system, with currencies backed by commodities instead of the worthless promise of more fiat money. Thus, they represent a viable alternative to the “Great Reset” agenda, one which dooms the efforts to re-start the fiat money system from zero- with the same elitist banksters at the helm.
  6. The BRICS countries therefore represent an escape from the fiat-money system, and therefore are mortal enemies of the banksters, who have built their empire over the past 208 years. They must therefore be destroyed by the West, using whatever means necessary, at whatever cost is required in lives (but who cares about us debt-slaves, anyway?). 
  7. The BRICS countries- most openly represented by Russia at this point in time- are not about to join the system, and now realize that it is literally a fight to the death for them, as well.
  8. Therefore, neither side will back down, the escalation will continue, up to and including nuclear weapons. 

A Recent Historical Example

In the past, any challenges to the Western financial system have been dealt with in the most brutal fashion possible. Indeed, the cold-bloodedness of the Deep State and what it does to it ‘friends’ when they challenge the hegemony of the Dollar, are exemplified by what happened to Muammar Gaddafi. In 2009, Gaddafi suggested his relatively wealthy country of Libya should create a new gold-backed currency for the Middle East, the Gold Dinar.  As confirmed by one of the 3,000 Hillary Clinton emails released, “Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver … This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French franc (CFA).”

In other words, the French franc (another fiat-currency, prior to the Euro) would be challenged in Africa. The major producers in Africa would join together, to use their own regional currency, led by the Gaddafi-inspired gold-backed dinar. It would have been a direct challenge to the fiat-money system, giving the region more power over their internal affairs & outside of the control of the fiat-money banksters.  Fast-forward two years later and Gaddafi is overthrown, while Hillary says this:

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Learn Your Lesson Or Else!

The lesson was clear: either do what we say, or we’ll fucking kill you. Putin learned this lesson from the Western leaders, and it was very clear that sooner or later, the banksters would come after the (now) BRICS countries. 

It’s purely mathematical; a Ponzi scheme works only as long as the pool of people paying in (us debt-slaves) grows, and the debt-load can continue to be inflated away.  Eventually, they’d have to force Russia, China, India and the rest into the system, or, like every other Ponzi scheme, it will collapse under its own weight. 

Just two years later, and the CIA was busy at work in Ukraine to overthrow the duly elected government (that was friendly to Russia) and install a government that was more “reasonable.”  That is, one which could be bribed and controlled. Hence, the Maidan “Color” Revolution of November, 2013. And then came the announcements Ukraine would join NATO, which means Russia could have potentially had nuclear weapons sitting on their front doorstep.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the Soviet Union staged medium-range, nuclear capable missiles in Cuba, a mere 90 miles away from the coast of Florida, the USA and USSR almost went to war until the missiles were withdrawn (with a later, corresponding withdrawal of similar missiles from Turkey). In other words, this sort of dynamic already happened before, in October, 1962. 

And Now

In early to mid-February, 2022, there were several public pronouncements by Western diplomats- and the cackling whore, Kamala Harris- that Ukraine would be admitted to NATO.  This meant it was no longer just a possibility of nukes now being placed on their border, but a certainty. 

Russia has been saying for more than a decade this is red line they will NOT allow, and would compel them to invade Ukraine. They invaded Ukraine on 2/24/22.

What We’ve Got Here, Is A Failure To Communicate

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One of the underlying problems when people from different countries talk to each other, is while we can translate words, phrases and euphemisms, there are still inherent differences in how we communicate. Things like courtesy and respect are often qualities which lie beyond the mere translation of words. For example, when you meet someone from Japan, the exchange of business cards is very formal. The person giving the card holds it with the top corners in both hands between the thumb and index fingers, and extends both arms out, while bowing slightly. The recipient is also expected to receive it both hands while bowing while making a show of reading it; and (even better), ask some detail about the title, or company, or even how the giver of the card would prefer to be addressed. While it may sound trivial to Westerners, it is a very big formality within the Japanese culture.

Russians also have their own sets of cultural idiosyncrasies regarding communication. From my personal experience, they are far more direct. In effect, they say what they mean & mean what they say. Traditionally, they have little use for flowery words and euphemisms when direct, blunt speech removes any doubt of meaning. 

This is evidenced repeatedly by the speeches of Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Lavrov and Medvedev. They tend to speak very bluntly & directly without any effort for subtlety. Indeed, this characteristic of direct speech is expected from Russian leaders, as it conveys strength, confidence & leadership.

Contrast this quality with Western leaders, mainstream media, the banksters (represented by Herr Klaus Schwab, WEFer stooge), et al.  They never speak plainly. Everything is innuendo & open to interpretation in an almost a foreign language despite sounding exactly like English. Since EVERY word can mean something different, they view the speeches of Putin and his leadership team through the lens of their own perspective, where everything is opposite what it seems.

I could address the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines here and explain why it’s complete idiocy to think that Russia would blow up their own assets, removing their only piece of leverage against Europe, but why bother? Simply put, if you think Russia shot themselves in the foot to make Biden look bad, then you’re an idiot; Biden needs NO HELP looking like the old fool he really already is. 

Drawing False Conclusions

Thus the latest Putin speech regarding the so-called “annexation” of the four eastern regions of Ukraine is interpreted by the West & believed to mean the exact opposite. When he says Russia will never back down, Western elitists interpret that to mean “he’s desperate,” and losing the war in Ukraine.

Allow me repeat: the Western “thought-leaders” have interpreted his speech to be a sign of desperation. I would submit our Western leaders are thoughtless, if not downright stupid.

Allow me to explain: 

The stated Russian objectives in Ukraine:

  1. The demilitarization of Ukraine.  In other words, to destroy the Ukrainian war fighting capability.
  2. The de-Nazification of Ukraine: to eliminate the neo-Nazi military battalions (still) operating there. The same units which have been bombing and terrorizing the “breakaway” regions for the past eight years.
  3. To make sure Ukraine remains a neutral state and does not join NATO. From their perspective, nuclear weapons on their door-step would be unacceptable.

To date, Russia has succeeded handsomely in their efforts. The armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) have been systematically destroyed, by a simple tactic: move quickly around terrain, without bothering to hold it. When the AFU attempts to attack, retreat, enfold AFU into a “cauldron,” and methodically pound them until there’s basically nothing left, then send in mop-up teams. Where AFU takes over abandoned hospitals, schools, apartments, they’re targeted as much as possible without overly endangering locals. Alternatively, use siege tactics, to starve them out. 

It’s a numbers game; Russia maneuvers to their advantage, fading back when attacked in strength, allowing the AFU to take over strategically unimportant land which can’t be adequately defended. The result? Whenever they “win” a battle, the AFU become overextended with limited supplies: and with an inability to defend the land. Cut them off, maneuver for encirclement, and completely destroy everything within the created perimeter.  Rinse and repeat: as of 9/21/22, the Russians have admitted to losing 5,937 KIA. In comparison, Ukraine has lost-to that date 61,207 KIA with an additional 49,368 wounded. (Western media reports such as those from CNN are simply not trustworthy.) 

This places the kill ratio of Ukrainians to Russians at 10:1. At this point, the Russian supply lines are short. They can easily cycle in fresh troops and have essentially an unlimited amount of weapons at their disposal. In comparison, some >50% of the original AFU is either dead or wounded, and are no longer able to fight.

While Zelensky and his butt-buddy Nazis in Kiev are bragging about their “victory” taking over thousands of square miles of farmland, it’s not strategically significant, cannot be defended, and has cost them thousands of dead soldiers, who can’t quickly be replaced. That “win” was yet another pyrrhic victory; perhaps good for propaganda, but not in reality.

Returning to the Russian goals of their “special military operation,” they also held referenda in the breakaway parts of Ukraine to ask the residents if they wanted to become part of Russia. Kiev, NATO and American diplomats all loudly protested that these were completely phony elections, utterly blind to own their hypocrisy on this very subject. Unsurprisingly, the people being bombed, shelled, shot, kidnapped, raped and terrorized in all sorts of other ways decided they no longer wanted to be part of Ukraine  and instead voted to become part of Russia. Of course, anybody who actually understands WTF has been happening over there during the past eight years, would have known this was the only possible outcome of such elections.

So, notwithstanding the blatant hypocrisy of fraudulently elected governments complaining about fraudulent elections, the regions are now part of Russia.  and as such are not “desperate, scared” or “worried.”

What Happens Next?

The Russians are now ramping up for the next round of escalations-:1.2 million men (as of last reports) to be fully mobilized by January 2023. They already have a sufficient number of troops available to completely wipe out Ukraine, right now. I believe they’re preparing to take on NATO and the USA; that is what the current mobilization is all about.

You’ll notice up until now that the Russians have mostly held back their Class A weaponry: their top-end tanks, planes, missiles, bombs, ELINT, ECM, hypersonic weapons, etc…  If all they cared about was bitch-slapping Ukraine, they’d already be done.  These top-end weapons have been intentionally reserved because Putin and his team knew that once they started down this path, there would be no off-ramps, because the globalist banksters don’t accept competition from anybody. 

Putin learned that lesson from Gaddafi’s death and he also learned there would be no backing down; no surrender to the banksters which run the Western world.

Be advised; he’s gearing up for NATO and the USA.  Given his early mobilization & Russian war-economy footing there is really no other logical conclusion. In contrast, the American military is now fat, woke, undertrained, and running out of ammo before WWIII has even started

So much for Putin’s “desperation.” Our country is run by fools or suicidal psychopaths. ✪


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