Radical Leftist Washington State Transgender Youth Law Legalizes State Sanctioned Kidnapping

Democrats in Washington State have effectively legalized state-sanctioned kidnapping while pretending to save children from abusive families..



ith one single trans youth law, Democrats usurped parental rights, and they intend to break up families that don’t parent the way they would. This is the most dangerous and extremist bill that Democrats have ever passed.

SB 5599, sponsored by far-left state senator Marko Liias (D-Everett), permits shelters and host homes to provide housing for runaway minors. Though the current law requires parental notification of the whereabouts of runaway children, this bill would consider merely seeking so-called “gender-affirming care” a “compelling reason” not to notify parents of the child’s whereabouts. Under the state’s care, the child can undergo surgical interventions, like mastectomy and facial feminization, without parental consent. SB 5599 just passed the House in a party-line vote and now it heads back to the Senate, where it’s expected to pass.

Democrats hope you think they’re saving trans kids from abusive parents, so you’ll label them heroes. But they’re really the villains here.

Contrary to claims made by Liias and fellow Democrats, the trans youth law does not require minors to show they’re escaping abuse. In fact, the teen may not even allege abuse. Democrats using this claim to justify the bill are not mistaken or experiencing a mere difference of opinion. They are lying.

Democrats rejected an amendment adding language to the bill that says the intent is to address kids who are being harmed by (or could be reasonably harmed by) their parents. Rep. Jamila Taylor (D-Federal Way) said the amendment gets in the way of “keeping children safe” and that “parental rights are not infinite.” Her response does not make sense. When Republicans forwarded an amendment noting that it’s important for parents or guardians to know about their children’s mental and physical health so that they can keep them safe, state Democrats said no. Rep. Nicole Macri (D-Seattle) inexplicably claimed the amendment would “alienate” the kids she pretends she wants to protect. She did not explain how it would alienate them. Her response also made no sense.

Democrats repeatedly say this bill is actually about reunifying families, but it’s not. The parents have no legal recourse to reunite with their runaway child because the state will not inform them of their whereabouts. Only the child can trigger reunification under this law.

Democrats even claimed this law is necessary to keep runaways from living on the street. In a theatrically dramatic speech on the House floor, Rep. Taylor disingenuously asked, “Are we not going to do something? Am I going to let them stay out on the streets homeless at risk — at risk!! — to being picked up by somebody saying all the right things and make them do all the wrong things?” She said without this law, children would be out on the streets and in the cold because they can’t go home to abusive parents.

Taylor thinks you’re ignorant enough to buy her overwrought performance. Without this new law, a child — any child — has access to youth shelters. She’s arguing for something that already exists, but doesn’t think you know that. She doesn’t have her own kids; she wants yours.

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Immediately Affirm Pretend Genders Or Give Up Your Kids

It is not far-fetched for a teen to be convinced that his or her parents aren’t affirming enough. Democrat lawmakers spent their debate on this issue arguing just that. And when you see what’s happening in classrooms across the state, the danger to children and families is real.

Educators actively keep gender identity issues from their students’ parents. Manipulative educators, informed by their fringe ideological agenda and hero complex, can very easily convince vulnerable teens that their parents don’t want what’s best for them. Imagine them pitching the virtues of running away for hormone replacement and electrolysis. If you think this is even slightly possible, know the bill offers zero protection for a child in this situation.

Washington Democrats view it as abusive when a parent shows any reluctance to immediately and unconditionally accept a young child’s claim of holding one of the 17,000 different genders Democrats told them to pick from. Though Democrats say a teen murderer one day shy of an 18th birthday should avoid life in jail because they do not have developed-enough brains to understand the crime they committed, apparently a 13-year-old girl who claims to be a boy, at her teacher’s nudging, is worthy of hormone therapy without parental consent, while living in what Democrats pretend is a “safe house.” Want to know where concerns over “grooming” come from? Look closely at this bill.

When Republicans pursued an amendment noting that “lack of adequate affirmation” shouldn’t be grounds for claims of child neglect, Democrats again voted no. Rep. Tana Senn (D-Mercer Island) said the bill is only about “getting kids housed.” She then said, “affirmation is really important. People do die from a lack of support.” If you don’t immediately affirm the desire of a child to take hormone blockers, Senn believes parents must lose their rights over their child. We’re supposed to pretend that kids only run away from unloving homes; that irrational children might not run away for the wrong reasons.

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Democrats intend To Break Up Families With Trans Youth Law

Washington Democrats are coming for your kids and they’re starting with the most vulnerable. This trans youth law is the first step. While I understand that advocates for policies that I may oppose may be well-intentioned, I cannot extend the same presumption to Washington Democrats with this bill.

I cannot argue that I’m merely subjectively arguing my position on the bill because I’m not arguing anything at all. I’m pointing out exactly what the bill allows. Democrats are lying about what’s in it. They’re not misinterpreting and they’re not offering a good-faith analysis with which I disagree. They are flat-out lying. These lies are made more dangerous because of how few people know what they’re actually doing.

Local media refuses to cover this bill in any meaningful way. Our so-called newspaper of record, the Seattle Times, appears to have only covered this bill once via an editorial from the Senate sponsors. Many of the paper’s far-left staff are formerly of the Stranger and the only difference between the two, as far as news coverage, is one uses vulgarity and the other receives it from readers smart enough to see through the bias. KING 5 offered its typical disingenuous coverage when they support a bill. They used an inaccurate Governor Jay Inslee quote to lie about the bill, which is a result of incompetence, nefarious intent, or both. I could not find any other coverage in Seattle media outside of KTTH.com and MyNorthwest.com. The public knows very little about what this bill will do.

Democrats usually benefit from left-wing media coverage. Here, they benefit by a lack of coverage. They don’t have to debate their positions in places the public will see because there are no demands from the media Democrats defend their bills.

Any loving parent who reads the trans youth bill, regardless of their ideological position, should be alarmed. Share this article or share the bill itself. It will go up for a vote in the Senate; and without grassroots activism, will pass and be signed into law. It’s likely too late to win this one, but you will hate yourself if you don’t at least try to appeal to Democrat lawmakers at the very least, to change the bill’s language to apply only to abused kids. Or stay silent and cede your parental rights to radical Democrats. ✪


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