‘Sound Of Freedom’ Is Top Summer Movie In The US: Hollywood Culture Is Shocked

Sound of Freedom has already become profitable by topping $40 million at the box office in its first week and beating the per-screen average ticket sales of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.



t the close of business Sunday and after only six days in theaters, Sound of Freedom has grossed $40.2 million. Also, over the weekend, it averaged $6,388 per screen; toppling Disney’s newest Indiana Jones franchise installment Dial of Destiny’s per-screen average of $5,760. Currently, the Disney Grooming Syndicate’s Dial of Destiny is playing in 4,600 theaters, compared to only 2,852 for Sound of Freedom.

Dial of Destiny might have still come in at second place with a weekend’s gross box office haul of $26.5 million and Sound of Freedom might have come in third place with $18.2 million, but Sound of Freedom is doing a better job of packing in bigger audiences.

Unlike Disney’s Dial of Destiny, which is on track to lose tens if not hundreds of millions, Sound of Freedom has already become profitable. Budgeted at just $14.5 million, Sound of Freedom started making millions the moment it crossed $25 to $30 million. And it’s just getting started. With an A+ Cinemascore and the corporate media’s desperate and insulting attacks, word of mouth is all set up to be phenomenal. Sound of Freedom should also clean up in the streaming home media market.

Sound of Freedom has already grossed more domestically than these 2023 Best Picture nominees:

  • Women Talking: $6 million domestic – $7 million worldwide
  • Tár (recommend): $6 million domestic – $20 million worldwide
  • Triangle of Sadness: $4 million domestic – $24 million worldwide
  • The Fabelmans: $17 million domestic – $37 million worldwide
  • The Banshees of Inisherin: $10 million domestic – $46 million worldwide

Except for Banshees, in just six days, Sound of Freedom made more revenue than five of those films worldwide. All the Oscar, festival, and media hypesurrounding these other films has led to nothing more than failure. People aren’t interested.

Sound of Freedom’s secret of success used to be Hollywood’s expected success: 1) make a movie about an issue people care about (child sex trafficking); 2) give the movie a dramatic theme (Christianity) that appeals to a broad audience; 3) entertain and 4) don’t preach or scold.

Disney emasculated Indiana Jones and stands to lose up to a couple hundred million dollars. Apparently, the only people who want to see Indiana Jones emasculated are the folks at Disney.

However, there are obviously plenty of people want to see a movie about good people rescue children from evil people.

Of course, more people went to see Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny; but Disney’s going to loose a fortune because they failed to deliver what Indiana Jones fans want.

The people behind Sound of Freedom will deservingly profit because they know and delivered what their target audience wants.

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That’s how the real world of the film production business works.

However Disney and Hollywood in general, are too addicted to their snobby elitist superiority and deviant sexual fetishes to give the viewing public what it wants. That’s okay. Watching Disney fail is a lot more entertaining than Their lousy woke movies.✪


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