The Game in Review

⭐️ Russel & louisiana_mom

The upcoming twentieth anniversary of 9/11 is soon to be upon us and the horrifying videos & images are once again back in our faces…the demolition provides a potent image for what is happening now: smoke billows out of the top floors, rather like a person with his hair on fire… and then each giant structure slumps into total collapse, sending shock-waves of toxic dust through the desecrated dwelling place of civilization, the city. That’s us now in metaphor…

America’s hair is now on fire. A chimeric lab virus apparently funded by our own government has been on-the-loose since January 2020. Supposedly, that is. It’s a little hard to tell because, especially in the early going, a lot of very old and unwell people died — as the very old and unwell do — and a Covid-19 tag was slapped on their death certificates, and that primed the hysteria pump that is still pumping away heroically. A Covid-19 virus may indeed be running through the population, but 98.8 percent do not die from it and, as Covid-19 came on, the usual seasonal flu apparently went on sabbatical. Go figure.

The ignited hysteria was reinforced by a PCR test routine that could produce Covid-19 “cases” on-demand, and still does — even though the government had to admit that the test was unreliable and ordered it discontinued (effective, wait for it, December 2021… really?). Meanwhile, the cases keep coming… as ascertained by what means exactly? PCR tests, still? Or what?

About twenty minutes after the virus came on the scene, a vaccine magically materialized in the pharma labs. And after a completely half-assed testing routine, it was commissioned with an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which permitted a wholesale vax-up of the whole population, and provided legal immunity from lawsuits for the pharma companies involved. The public greeted it with a grateful awe usually reserved for religious visitations. Treatment protocols with existing drugs were bad-mouthed and then officially suppressed. They had to be — and still have to be — to maintain that EUA, because the vaxes are not approved by the FDA (despite a recent FDA psy-op to fake-out the public otherwise).

Meanwhile, adverse reactions to the vaxes are literally off-the-charts (the decades-long vaccine safety charts, that is) and those numbers have been likewise suppressed. There are also plenty of reasons to suppose the vaxes create stealth vascular damage to multiple organs that could lead to death over a few years’ time. The prudent have taken note. The prudent are now in for getting cancelled out of daily life for their prudence. Most of these people are onto the game that is being played on them. They must be punished.

The government is desperate to keep the Covid-19 story going and keeps squirting lighter fluid on America’s flaming head. It’s not working so well. The government has lost its mojo, as personified by the mojo-deficient president that the backstage minions of an obscure “power elite” finagled into office by means soon to be publicly revealed. A great wave of fear curdles the spinal fluxes of Western Civilization as its component nation-states battle to control their restive populations with an epic turn toward lawless, tyrannical coercion.

But, according to the first principle of the long emergency, governments cannot maintain control in this evolving dynamic. They sink into impotence, authority loses its commanding shimmer, it founders and flounders and flails at the citizenry, and it ultimately loses control of its… precious… narrative. Thus, the hair-on-fire phase of the melodrama segues into implosion, the collapse phase. That would be the collapse of the economic armature of the society that the government is vested to manage, and has managed so poorly.

Those paying attention could see the first tremors of financial collapse emanating from the shuddering “re-po” markets in the late summer of 2019 — coincidentally, just months before the Covid-19 virus made its brassy entrance on-stage. The re-po market is a swap-meet for extremely short-term (overnight) collateralized re-purchase contracts among “systemically important” Too-Big-To-Fail banks. They use the “money” (ha!) to “leverage” their games in the shadowland of “innovative” investing. Don’t feel bad if you can’t follow any of that. It’s a hyper-complex mega-swindle meant to bamboozle the public.

Anyway, in 2019 interest rates in the re-po market shot up suddenly from 2 percent to 10.5 percent, which would have left a smoldering crater there and turned the global banking system into the biggest ashtray in human history. The Federal Reserve stuffed “money” into its patron banks like straw into so many scarecrows. But, really, the re-po event was just a manifestation of the unresolved perversions that ignited the “Great Financial Crisis” of 2008. The whole banking system had a) disconnected from the gruesome climacteric of industrial activity, and b) was drowning in debt created to animate the appearance of financial life in the system.

Apparently, the “solution” arrived at by those obscure power elites was to lock down the retail economy of common everyman money transactions in small businesses and direct the remaining “money” to save the phony economy of elite banking hokey-pokey. The lockdowns thus kept “money” flowing into the phony-baloney stock and bond markets, and kept the tremendously profitable games going in the shadowland of derivatives and other transactional dreck. But the main stack of the building — remember, we started with the buildings — was crumbling in slow-motion.

And here we are… in the season of collapse… when things traditionally fall apart… when zombies, ghouls, and monsters stalk the earth. The catch is: we-the-people are cast in the role of those zombies, et cetera. Yes, Oscar Wilde was right when he quipped that “life imitates art.” Twenty years of zombie movies have left us perfectly positioned to enter the new economy of the walking dead. That’s us. No more middle class for you, America! No more paychecks. No more blue light specials. No more auto loans. No more McHouses. And pretty soon, maybe, no more food even. What then? How about: Oh, just go die….

That seems to be the next chapter, if you let it be, for instance, if you let them vax you up. But you can actually choose to scramble and adapt to what’s coming: which is human life at a lower pitch… what I like to call a World Made by Hand. In that world, it is you who survive and the governments, the banks, and the power elites who do not. You can already begin to see it happen. Move toward it.✪

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