The Jan 6th Hating Judge Presiding Over Trump’s Case Was Obama Appointed And Worked At Same Law Firm As Hunter Biden

If President Trump had drawn Satan as the judge for his upcoming trial over the January 6 mostly peaceful protests, it might have been better than the judge he actually got…



C Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan was appointed by Barack Obama. She has been pushing the harshest possible sentences for every January 6 political prisoner that has hit her court room. And to add insult to injury, she worked at the same law firm as Hunter Biden. You can’t make this stuff up.

According to Mark Pellin at Headline USA:

The judge tapped to oversee the J6 prosecution being brought by the Biden Justice Department against Donald Trump has deep ties to the Democrat Party and previously worked at the same law firm with Hunter Biden.

The Obama-appointed federal judge also has expressed a strong dislike of Trump and from the bench has brutalized J6 protesters, calling them “insurrectionists” and meting out exceedingly harsh sentences.

DC federal Judge Tanya Chutkan, who purportedly was randomly selected for the J6 case, worked at the Democrat-collaborative law firm Boies Schiller Flexner for 12 years before she was confirmed in 2014 as a federal judge, according to replies Chutkan provided to a Senate “questionnaire for judicial nominees” reviewed by Headline USA. Chutkan’s tenure at BSF overlapped Hunter Biden’s stint at the same firm, where he was listed as counsel from 2009 to 2014, according to OpenSecrets.

As I’ve noted before, this entire debacle is designed to distract us from news of undeniable corruption from the Biden Crime Family. They timed this indictment perfectly to get patriots and conservative news outlets talking about the Trump indictment instead of the Biden crimes. Had they dropped it before Devon Archer’s testimony on Monday, it would have been overshadowed. If they dropped it Monday as bombshells from Archers testimony were being revealed, the news would have shared space in the conservative news echo chamber.

By dropping this indictment the day after Archer’s appearance in Congress, the Deep State was able to essentially cauterize the news cycle wounds. We should be spreading the truth about the Bidens to normies right now. Instead, we’re busy talking about the manufactured indictment. And yes, I’m guilty of hypocrisy for doing the same. In fact, I am worse than most journalists because I recognize this ploy by the Deep State and I’m still falling into the trap of discussing the indictment.

The Department of Injustice is openly and ferociously laughing at us. As Monica Crowley noted, “This is the level of contempt they have for the Constitution, the rule of law – and YOU.”


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