The Ruling Class Stalinist Purge

Like a hammer smashing anyone who seeks to “make America great,” the Ruling Class pounds Trump, his supporters and now even Tucker Carlson.  A “great America,” you see, is antithetical to the technocratic police State that the Marxist globalists are busy building…



hen individual rights and liberties are respected, self-sufficient Americans do not need government apparatchiks to fashion drab, one-size-fits-all, welfare-dependent, groupthink-dominated futures.  When American families are independent and strong, there are no psychologically unstable, lost, “woke” generations to crave parenting from the State.  When Americans choose God’s truth over the government’s lies, then man-made institutions look frail next to the divine.  Anybody who does not toe the Establishment line must go because totalitarianism cannot survive even a whisper of condemnation.  Lies built from sand can withstand no breeze.

I think this difficult period of American history — during which the Marxist globalists and their appeasers have openly embraced censorship, political persecution, and social “cancelation” — will be remembered as a kind of Stalinist “purge” long in the making.  I should say “Soviet purge,” because Lenin used murder and imprisonment to silence dissent (or potential dissent) just as ruthlessly as his successor.  It was Stalin who really took it to the “intellectuals,” though, and many who ignored Lenin’s brutality out of a self-sabotaging allegiance to communism belatedly learned that any system predicated on total control over individual minds will eventually find anybody with a mind a threat.  

The more general “Soviet purge” has been ongoing for decades, as defenders of liberty — often politically conservative in their outlook and in possession of true religious faith — have been run out of academia, denied promotion within the federal bureaucracy, and kept from having any editorial voices on the pages of the nation’s leading newspapers.  Everybody has been aware that the Marxists’ “long march through the institutions” has been trudging along unabated, but because those who parroted “politically correct” opinions found professional advancement and steady accolades while their colleagues “disappeared,” they held their tongues and said nothing.  Now the “Stalinist purge” begins in full swing, and many who have traded their consciences for cushy lifestyles over these last few decades will learn that totalitarian systems always save their supporters for dessert.

There is a great deal of public celebration among leftists these days.  They managed to use propaganda, criminal conspiracies, and boatloads of unverified mail-in ballots to remove President Trump from office.  Since his departure, federal and state prosecutors have built sham criminal cases intended to thwart his return and imperil his life with once-unthinkable imprisonment.  State actors attack him from all directions with civil suits intended to drain him of time and resources.  His political friends and allies — who have been unjustly dragged through the criminal “justice” system due to the machinations of unethical prosecutors and black-robed tyrants —remain targets for their beliefs.

The Ruling Class — consisting of the political Uniparty, the permanent Deep State, and the financial oligarchy pulling the Leviathan’s strings — wasted no time demonizing Trump’s supporters as “Nazis” and “racists” and “insurrectionists” who deserve to have their families ripped apart and lives burned to the ground.  It never mattered how absurd it was to defame patriotic Americans who seek limited government and human equality regardless of skin color as somehow anti-American Big Government types seeking to separate citizens by race.  Reason and rationality are among the first victims of any purge.  

In lockstep, the Establishment Borg demanded that anybody who showed up in D.C. on January 6, 2021 to protest election theft be arrested.  It did not matter how ludicrous it seemed that Joe Biden — a mental midget who struggled throughout his venal life to garner support anywhere outside Delaware — could have “won” fifteen million more votes than “rock star” Obama had in his last election.  It did not matter that no presidential incumbent in the modern era had ever gained substantially more votes during his re-election race, as Trump did, without being declared the winner.  It did not matter that reports of voting irregularities in battleground states were numerous or that the judicial system failed to acknowledge sworn witness affidavits attesting to election fraud.  The ruling class said Trump had to go, and when his supporters voiced their objection, they were summarily targeted as “enemies of the State.”

Now the most profitable cable news channel sends its most popular star packing because he has grown noticeably more MAGA-oriented and noticeably less subservient to the Establishment Borg.  Tucker, at least for the time being, should be fine.  In fact, his departure might even signal that his mind can finally be free.  For the Ruling Class, however, he is yet another public execution intended to cow the masses.  There is no powerful dissenting voice too big to take down.  There is no public figure too popular to undermine.  Whether an elected president or one of the country’s leading political pundits, the Ruling Class will purge anyone who refuses to obey.

For seven years now, the message has been the same.  If you choose to stand against the permanent Deep State, the Borg will come after not only you, but also your friends and family.  In essence, the U.S. Government is now just another Mafia family that exists to extort Americans and eliminate any who refuse to kneel.

The J6 purge of Americans and the political targeting of Tucker and Trump bring to mind a political cartoon showing a “non-player character” Marxist asking a freedom-loving, patriotic American, “Who radicalized you?”  Whispering close to the NPC’s ear, the patriot calmly answers, “You did.”  I would venture to say that well over a hundred million Americans now personally relate to that serious message.

Several wise readers often leave comments to these essays noting that this totalitarian march inciting only more rage reflects the internecine struggle between good and evil.  They are surely correct.  Whenever human dignity is pushed to the shadows because agents of the State bully and taunt those with character, evil grows.  Whenever individuals are forced to betray their consciences to save loved ones from wretched fates, evil grows.  Whenever government institutions demand reverence for lies while blaspheming religious truth, evil grows.  Whenever people are punished for their beliefs, ostracized for their dissent, or purged from the public square, evil grows. 

First and foremost, evil lies.  It should surprise no one, then, that Joe Biden’s handlers have framed his re-election campaign as a struggle for “freedom,” when his administration has done as much damage to American freedom as any in the country’s two hundred and fifty years.  “The question we are facing,” the commie puppet read from his script, “is whether in the years ahead we have more freedom or less freedom, more rights or fewer.”  During these last few years of the Biden Gang’s White House occupation, no honest observer could pretend that freedom or constitutional rights have been protected.  But evil always drives honesty away and enshrines outrageous falsehoods as sacred truths.  The same pretend president who has stolen liberty from Americans and punished political dissent will now pretend to stand for virtues he reviles.

With such blatant lies all around us, it should be evident that this is a battle between good and evil.  Any system predicated on intimidation and force is illegitimate.  Any ruling class willing to purge opponents is willing to slaughter them, too.  Any government that tortures truth with lies is willing to torture those who stand for truth.

Freedom is God’s blessing to man, and when enemies of freedom work to extinguish its light, they choose to bring darkness to the land.  However, allow me to offer you this certainty as a shield: the darker it becomes, the brighter every light of resistance shines. ✪


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