The World Economic Forum, The United Nations & The Constitution

A NEW original OP-ED authored by The New Americanist’s own Copper John…



he World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the United States Constitution are in direct conflict and yet all three seem to be in play within the borders of the United States.  The World Economic Forum is marching forward with such things as total green energy compliance and removal of fossil fuels, 15 minute cities, electric vehicles and the elimination of traditional farming.  The United Nations has thrown their full weight against American sovereignty and is the main driving force for the insane flood of illegal aliens crashing the southern border.  The United States Constitution is very clear with it comes to our national sovereignty along with the individual’s personal liberty and freedom.  It is clear that the United Nations, the World Economic Form and the Constitution are competing for the future of this country.  The question is, WHY do the WEF and the UN have ANY standing as to the future of this country?

The World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is insidious in its nature.  The wording of its Seven Principles creates a friendly face for underlying tyranny.  The main focus of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is population control and zero growth.  The leader of the WEF, Klaus Schwab has been quoted as saying “You will own nothing and be happy.”  We are now seeing this in action when HUGE multinational companies such as Blackrock are buying single family homes at an alarming rate and pricing them out of reach for the average family, and then make these properties available for rent.  Lets take a close look at the Seven Guiding Principles of the World Economic Forum:

1. Strengthen Global Cooperation:
This is a nice way to say that the WEF supports Globalism. Globalism is merely a nice way of saying that the sovereignty of nations is no longer a valid concept in the modern world. All Nations will no longer have enforceable borders and people and corporations can move about freely between any nation that please. What is happening at our southern border is proof of this. The mass illegal invasion is directly supported by the WEF and the UN.

2. Advance Peace & Security:
This is a particularly dangerous principle of the WEF.  The Peace and Security are worded in a very friendly manner, but the model of peace and security is the Communist Chinese model of peace and security, which is anti-personal freedom and anti-liberty. A controlled population is a peaceful population.

3. Re-Globalize Equitably:
Equitably is just a fancy word for redistribution. The main goal of the WEF is to redistribute all wealth into their hands. This is about redistributing wealth into the hands of the poor; it has NEVER been about that. It is about centralizing all wealth into the hands of the self-appointed “elites.”  Make no mistake, these people will NEVER allow wealth to be transferred into the hands of the poor masses around the world. They have never received one DIME of “redistribution.”  The poor will always remain poor.
4. Promote Gender Equality:
The United States has been a beacon of equality between the sexes. It is true that women have struggled at times in our history to be able to achieve what status they enjoy now. They are bosses, CEOs, truck drivers, combat pilots and the list goes on.  But the WEF continues to perpetuate the falsehood that woman do not enjoy an equal footing as men do and that is blatantly false.
5. Rebuild Sustainability:
This is where ultimate control comes in. This is promoting “carbon neutral” boondoggles such as wind and solar as our chief means of energy production and electric vehicles as the only acceptable means of transportation.  This is how you control freedom of movement within in a country and internationally as well.  You must understand what sustainability actually means in the eyes of a globalist.
6. Expand Public-Private Partnerships:
And here you have it. This simply means to increase governmental control in all private entities, businesses and corporations. This is the regulation state that will ultimately regulate private business out of existence, and we are already well on the way to making private business ownership nearly impossible with the needless regulations that are placed on businesses.
7.  Increase Global Resilience:
This principle has the key words of “Greater Information Sharing.”  This is where the WEF will look for and shut down any speech that promotes the individual and personal freedom.

When looking at these seven principles, people MUST be able to read through the written text and understand the meaning and goals of the World Economic Forum. Nowhere in these Guiding Principles does it promote personal freedom, personal responsibility or liberty and that is in DIRECT conflict with our Constitution. Our Constitution does not involve itself with global issues. It deals with the lives and liberty of the American Citizen

The United Nations

The United Nations has been co-opted by the massive global Marxist movement sweeping the world.  This is where the Marxists have been particularly cleaver.  The United Nations is headquartered right here in New York City. Instead of trying to infiltrate the halls of congress (which has been happening how), infiltrate the United Nations with people and organizations sympathetic to Marxist ideals.  There are so many Marxists running around college campuses that now believe everything the United Nations states and it reinforces the indoctrination they receive on their campuses. Once they see a global organization implementing what they have been taught to believe, their belief system in Marxism is reinforced.Now let’s take a look at some of the entities of the United Nations that are working in DIRECT conflict of the United States Constitution

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization has been operating in the background for decades.  It has been a cover for many diseases that have popped up over the world, especially in many Central African Countries.  But with the advent of COVID, the World Health Organization stepped in to facilitate the tyranny of the global lockdowns as necessary, the pushing of the mRNA vaccines worldwide, and did everything it could to demonize prominent physicians that were in direct opposition to the tyranny of the Covid Pandemic.  The World Health Organization is even pushing a pact with the United States that they will be in control of all matters pertaining to any pandemic in the future, therefore taking out any control of our citizens by physicians that may have different ideas than the WHO.  This would be the largest power grab by the Marxists in their constant efforts to wrestle power away from the Constitution.

UN Migration Agency

The UN Migration Agency is set up in various parts of Central and South America to DIRECTLY facilitate the migration north of people that will ultimately become illegal aliens in this country. They are supplying these people with cell phones, money, credit cards, food and clothing. This is a DIRECT violation of our national sovereignty. The United Nations has taken it upon themselves to bring down the United States and is being assisted by people within our own government.

It is clear to see that the World Economic Forum and the United Nations are now DIRECTLY trying to nullify the Constitution of the United States by means of promoting globalism, marxist principles and mass illegal migration. These organizations have absolutely NO standing to formulate any type of policy in this country and yet are marching ahead like our government has given them the green light to tread over the lives of the citizenry. This is a call to arms for every freedom and liberty loving American to make this stand before we are unable to make this stand in the future. ✪


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