The Worst President In American History

The descendants of Presidents James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, and Jimmy Carter can relax. Their families will no longer be associated with a United States President deemed to be the worst in American history...

The current occupant of the White House, President Joe Biden, has seized this title after only eighteen months in office. His administration has failed without exception, from their handling of the economy to their disastrous military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Violent crime is increasing in large cities and drug overdose deaths have reached record levels.  The President’s disregard for border security has encouraged millions of illegal immigrants to enter the country during his administration. These calamities have been noticed by the American people, who place the blame on the unmitigated disaster which is the Biden Administration.

A recent YouGov poll indicates a staggering 64% of the American people do not want Biden to run for another term as President. According to a new Civiqs survey, Biden’s approval rating now stands at only 32%, his lowest ever.

On the issue of the economy, Biden has even fewer supporters. The latest Rasmussen poll indicates only 27% of Americans give Biden a positive rating for his stewardship of the economy.

These poll numbers reflect a growing anger among the American people regarding Biden’s mismanagement of the economy. His cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, his decision to issue a moratorium on federal drilling, coupled with his embrace of Green New Deal “green” energy policies and rejoining the Paris Climate Accords started a vicious new cycle of escalating oil price increases and national inflation.

Biden has singlehandedly turned America from energy-independence back into a country dependent on foreign oil. Due to Biden’s misguided energy policies, gasoline prices have hit an all-time high and soaring inflation at rates not experienced by Americans in more than 41 years.

These increasing expenses have in effect neutralized any growth in higher wages Americans have earned. With inflation outpacing wages, the typical American family is now growing poorer. In order to survive, families are forced to either cut expenses, deplete their savings accounts or go farther into consumer debt. Since the Federal Reserve has just begun a new cycle of hiking interest rates to curb inflation, interest rates for mortgages are also increasing.

The biggest investment for most Americans is their home; and higher mortgage rates negatively impact the housing market buy placing home ownership out of the reach of more Americans, especially those new first time buyers attempting to enter the housing market. Higher interest rates have also now pushed the stock market into bearish territory. Institutional investors understand the economy is in deep trouble. The combination of all these factors is causing unnecessary anxiety and stress for millions of Americans, resulting in plunging consumer confidence levels and a further decline in consumer sentiment & spending.

Despite all these challenges, Biden is completely unwilling to accept any responsibility. Instead, he has chosen to blame Republicans, “ultra MAGA” supporters, President Donald Trump, the Media, the COVID-19 pandemic & most frequently, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

None of these diversionary finger pointing tactics are working. The latest Rasmussen poll indicates that 52% of Americans hold him accountable for the for the country’s economic problems. Only 11% of poll respondents felt Putin was responsible.

Instead of acting to solve any of our nation’s problems, Biden and the Democrats have instead tried to distract Americans by focusing on gun control, the war in Ukraine, the January 6th hearings & most recently, abortion. Biden will find some way to take political advantage of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and return the power to the states to either outlaw, restrict or legalize abortions.

On Friday, Biden declared his disgust with the decision and implored Americans to give Democrats more seats in Congress so his party can pass legislation legalizing abortion. On abortion and every other issue of national importance, Biden has done nothing but further divide Americans. Although he campaigned as a moderate who would unite the country, he has been nothing more than a captive of the far Left, who show no inclinations whatsoever to moderate any of his policies.

Unfortunately, RINOs & weak Republicans in Congress have given Biden legislative victories by passing his infrastructure bill and the most consequential gun control legislation in over three decades. They have given Biden both their votes and support without any demands that he compromise his left-wing positions. Instead of working with Biden, Republicans should be opposing him at every turn.

As midterm elections draw closer, Republicans need to present a bold agenda that is diametrically opposed to the President’s current failed policies. The GOP should ask the American people for a mandate as Biden has no mandate for his unworkable progressive agenda. This is a major reason why Americans are so disgusted with his administration.

Americans also understand Biden is old, frail, and unable to effectively communicate. Without oratory skills, Biden is incapable of leading or inspiring Americans in any worthwhile capacity. Instead, he often displays strange outbursts of anger and impatience; not attractive traits for any President. Obviously, Biden has suffered a decline in mental acuity, but he still refuses to submit to a mental competency test to reassure Americans.

With all of these limitations, it’s not surprising to see Biden is taking his marching orders from others either inside or outside the White House. For example, during his infrequent press conferences, Biden is overly scripted. During a White House meeting last week, Biden inadvertently displayed a note card giving him basic instructions such as entering the room and “YOU take YOUR seat.” Biden is a political puppet angry because he is being controlled by others; and yet, cannot lead Americans because of his diminishing mental faculties.

Tragically, he has failed the country on every major challenge; while adamantly refusing to address the fears, hopes, and dreams of the American people. In fact, he has destroyed the American dream.

There needs to be serious consequences for such utter failure. It’s time for “We the People” to speak up and make our voices heard. If the GOP wins control of Congress in the midterm elections, it is imperative that Republicans immediately pursue impeachment charges against Biden.

His actions on the border and in Afghanistan alone merit impeachment as does his corrupt ties to his son’s crooked business dealings. If not, the concept of impeachment is meaningless; and, Republicans will be revealed as politically ineffective once more. ✪

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