TNA 2nd Anniversary OPEN THREAD


It’s already beenTWO years since the launch of TNA! Where does the time go? 😊

Several people have asked me about what’s actually involved in site operations here. I won’t bore you with too many unnecessary details; however, there are a couple of important issues worth mentioning.

First, I am pleased to announce the renewal of all of TNA’s hosting & licensing fees for another full year until the end of February 2023. I am especially grateful to the community members who helped make this possible with their donations during the holiday season. A BIG thank you!

Second, TNA will continue to always remain AD FREE & uncensored.

Please note: I also would like to remind everyone TNA is still very much a one person operation, and should anything unexpectedly happen to me such as an accident, illness or emergency, the site could experience unexpected down time.

Site administration has already grown to more than a full time job commitment (easily 50-60 hours each week). Of which, 60-90 minutes every night goes to fishing multiple news sources for worthwhile stories & accompanying graphics; 60-90 minutes to edit, format, lay out & publish each of the four daily threads (longer if I need to rewrite bad copy). There’s also a never ending process of graphic creation & evolution, debugging tech issues, & email response along with general forum supervision & community interaction. I average about 4-6 hours of sleep each day, but do sleep in most of Sundays to catch up.

It’s like running a small newspaper. I have to be the copy editor, reporter, graphic artist, IT specialist, marketing director, accountant, CEO, HR & counselor all in one person.

Request For Support & Call To Action

I’m usually hesitant about asking for help in life because I’ve always been a firm believer in maximum self reliance & never wishing to impose myself upon others. However, today I’m asking for your help to maintain & preserve TNA as a safe online haven for Conservatism during these extremely challenging times.

As you probably already know, TNA isn’t monetized though any form of on-site advertising like most other sites. This allows us to stay ad free & uncensored because online advertising companies often like to ban specific words, content or subject topics as a condition of sharing their advertising revenue with their client website partners.

Because of this, your donations & support, regardless of the amount, are extremely important and always greatly appreciated. Your support keeps TNA going. Thank you!

However, donations cover only about 30-35% of TNA’s total operating expenses and to be honest; those expenses are mostly in time. I’ve never really considered this issue important enough to be worth mentioning before because I always covered any differences in expenses from out of my own savings.

Unfortunately after two years, those savings are now exhausted; my choices are now much more limited. I also need to conserve my remaining financial resources in order to relocate to Florida or Texas.

I remain completely committed to this community as well as TNA’s continued expansion and success, but still need to be able to provide for myself while doing that, so today I’m asking you to increase your community support for TNA. I’ve prayed extensively about this and the solution is to set a monthly minimum donation target amount of $1500. Starting tomorrow I’ll be replacing the regular donate banner at the bottom of each thread with a slider bar to measure the progress of each monthly donation period.

As always, there’s never any pressure or obligation to contribute and it is certainly not my intention to alienate anyone with this request. I understand we are all now experiencing and working through our own life challenges of one kind or another. I have placed my Faith in God’s perfect guidance and will accept any outcome. It will all work out.

If anyone has other ideas or possible solutions, I welcome all suggestions, feedback, input, observations and constructive criticism; however, I am not open to running ads. I also will not post about this again for the foreseeable future.

Please feel free to also use this thread to let me know what you like or dislike most about the site, what you’d like to see change or improve and/or any other feedback.

I’ll leave this thread up until tomorrow morning to give everyone the chance to read it. Normal thread publication schedule will then resume again at that time.

Thank you all for your time and consideration.

God Bless,