Troubleshooting Photo Posts In Disqus

Before We Begin, Remember:

❇️ This is very basic & easy to learn information. No prior technical knowledge required.

❇️ For this tutorial, we’ll assume you are using a desktop computer or tablet & have little to no previous computer knowledge and/or experience.

❇️ Don’t worry about making mistakes; you can’t really mess up anything. You’ll get it!

Ready To Start?

I assume you are now a Disqus photo posting pro after mastering this technique:

You may have noticed it doesn’t always work every time as expected. Some times it can be a challenge to get a photo or meme to post successfully. When this happens, it’s usually because of one of only three tiny technical glitches holding up things. Once you become familiar with these glitches, you can quickly spot & remedy them:

1. The SIZE Of Your Photo Image File Is Too Large

Disqus limits photo image file sizes to 5MB each or less. Anything larger & your photo won’t load. You’ll receive a more than obvious message if your file size is too large.


Pay attention & check your photo image file sizes before posting. Use smaller sized photo image files less than 5MB so you don’t encounter this snag.

2. Disqus Doesn’t LIKE Or ACCEPT The TYPE Of File You Are Posting

In the Digital World, there are many different types of FILE FORMATS for photo & video files; however, Disqus only loads & accepts three specific format types: .jpg, .gif & .png.

Disqus will also warn you whenever you try to load an unacceptable image file format:


Use ONLY those photo image file formats Disqus accepts.

You can find a file’s format type by looking at the File Extension which follows directly after and to the right of the dot at the end of each image file’s name.

You don’t need to bother knowing what the format abbreviations stand for or what they mean. That’s covered in another tutorial: Different Image File Formats In Disqus. For now, you only need to remember the .jpg (or also .jpeg) format is by far the most widely used image file format on the Internet. Probably 90% of all the still photo digital image files there are formatted in .jpg.

3. Your Web Browser Page Window Is Broken

Some times, specific functions on your web browser page window will break down & stop working properly with too frequent & higher than normal usage without regular page refreshes.

One of those specific functions which can first stop working on an overused webpage is your ability to drag & drop photo image files into open Disqus comment windows. When you drag & drop, nothing happens…absolutely nothing.

The comment window remains blank as ever because the photo image file won’t load or display. When this happens, your web browser page has broken down & jammed up.


STEP ONE: This is an extremely easy FIX. Simply refresh your browser window page. Refreshing the page in effect wipes it clean of any corrupted functions & starts you again on a clean & freshly restored version. After you’ve cycled into a new, fresher page; try dragging & dropping your photo image file again into an open Disqus comment window. You will likely see the file load for posting. If you don’t & it doesn’t, then continue to this next step:

STEP TWO: If refreshing your webpage doesn’t initially fix your inability to drop & load photo image files into Disqus comments, BOOKMARK the page you’re on so you can quickly & easily find it again. Next, CLOSE your web browser window completely & then immediately OPEN a NEW browser window. Select your saved bookmark and return to the page you were working on. You should now be able to successfully drag & drop photo image files & have them smoothly load into Disqus comment windows.

Now you can immediately SPOT & FIX the three most common glitches which stop people from posting photos or memes on the internet. Smooth sailing ahead, Sailor!

Remember to always get the most from your post.