VA Gun Sales 73,849 in December, a 47% Increase Over 2018

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Data from Virginia gun dealers show there were 73,849 firearm sales in December 2019, an increase of 47% over the number of gun sales in December 2018, reported the Associated Press. Sales soared apparently “due to growing fears of increased firearms restrictions backed by Democrats who control the state government,” said the AP.  Since 1990, the only month that topped last month for gun sales was December 2012, when there were an estimated 75,120 firearm sales.

Several gun dealers told AP that “many of the customers are first-time buyers. Others said customers are purchasing guns and accessories they believe will be banned.”

Ida Wright, a 66-year-old grandmother of eight said fear of gun restrictions by the Democrat-controlled Legislature compelled her to purchase a handgun. “I didn’t think I would ever be buying a gun, but things are changing so drastically,” Wright told CBS 6. “If we don’t protect ourselves, who else is going to protect us?”