Where are the Prosecutions for Fast and Furious?

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☆ The ATF arranged for straw buyers to purchase guns

It’s been about 10 years since the public discovered Fast and Furious, the gun walking operation conducted by the ATF under the Obama administration. The ATF arranged for straw buyers to purchase guns from American gun stores and transfer them to arms traffickers who would give them to drug cartels in Mexico. Ostensibly, the ATF would then track down the cartels. But they lost track of the guns, and some were used to kill Americans. Yet where are the prosecutions of the Obama officials who ran it? The victims and their families have never received justice. But they’re looking into it and speaking up. 

The corrupt program initially received a lot of attention in 2010 after Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered by a drug cartel. Guns transferred to Mexico from Fast and Furious were used to kill him. But the government has refused to provide the Terry family with full details of what happened, including Terry’s last emails. According to his brother Paul Terry, the family has a lawsuit against the government which has been ongoing for years.

Dawn Hobson’s son William Neil Anderson showed up dead shortly afterwards. Anderson worked with Terry, and had gone to Terry’s family after he died and let them know that what the government told them about his death wasn’t true. Hobson had a hard time time finding out how her son had died until she saw the death certificate, which said fentanyl poisoning. But that made no sense, since her son was very opposed to drug use. She had a medical examiner and some law enforcement agents examine the body and they said he was murdered. There was evidence of strangulation and asphyxiation. They think he was murdered by someone he worked with. Unfortunately, they are too terrified to go public about it.