Who’s Running The Biden Regime?

Are you sleeping better at night knowing Joe Biden is your president?

So how did it work out when Joe Biden announced that Vladmir Putin is a “butcher” who “cannot remain in power” only for Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to follow up with a pay-no-attention-to-the angry-old-guy-shouting-at-the-clouds correction. According to Blinken, the United States does not “have a strategy of regime change in Russia or anywhere else.”

Well, that’s a relief. Otherwise Putin might get the idea that U.S. and NATO involvement in Ukraine poses an existential threat that would prompt him to do something really crazy like use tactical nukes or chemical or biological weapons to win at all costs. Because, after all, if the U.S. and NATO are trying to topple his government, then what does he have to lose?

But the question remains: who’s in charge of our foreign policy? Is it the  President or the Secretary of State? If it’s the President, then where did Blinken get the authority to publicly contradict Biden?

And, before Blinken went through the process of “walking back” Drooling Joe’s call for regime change, what was the behind-the-scenes process? Did Blinken deal with Biden or did he communicate with Biden’s caretakers? What was the discussion? Who made the final call about regime change? Was it Biden, his wife, his son Hunter, the Biden family’s financial benefactors in Ukraine and Russia, and/or the nursing staff who swab out his throat?

Who’s running our government and in a position to countermand Biden?

How about when Biden addressed  the 82nd Airborne in Poland, and told them that — surprise! — they will soon be in Ukraine. This after he had insisted that the United States must stay out of the conflict to avoid triggering World War III.

What are we and Putin supposed to make of that? The same guy who is calling for regime change has also told our Army that they are going into Ukraine. Might this tend to heighten tensions and raise the stakes? And, even though Biden’s remarks were “walked back” by subordinates, who are we and Putin supposed to believe? Biden or his underlings? And how did the process work by which Biden’s invasion announcement was supposedly rendered inoperative?

Who’s in charge?

And don’t forget Biden’s answer when he was asked about NATO’s response if Russia used chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine. Biden said that NATO would “respond in kind.” Does this mean that NATO will use such weapons in Ukraine against Russian troops? If so, how would they be used without harming the Ukrainians? Or is Biden saying that NATO would use such weapons on the Russian homeland?

Who knows and who can tell? This is just another dangerous conundrum of the type to be expected when the United States is being led by a gibbering dementia patient.

And, as with all things pertaining to the Biden regime, will the corporate media ask any of the above questions? Will they show any interest in learning who in our government is actually making the decisions or how those decisions are being made? Will they even ask why cleaning up and “walking back” Joe Biden’s dangerous and sub-mental remarks has become a regular feature of our government?

Of course not. The corporate media comprise the propaganda bureau of the Biden regime. They helped put him in the White House, and, as far as they are concerned, there’s nothing to see here and no cause for alarm.

But let me leave you with this parting thought. Joe Biden holds the nuclear launch codes and is responsible for making — in a matter of minutes — the decision to retaliate if Russia, Communist China, or whoever attacks us with nuclear weapons. Does anyone really believe that he is mentally up to the task of making a correct and timely decision to respond to such an attack? And does Biden’s obviously debilitated mental state increase the risk that an enemy will conclude that it may attack us without fear of retaliation?

Put another way, does Biden’s obvious dementia effectively vitiate the deterrent effect of our nuclear arsenal and consequently pose a clear and present danger to our very existence?

Sleep well, America. Joe Biden, the world’s most prominently confused and debilitated geriatric patient, is standing guard.✪

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