Widening Wars Will Bring Inevitable Attempts At Martial Law In America

Not long ago at the height of fear over the global pandemic the United States underwent a change that many people argued could never happen...



or years I have heard people say that authoritarian controls in America are “tinfoil hat conspiracy theory” and doom mongering. All the prepping, the talk of community organizing, all the guns and the gear and the training were for nothing. Then…the covid agenda hit like a freight train

Suddenly, our constitutional rights were no longer set in stone, but mere guidelines that government officials could bend or break in the name of “public health safety.” Suddenly, laws were no longer being passed through the traditional system of checks and balances; mandates could be implemented as if they were laws without public oversight and enforced unilaterally.

There was talk (primarily among Democrats) of severe punishments for people who refused the pointless and dangerous covid vaccines. The Ruling Class wanted vaccine passports. They also wanted prison time for those that spoke out publicly against the vax. They called for people to lose their jobs for noncompliance. They even talked about the State taking away people’s children. There were also plans to build covid detention centers in the US similar to those in Australia to segregate and lock up the “vax deniers.”

It boggles the mind, but all of this serious debate within the US was triggered within the span of only a year. And nearly half the country was willing to abandon the Bill of Rights because of a virus with an overall survival rate of 99.8%. The conspiracy theorists have been correct all along; our freedoms rest on a razor’s edge and preparing to survive and fight for those freedoms is perfectly rational.

Luckily, the international covid agenda failed. The mandates were ultimately blocked by red states and in many rural areas they were hardly enforced at all. Biden’s attempt at a vaccine passport was stopped dead in its tracks by the Supreme Court; however, I have long believed the Supreme Court made this decision as more of a response to the level of public resistance. The Government knew if they continued to press the issue, massive public disobedience or possibly even civil war may be on the table.

Medical authoritarianism mostly collapsed because conservatives and independents were not onboard and they could not be shamed or pressured into compliance.

But what happens when there is another crisis which DOES scare conservatives into compliance? What happens when the political right perceives a future event as a true threat? Do our freedoms then become untenable?

If viruses can frighten progressives into surrendering their freedoms (most things frighten progressives), what things frighten conservatives?

Generally speaking, conservatives are most disturbed by the threat of an invasion from outside enemy forces. Ask any conservative if they were worried more about covid during the pandemic or the crisis on the southern border and the vast majority of them will say the border situation without hesitation. Conservatives fear cultural infiltration and co-option; they fear the steady and deliberate whittling away of their American heritage and culture by extension, their freedoms by alien impostors. And, they fear the inevitable and certain blitzkrieg of organized terrorism within the US should the borders remain open indefinitely.

The big question is, are conservatives willing to assuage their fears by sacrificing the very freedoms they wish to protect?

In 2001 after 9/11, the conservative movement was much different than it is today. There was a pre-Ron Paul and pre-Libertarian influence. Back then the Neo-cons ruled the roost and had far reaching power over public perception. Accordingly, they made an unprecedented push for the suspension of constitutional rights all in the name of “public safety.” The Patriot Act mentality was pervasive throughout the country and there was a national thirst for war as part of the revenge for the 9-11 attacks. We all saw how conservatives could be persuaded to compromise their support for the Bill of Rights in the name of domestic security. 

Today, the elements in play are different than 2001. Anyone who argues otherwise was likely only a child during the 9/11 era or has a skewed understanding of the changes which have taken place among conservatives in general since that time. The Ron Paul & Tea Party movements changed a lot of people’s thinking about the risks of trading their liberty for government security.

The biggest problem for conservatives now is the GOP in its present form. Unfortunately, the old guard Neo-cons are still in charge and influencing the policy decisions of the Republican Party. These are same people who happily ally with Democrats behind the scenes and have close ties to establishment elites. Their loyalties seem to favor the globalists and their agenda more over the best interests of the American people. When the globalists want a war, that means the Neo-cons also want a war; and they’ll do anything to get it, including create it themselves.

This time around I’m afraid they may get what they want. The Russia-Ukraine conflict may have failed to lure Americans into supporting direct intervention (a majority of Americans don’t even support funding for Ukraine), but Israel is a completely different matter. And the Neo-cons know it. There are very old and traditional influences than pull on the souls of conservatives when it comes to conflicts in the Middle East involving Israel. There are also religious elements which also factor into these kinds of conflicts.

However, any religious mandates for going to war have nowhere near the same influence they once had back in 2001. In fact, many churches have become so weak they are now being infiltrated and overtaken by LGBT and trans activism. Such a development never would have been possible or tolerated only 20 years ago. If this sort of thing is being allowed to happen right in our backyards today then you can be certain religion is not the driving force for overseas wars, at least not for America.

As far as Israel is concerned, the motivation for her enemies is always rooted in the drive for total cultural erasure. That’s reality, not a paranoid delusion. Western culture as a whole is in fact being systematically dismantled all over the world thru the globalist mass immigration agenda. Once again, the motivation is complete cultural erasure. Likewise, Islamic ideology is completely incompatible with western beliefs including the concepts of freedom & individualism. Muslim ideological concepts such as Sharia Law are authoritarian in nature.

Conservatives tend to associate any potential for the fall of Israel as another step towards the fall of the West, and they will seek to stop it in any way they can. In addition to concern’s about Israel’s survival, the invasion of unscreened and unvetted Muslim extremists coming into the US under Joe Biden’s open border policy sets another trap for the potential possible loss of our freedoms.

Martial law in the US would only be possible if a majority of conservatives supported and allowed it. Without our backing, any attempts at martial law would eventually fail, just as the covid mandates failed. However, this fact won’t stop Biden and the globalists from employing every possible tactic to make martial law in the United States an inevitability. Economic instability and stagflation have already created spikes in homelessness, violent crime and looting. Massive illegal migration is overwhelming state welfare systems and advancing a demographic trend of cultural dilution. The influx of so many foreign invaders id brewing a potentially dangerously high level of social and cultural tensions. Our open borders have allowed any number of possible unknown foreign hostiles to enter the US.

In the midst of war, the government desire to control information and public discourse is always at its apex.  However, as we have seen during covid and the Ukraine war, they have not proven successful at accomplishing this. As long as the internet remains in place it does not matter what kind of algorithms Big Tech applies to stifle the truth, the truth will always eventually find a way. This means the Establishment will have to resort to pursuing extreme measures which can only be achieved within a martial law environment.This kind of scenario could go one of two ways should the current geopolitical trends continue…

Option A:

A multi-front war breaks out in the Middle East including nations like Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen. Israel faces serious failure. The US is dragged into the war, or, Israel uses its nuclear arsenal to destroy the resources (including populations) of enemy nations, leading to the possible involvement of China and Russia, and thus, the US is still dragged in.

Riots and terror attacks become a regular occurrence in the US, not just initiated by Muslim extremist infiltrators but also leftists who have attached themselves to the cause.

A draft is initiated which conservatives support in the hopes that it will help dissolve the riots. The draft will sink millions of weak, soft zennials (including women) into a bloody quagmire that they have no capacity to adapt to.  Draft protests and riots become the norm, pushing conservatives to support even stricter enforcement.

Finally, martial law is announced, but the soldiers used on American soil to “protect us” from riots and terrorists will be primarily foreign nationals – Illegal migrants given an easy shot at citizenry if they join the military and put the boot down on dissenters, which they will gladly do because they have no cultural attachment to America or Americans. At this stage the constitution will essentially die.

Option B:

The war expands and Israel faces imminent destruction. Biden commits US naval forces to the fight along with ground troops, primarily Special Forces. He then calls for full deployment of US ground forces to the region, but in this scenario the majority of conservatives do not support the action, just as they did not support deployment to Ukraine.

Biden tries to implement a draft in order to force the momentum. Conservatives refuse to comply or allow their children to be sent to die in a foreign conflict. On this one issue, conservatives and leftists actually agree, even if it is for completely different reasons. The country is then hit with an endless series of terror attacks, each one presented as a reason why the public must back the war. Each attack is cheered by the leftist activists as an act of “decolonization.”

Conservatives see this ploy for what it is and still refuse to support the war, taking an “America First” position. Why fight overseas when it’s America that’s under duress?

Biden still attempts martial law. He offers automatic citizenship to illegal immigrants if they serve in the military and uses some of these troops as an occupation presence at home. Leftists don’t want to fight in the Middle East, but they do like to see migrants given easy citizenship and power. They defend the measure – They figure if the migrants fill the ranks of the military maybe they won’t be drafted.

Conservatives rebel, America enters either balkanization or civil war, or both. Patriots are accused of helping the enemies of the United States and are also labeled terrorists. From this point on, anything could happen.

I believe the Israeli trigger could be bigger than covid in terms of the potential for global disaster. As the Israel/Hamas war continues to escalate and expand into a multi-regional conflict, the chances of that fight coming back to America also increase. Not only in terms of terrorism, but also in terms of civil unrest and division among ourselves. If we intervene with direct American military involvement in either the Ukraine or Israel Wars, domestic martial law is almost a certainty. If we don’t intervene militarily, the Democrats and globalists will still probably make an attempt at martial law, but at least there are scenarios where they could fail.

I would argue the only thing that will save America at this stage is the growth of the America First movement. Whenever we talk about America First, that discussion must include not only American security at home but also American freedoms.

Regardless of whatever our Ruling Class may claim, there is NO REASON why we can’t have both. However, if conservatives (and independents) allow themselves to be lured into WWIII, there is a very strong possibility we could stand to lose everything. ✪


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