Will Americans Fight For Globalism?

Americans should question the purpose of fighting and dying for a globalist future not worthy of national or individual sacrifice…



magining a cascade of catastrophic escalations plunging humanity into the next world war is no longer a stretch, and it could happen fast. Israel invades Gaza to destroy Hamas, and Hezbollah goes to war. America targets Hezbollah to help defend Israel, and Iran and Syria, with Russian assistance, attack Israel. Hezbollah cells strike targets within America, and Israel and America strike targets inside Iran. Russia launches a major new offensive in Ukraine with support from Belarus. China openly supports Russia and Iran with weapons. All of this is now more plausible than ever.

It also shouldn’t be necessary to debate moral distinctions. Gaza, Lebanon under Hezbollah and Iran, are all ruled by ruthless Islamic extremists. Syria and Russia are corrupt and brutal dictatorships. China is a fascist ethno-state. Whatever Israel and America’s shortcomings may be, they don’t begin to match the level of oppression of these rivals.

During the Cold War, when memories of the 2nd World War were still relatively fresh in the minds of Americans, that sort of moral argument was enough. We weren’t perfect, but the Soviets, who had to build a 4,000 mile long fence to keep millions of their most talented subjects from migrating to Western nations, were obviously much worse. That moral distinction got us through the Korean War, and though more fitfully, it got us through the Vietnam War. And then it was enough to justify massive defense spending during the Reagan years. Ultimately, this containment doctrine worked. In 1989 an exhausted Soviet Union dissolved and the Iron Curtain came down.

Today, though it shouldn’t be, it is necessary to revisit all these premises. To begin with, the American people have changed. When the Cold War began, 90 percent of Americans were of various European descent, and the conflicts of the early 20th Century had a unifying impact on the culture, erasing much of the bitterness left over from the Civil War as well as most of the tribal animosities their families might have brought with them from Europe. That has all changed.

Starting in the 1960s, America’s demographics have been transformed at a pace never seen before in its history. Newborns in America today are less than 50 percent white, and these nonwhite students are growing up in a nation where, primarily in Democrat dominated urban areas, they are taught in public schools to resent and distrust white people. For at least the last 30 years, in a process that has worsened every decade, every unifying norm in American society has been under assault by the institutions we have traditionally relied on to protect and reinforce national unity.

One must wonder what America’s leaders are thinking when they endlessly assert that “diversity is our strength” at the same time as they’ve spent years saturating mainstream news commentary with warnings about white supremacists and “systemic racism.” If you want to convince people to go to war with a foreign enemy, you might first refrain from encouraging them to go to war with one another.

This is one of the conundrums of incorporating such a flawed model of globalism into a national agenda. If you fracture a nation’s ethnic homogeneity at the same time as you anoint the new arrivals as victims of oppression by the people already living there, you’re going to divide and weaken that nation.

Globalism as it is currently expressed has other flaws, particularly if the goal is to convert a nation into a powerful and persuasive agent of a globalist agenda. Indoctrinating children that are barely old enough to talk to think they can choose their sex is guaranteed to set an unacceptable percentage of them onto a road fraught with confusion and worse, while infuriating millions of parents. Moving from tolerance to obligatory endorsement of LGBT culture across every cultural institution is divisive; shifting the abortion debate from the heartbeat threshold to no restrictions right up until the ninth month is evil. And yet these are some of the terms of mainstream conformity in America today.

Is this what Americans are going to be asked to fight for, if the conflicts we’re heading into expand into war commitments that can’t be fulfilled by a volunteer military and a peacetime economy? Shall we be drafted, trained, and sent to die so America’s establishment institutions can continue to marginalize if not explicitly demonize white people, straight men, Christians, and concerned parents as oppressors, at the same time as they teach nonwhites, LGBTQs, atheists and people of non-Christian faiths to believe they are victims who live in a hostile nation?

Who will be left to fight, and what will they be fighting for? Not America’s historic traditions or values, which are now controversial if not toxic. Nor may we fight to preserve our standard of living, which is now seen as unsustainable.

The impact of the globalist green agenda has only begun to be felt, but it is already further alienating millions of Americans from their government and the utterly corrupt corporations that are complicit in the project. To allegedly save us all from a “climate crisis,” development and use of oil, natural gas, and coal are being halted. For reasons clearly unrelated to climate change, but apparently equally compelling, development and use of hydroelectric power and nuclear power is also being slowed down if not completely stopped. Instead, energy is now going to come from wind, solar and biomass energy, with massive battery backup systems to buffer their intermittency. These are horridly destructive to the environment, require more raw materials than we’ll ever manage to extract, and cannot possibly deliver the amount of energy the nation (or the world) requires to prosper.

The consequences of “Green” policies are the primary reason why most Americans can no longer afford to own homes or pay rent, buy gasoline, or pay their utility bills. And these elevated prices for essentials factor into price increases for everything else. How will doing this make America strong enough to withstand a prolonged military conflict with peer adversaries?

In a nation with a divided people, most of them alienated from their government, saying we’re not as bad as our enemies may no longer be enough to make people willing to fight and die. If all that globalist visionaries who inform our government, and the corporations that control it, and the uniparty puppets who pretend to be our representatives have to offer us is a future where we’ll own nothing – eat bugs, replace faith with narcissism, exchange love for AI, fear encounters with actual living people whenever we take off the VR goggles, packed into “pods” inside megacities like cattle, wasting away, childless, aimless – and be happy, who cares?

Green. Woke. Such are the globalists who control America today. Unless that changes, this is what we’re going to be asked to fight for, and impose on any nations that resist, whether it’s tomorrow or years from now. We will be told we are going to war to save the planet from regimes that deny the climate crisis, and to liberate the world from fascism, racism, tribalism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia and now, transphobia.

To be sure, if this plays out among the actors confronting us today, the nations we may be asked to fight are undeniably worse. They commit atrocities. They don’t bother with psyops to manipulate their people into compliance, they just brutalize and slaughter them. But those nations and the regimes that control them, also reject globalism for all the repellent features that presently define it. For just that one thing, and not in any way to excuse the rest, can we honestly blame them?

Perhaps the globalists that run America should reconsider their strategy. If they want Americans to fight for them, they need to give back a future worth dying to protect. Get the monopolistic corporations under control so they have to compete with each other and make goods affordable again. Knock off all the divisive “woke” garbage. Quit pretending there’s a climate crisis when it’s obvious that the true motivation is to consolidate property ownership and control of resources. Stop flooding the nation with millions of people who are then trained to hate us, if they don’t already.

Make America overwhelmingly strong again. Make America affordable again. Modify if not entirely scrap the globalist agenda that’s being imposed on the rest of the world. Nobody wants it. Then, and only then, ask Americans to fight. At that point, if those things were done, it probably would no longer be necessary. ✪


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