Dr Fauci Reveals Himself To Be A Fabian Socialist: The Communal Good Is Above Individual Rights

⭐️ Michael Brower

Historically, this type of communal outlook has been used as a talking point to justify some of the darkest times in world history. Politicians, eugenicists and some very disturbed world leaders with grand opinions of their own importance, have long espoused this same ideology.  It is a twisted and sick worldview that eventually leads to the same repeated conclusion...

Dr. Fauci stated, “Free will. I respect that, but these are unusual times.” Pull your chair a little closer, and allow me to whisper in your ear: ‘There will always be unusual times.’

This one minute segment from Anthony Fauci’s discussion with MSBNC journalist Andrea Mitchell is eye-opening and alarming.  Within the interview, Dr. Fauci states that individual rights to medical autonomy must be *forcibly* removed by the state under the premise of a communal good.  This is the exact mindset of the Fabian Socialists throughout history:

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The most sovereign of all human conditions is the right of an individual to be free.  As soon as the state begins eroding the right of the individual, bad things start to happen.  The communal mob is a fickle assembly who will always cull itself with ever-changing denominators of purity….

The ideology of Anthony Fauci is dangerous. Allow me to expand….

The Fabian Plan for gradual Socialist Revolution was as definitive as it possibly could be. To say it has been an ideological conspiracy was/is simplistic in the extreme.

The Fabian Plan included instituting widespread educational programs for its leadership and its minions, and as time progressed, it opened schools, such as the London School of Economics, and the New School of Social Research.  Later, they expanded to Columbia University in New York City and beyond.

One stroke of genius was that instead of advocating a Socialist State, the Fabians assisted in the implementation of the Welfare State; which, as we should all know, is merely a few steps away from a purely Socialistic State. It was, of course, implemented gradually and played upon the weaknesses of human nature to gain popularity.

Unlike the usual Socialist points of views, the Fabians didn’t advocate complete State ownership of businesses, industry, agriculture or land.  Instead they sought to involve the State into very specific areas of importance such as electric power production, transportation, precious metals and of course, credit. The remaining balance of economic systems would be left to the private sector, however; it would be highly regulated by the State and operated according to the wishes of the State.

If you look at Great Britain, you will see that they accomplished their goals with ease.  The Fabian entry into American life has been more difficult; however, the goals are the same, and they have made enormous advances toward those goals.   Most of their accomplishments have been realized without using that dreaded word: ‘Socialism’.

They have brought the Fabian Dream to America through an extremely brilliant system that has been openly accepted by the voters of this country without the hint of suspicion on their part that they were voting a socialistic system into place.

Now, make no mistake about it, Fabian Socialists are Statists.  They are absolutely authoritarian in their philosophy. Their long-term goal has always been a socialistic dictatorship with full imposition of a very legalistic society where the individual is simply a part of the collective.

An example of this can be found in the writings of one of the founders of the Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw.  Speaking of the Socialist Utopia, he said: “Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not the character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well.”  Does this century-old quote sound like the recent remarks from the World Economic Forum: “You will own nothing, and be happy”?

Of course, all of this would be in the best interest of society as a whole and the whole made up simply of parts, individuals merely cogs in the machine of social justice. This idea of social justice is the biggest selling point and perhaps the easiest to peddle to the people.

Programs of social reform, incremental at first, allowed for the tempering of the people; allowing for them to grow accustom to the intervention of the State in the affairs of the individual. Of course, such reforms are never an end unto themselves only stepping stones to a greater Socialist construct of society.

Regarding the great strides made toward these goals, Max Beer stated with confidence: “There was no reason for Socialists to wait for revolution. The realization of socialism had begun the moment when the State became accessible to social reform ideas.” Indeed, the revolution was already half realized at the moment when the State stepped over the threshold of progressive social construction and intervention into the private lives of the people.

The first step in any Socialist plan is the reform of capitalism, when the capitalist system is sufficiently neutralized, the rest comes relatively easy.

The first step to an efficient plan of capitalist neutralization is control over the money supply, and for that a central bank is required along with a fiat monetary system.  In this country that was initiated with the advent of the Federal Reserve.

Later of course, must come effective controls over major infrastructure and services, all accomplished through the New Deal. The New Deal accomplished substantial feats toward the Fabian Socialist construct with numerous price controls, quotas, subsidies, inspections, regulations, licenses, fees, penalties and massive government interventions into what was formerly private enterprise.

Although you would never hear politicians of either political party admit to support the ideals of socialism, they nevertheless not only support such measures, but also promote them. Indeed, we have watched a greater push toward socialism, though few realize it.

The government is assuming more and more responsibility for and authority over the economy, all under the guise of protecting the people from potentially unscrupulous free marketeers. We are always being moved, mostly nudged, another small step closer to the dream society of the Fabians.

Of course, these are simply steps, essential parts to a much broader agenda, one that is authoritarian in nature and execution, even the centrally planned economy is a mere step, not the end product. It is all carefully crafted, manufactured to ensure the most popular support possible for “people-friendly” solutions while instituting a fraudulent system of central control over the unsuspecting public.

The system has been marketed to the public, one specific component at a time, each component essential to the completion of the whole, and that is the brilliance of this gradual imposition of Fabian Socialism in this country.

The greatest bulwark against tyranny in America has always been the system of private ownership and free enterprise.  It is the cornerstone of our system of government, and without it our freedoms and liberty are in jeopardy.

Central economic planning is, in a very basic sense, the keystone to Fabian Socialism, for in order for it to succeed, central State planning and control must replace the system of free enterprise.

While it was not necessary for the State to actually own or directly control all the elements in the economy, it is enough for the State to have the right to assert itself in any area that it deems necessary. The Fabians called it “the democratization of economic power”, in other words socialized and centralized control over economic direction within the country.

In 1942, Stuart Chase, in his book “The Road We Are Traveling” spelled out the system of planning the Fabians had in mind; the interesting thing is to look at that plan in comparison to 2021 America.

1. Strong, centralized government.
2. Powerful Executive at the expense of Congress and the Judicial.
3. Government controlled banking, credit and securities exchange.
4. Government control over employment.
5. Unemployment insurance, old age pensions.
6. Universal medical care, food and housing programs.
7. Access to unlimited government borrowing.
8. A managed monetary system.
9. Government control over foreign trade.
10. Government control over natural energy sources, transportation and agricultural production.
11. Government regulation of labor.
12. Youth camps devoted to health discipline, community service and ideological teaching consistent with those of the authorities.
13. Heavy progressive taxation.

It should be evident that while Socialists no longer use the name, that the plan is socialism at its heart. The Fabian Socialist Revolution began in earnest in this country in 1933 with the imposition of the Welfare State and has been steadily progressing since.

Those who are promoting this system, whether in the Republican Party or Democrat Party, are nothing less than traitors, guilty of a type of high treason that deserves the most punitive penalty for such treachery. Listen carefully to the propositions of Joe Biden, AOC and Democrat leadership; I suspect you will quickly find their positions are not only similar, but they propose in essence and detail the Fabian Socialist construct.

The system that these marauders are imposing upon us will, if not halted with forceful opposition, ultimately alter our system of government beyond recognition. It is being accomplished with equal parts respectability and equal parts antagonism.   The Fabians would not dream of such an imposition without popular support, and they will make sure they have popular support.

In 1933, they proposed that private enterprise had failed leaving the jobless to starve and hope to fade.  This was the premise for the State to step in, save the country and protect the people from the dangers associated with the inherent problems of free enterprise.

Today, this COVID call is very similar, the State must step in to protect the people. The Corporate State is, in the minds of Fabians, the ultimate protector of the common man, the provider of security on all fronts, but it requires our complete compliance and the relinquishment of our liberty in exchange.

The State is ultimately the one source of wealth and health.

The problem is that the wealth is the people’s wealth confiscated in exchange for their hard labor. It is, in essence, a plan for a modern feudal society of peonage, and the people are the peons.

A worse problem arises with health.  Once we give our healthcare responsibility to the State, well, they start making decisions for us; including how many of us around are actually good for the State.  Cue Dr. Anthony Fauci…

…”free will. I respect that, but these are unusual times.”

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