OP-ED: Joe Biden, The Very Definition Of An Empty Suit

Joe Biden has always been an empty suit, for all of his 39 years in Congress, then eight as vice president. He is a lifelong prevaricator, plagiarist and groper of female children...

He demeaned himself at the Clarence Thomas hearings in 1991 where he revealed his inner cruel nature.  How he was ever elected again after that does not speak well for his constituents.   He is a lifelong prevaricator, plagiarist and groper of female children.  He has apparently sexually assaulted an adult woman as well.  And we’ve all heard the stories of how he liked to swim nude in the presence of female secret security agents when he was VP.  In short, the guy is a jerk, a poseur.  He is also, and has always been a racist of the worst kind, the type who believes it is justified.  

Throughout his years in Congress, he has seen to it that both his primary and extended family members have become rich by less than above-board means.  His son Hunter is a case in point.  The list of events showing Hunter’s unethical path to wealth is legion.  If a son of Trump’s had been as corrupt as Hunter, we would never hear the end of it. And as Robert Gates has commented, “Joe Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue for forty years.”  

And yet, with all this baggage, this is the man the Democratic Party has chosen as their presidential candidate to defeat President Trump!  They’ve chosen very poorly as time will most certainly reveal. 

This campaign season, for all the hysterical vitriol displayed by the left, is nothing if not amusing as well.  Reading and watching the panicked leftists who fear a Biden-Trump debate so much they are advising they be cancelled is entertaining for they seem to think we don’t see through their oh-so-disingenuous arguments.  They know as well as those on the right do that Biden is failing fast.  That his rapacious wife has not called a halt to his campaign is proof that she does not love the man;  she sees him as the avenue to her own exalted place in the power structure of D.C. She is a sort of comic book Lady Macbeth. 

As the days pass and we see the short glimpses of Biden in his lovely patioed basement, we see a man lost in the fog of dementia, who loses his train of thought in the middle of sentences.  He often has no idea where he is or to whom he is speaking.  He is quick to anger if asked a question he does not like or cannot answer.  He has so far acquitted himself as a man perhaps the least qualified intellectually, to be president.   He has embraced Bernie Sanders’ socialist platform as his own, balked at condemning the BLM and Antifa violence that has razed numerous democrat-run cities throughout the nation.  He is wobbly on defunding the police which means he is afraid to speak out against the demands of the rioters.  He is a coward.  

He has even announced he will not attend the Democrat convention in Milwaukee.  Any bets on whether or not he will debate the president?  Chances are he will bow out of that commitment as well.  His handlers are surely acutely aware of his obvious limitations by now.  Even a high-tech ear piece would not help Joe.  Directions and corrections in his ear would only confuse him further. 

What is the Democrat party to do?  Well, everything they are doing.  They have an orchestrated strategy that is being implemented daily.  Every leftist appearing on television and writing at the NYT, WaPo, and throughout the online media are doing everything in their power to convince  the American people that the U.S. is irredeemably racist, a despicable lie.  

They drone on and on about how Trump has handled the covid pandemic poorly, another an outright lie.  He has been on top of it from the outset.  (Would Biden have banned flights from China?  Not a chance; he’s owned by China.)

They are spreading the fear that Trump will refuse to leave the White House if he loses, a ridiculous notion even from them.  They are working hard to convince every American that the coming election will not be legitimate.

Mail-in-voting is one way to ensure that.  They plan on votes not being counted by Jan. 20 so that Morticia Pelosi can be named temporary president.  Can any of us imagine that nightmare?  That two months would give them time to cheat/fix the results to their satisfaction or even to replace Biden, if he were to be declared the winner, based on the 25th Amendment. 

The Democrats are up to no  good, of that we can all be certain.  They have never accepted Trump’s 2016 victory and, as a result, have behaved poorly ever since, wholly without class or grace.  All the divisiveness has come from their refusal to acknowledge their candidate lost.  The pathetic Carl Bernstein, forever trying to relive his role in Watergate, is demanding the Republicans remove Trump from office now!  What does that tell us?  That even Carl knows Biden cannot win.  The question is, will Biden remain the candidate until November 3rd?  We shall see.  If he chooses  Heels-up Kamala Harris as his running mate and Trump airs the clip of her accusing Biden of being a racist, theirs will be an ever-imploding exercise in futility.  That would be a self-inflicted wound but fascinating – and grim in all its ramifications.  

The Democrat party has devolved into a gang of thugs, as the hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr proved beyond a reasonable doubt.  There is not one with the courage to speak up and admit that the party is broken into bits of dross, illegitimate due to their embrace of socialism.  Everything they support is in opposition to the Constitution: illegal immigration, open borders, anti-law enforcement, anti-military, pro-violence in our streets, hatred of both the First and Second Amendments.  They are prepared to lie, cheat and steal to gain power and implement their plan to destroy the middle class and turn the U.S. into Venezuela.  

And they believe that Joe Biden is going to take them where they want to go!  It is not only Joe Biden who is an empty suit.  The Democratic Party has relinquished any and all legitimacy it once had.  Why and for what?  Because their criminally corrupt candidate lost in 2016, a D.C. outsider won, and they have been in the throes of an enraged tantrum ever since. How else would they have ended up with empty-suit Biden as their candidate?  Karma? ✪

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

― William Shakespeare, Macbeth