More Than 35,000 People Gather On National Mall For ‘Let Us Worship’ Rally

More than 35,000 people gathered on the National Mall in Washington DC Sunday to join evangelical leader Sean Feucht for a night of prayer and song as he capped off his “Let Us Worship” tour…

According to CBN, the event “opened with Feucht thanking all the attendees for coming out during the cold, rainy weather” to hear his positive message.

Feucht has been holding worship events throughout the country, praying with the faithful for a spiritual awakening to lift up America during these trying times.

Or as The Daily Beast reporters put it, Feucht has “defied public health experts,” sparking “fear of super spreader contagion in already hard-hit areas.”

The reporters fretted that no one was doing anything to stop Christians praying together in public amid the pandemic instead of staying locked down in their homes:

And federal officials appear to be doing absolutely nothing to stop Feucht and his (expected) 15,000 guests, with the National Park Service approving an application to hold a ‘demonstration or special event’ without mention of any guidelines to mitigate COVID-19 exposure.

As it turned out there were 20,000 more Christian worshippers at the rally than The Beast feared, making it potentially a super-duper-spreader.

But fear of catching the Rona was not enough to keep the Satanists away apparently, as one reportedly attacked one of the organizers with a bucket of blood.

“Devil mad. WITCHES ARE RATTLED. THEIR POWER IS BROKEN,” wrote Dr. Charles Karuku of the International Outreach Church on Facebook. “I’m gonna keep the blood-stained clothes as a badge of honor for Jesus! Pleading the blood of Jesus. This movement is unstoppable,” Karuku said.


This is not the first time the “Let Us Worship” folks had been targeted by devil worshippers.

Back in August, they were attacked by an “entire satanic cult” during a rally in Seattle, according to Feucht.

“We had an entire satanic cult march through the worshippers the entire time yelling ‘Hail Satan!’ They killed our generators at one point…yet through it all…SEATTLE NEVER STOPPED SINGING!!! We saw salvations, healings, miracles, and baptisms! It was on another level! THE CHURCH REFUSED TO BE INTIMIDATED AND GOD KEPT POURING OUT!” he wrote at the time.

Feucht addressed the hostile opposition he and fellow worshippers have faced for choosing to gather “amid the pandemic” as the corporate media always puts it).

“We’re not going to stop praising,” he declared. “Raise up a worship movement that is full of courage and not ashamed. Jesus is here to recharge your life.”

Other than the Satanic counter protesters, it was an entirely peaceful rally where Christians sang and danced and held up signs and flags that read “Jesus 2020” and “Jesus Matters.”

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) was among several special guests who appeared during the worship event.

Shortly after voting to advance the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) took the stage to pray for God’s Spirit to spread across the high court, across America, and for people to know the love of Jesus.

“America needs that love,” Hawley said. “They need to feel the love of Jesus Christ. They need that hope and joy that we have.”

The senator led the throng in a prayer for Barrett and then acknowledged her boldness while facing those who oppose her deep faith and pro-life beliefs.

“Tomorrow night is the final vote on the floor of the United States Senate to confirm a justice who is not ashamed to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,” he declared. “She’s not ashamed to say that every life has dignity, that every life is worth saving. She’s not afraid to say that abortion is wrong and that every child in America has the right to life.”

Feucht predicted that the faithful will overcome this painful and problematic season because “God’s moving in America.”

“We’ve been in a season of pain, discord, violence, and fear, but Jesus is reminding us that He died on the cross so we can live fully…even in the middle of a pandemic,” he added. “We’re going to leave this field as the happiest group of Christians because of His glory. Wake up church, come alive and arise. The glory of the Lord arises on you.” ✪