Hurry Up With That Kraken, Will You?

I never say anything I can’t prove.” That’s a quote from Sidney Powell, the superstar D.C. lawyer representing the Trump campaign over the weekend as she made the rounds on cable news. Powell proceeded to drop several large bombs in those interviews, and made a promise that has reverberated particularly in conservative circles. She said she would soon “release the Kraken.”

The Kraken is a legendary monster from the days of sailing ships. It’s a giant squid reputed to wreck ships in the mid-ocean Atlantic. Its most recent iteration in pop culture comes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which is likely where Powell picked up her reference.

In those movies the Kraken is surely a fearsome creature. We don’t yet know how fearsome is Powell’s Kraken.

What we do know is that Powell and other members of the team, like Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and, unofficially, Lin Wood, have been somewhat shockingly confident in the last few days. Even despite the political winds blowing directly in their faces. Winds, admittedly, generated by giant fans set up by the same legacy media organs who have lined up against Trump in ways never before seen.

Let’s remember that the Left did everything it could to derail the Trump presidency by use of perhaps the most absurd conspiracy theory this side of chemtrails. 

When your news organization, for example, slants more than 90 percent of its features in a negative way toward the president, you can no longer be considered an objective news source.

That’s one reason Americans of faith in the country as founded should guard against fatalism and surrender as the results of the failed 2020 election are litigated. These newsies are liars, after all. The Washington Post proved it Sunday night with a story alleging Trump had dropped a key claim in its Pennsylvania lawsuit, which was 100 percent false.

The cheery buoyancy of Powell, Giuliani, Ellis, Wood, and others is another reason.

Still, those winds blow. Powell’s Kraken had better be big and bad.

According to her, though, it is. Over the weekend Powell gave the broad outlines of a rather shocking, widespread conspiracy involving the electronic hacking of America’s elections through a foreign-owned company called Dominion Voting Systems and a tabulation software from a company called Smartmatic, which was created in Venezuela. And also another company known as Scytl, whose headquarters is in Barcelona, Spain. In fact, it’s alleged, the votes going into these systems were actually counted in Europe and then fed back here.

If your first thought is that nothing created for Venezuelan elections should ever make its way to our shores, you are paying attention.

The Dominion/Smartmatic controversy is apparently related, though how we aren’t quite sure, to a supercomputer named Hammer created by the NSA for signals intelligence purposes and an application on that computer known as Scorecard, which is, reportedly, capable of rigging elections all over the world. Whether Hammer and Scorecard used Smartmatic to hack into Dominion machines to flip Trump votes for Biden is a matter of speculation at present.

Yes, it all sounds quite fanciful, like a John Grisham or John le Carré novel come to life, and the temptation is to throw up one’s hands and ask if these lawyers have lost their minds.

On the other hand, American politics has lost its immunity to fanciful conspiracy theories coming true.

Let’s remember that the Left did everything it could to derail the Trump presidency by use of perhaps the most absurd conspiracy theory this side of chemtrails: that the president colluded with Vladimir Putin to rig the 2016 election with $200,000 in Facebook ads.

And it turned out the real conspiracy was as absurd as it was true: that a dossier full of quite ridiculous assertations bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign was used as a pretext for an outgoing presidential administration to turn the full investigative powers of the intelligence community and the Department of Justice onto a presidential campaign of an opposite party for the purposes of opposition research.

It makes Watergate sound like a penny-ante burglary, doesn’t it?

Then there was another true conspiracy, namely that the vice president of that corrupt former administration had used his crackhead son as the front man for a pay-for-play bribery and racketeering scheme to suction several million dollars from a corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas company in return for weaponizing American foreign policy against that company’s domestic enemies.

And when that conspiracy began to surface, we were given another absurd and widespread conspiracy theory; namely, that when Trump asked for cooperation from Ukraine’s new president in getting to the bottom of the Biden/Burisma corruption it was evidence he was seeking a quid pro quo for American aid.

The conspiracy theory, which was the flip side of an actual Democrat racket, was advanced as the justification for impeaching Trump.

No, we’ve seen enough of American politics in 2020 that no allegations can be dismissed out of hand.

So when Sidney Powell says the companies controlling voting and vote-counting in swing states whose election results are peculiar at best and outright brazen in their fraud at worst were complicit in a scheme to fix the 2020 election, it behooves the American public to at least listen to the evidence.

What we know already isn’t good. That British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is involved with Smartmatic, given his long-standing Soros ties, isn’t encouraging. Nor is it a good thing that Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, is involved with a Smartmatic spinoff. Or that Peter Neffenger, a Smartmatic board member, is now a member of Biden’s transition team.

The more you examine the players involved, and the more statistical analysis of the election you see, specifically in the hard-to-reconcile differences in voting results in Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia compared to those in large cities not located in disputed states, and the more affidavits are filed containing eyewitness reports of brazen mishandling of ballots, the more this election begins to resemble the doctored frauds of Latin America. And the more disgraceful the whole thing becomes.

There’s a reason less than half of America believes Biden fairly won the 2020 election. You have to be a partisan Democrat not to notice the smell.

So when Powell and Wood, who are lawyers with well-established reputations as stars in their profession and who are not kooks by any definition, are confidently stating not only that the election was plagued with massive fraud and abuse, but that Trump will ultimately be declared the winner once it has all shaken out, that ought to be taken seriously.

Even if what’s being said appears, before we’ve seen the evidence, to be a bit on the fanciful side. And despite how hard those foul political winds are blowing.

Let’s see that Kraken for ourselves. And let’s hope it’s more than just a plate of calamari. ✪