Current Security Status Of TNA

Some of you have rightfully been concerned about TNA possibly being taken offline in the near future because of the loss of 1st Amendment rights as now being perpetuated by Big Tech. I hope the following info will help alleviate some of those concerns…

Possible Future Scenarios Which Could Affect User Access To The New Americanist:

Complete De-Platform by Government Order

This is the most extreme of all possibilities; and fortunately, also the least likely. Since March 1st, 2020 TNA’s host provider has been siteground.com, a Bulgarian company with all of their server arrays physically located in Bulgaria. Should the illegitimate, Deep State regime of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris pass policy to make the hosting of Conservative websites a federal felony, TNA would not be immediately affected by such a law.

I have discussed this issue on more than one occasion with siteground support and they have informed me that the US Government would have to file suit in a Bulgarian court, presenting their case before a Bulgarian judge and convince that judge to issue an order to de-platform their American hosting clients. They have also informed me that they have 1000’s of hosting clients worldwide who have chosen their services specifically for this security feature.

As many of you already know, GoDaddy was our original host provider, until they made such a mess of everything in our first 30 days and I dumped them. If our hosting was still being provided by GoDaddy, we would now be far less secure in this regard, as all of GoDaddy’s servers are located on US soil and they are a US registered company. They are also now de-platforming their gun site customers.

Please note: this doesn’t mean this scenario is completely improbable or impossible, only extremely unlikely. I never would have believed the Obama administration could have made it illegal for US citizens to open & hold money in foreign banks, but they did in 2009 with the passage of Frank-Dodd.

Hacker Attack Takes Down This Site

This is slightly more of a possibility than a government ordered de-platforming, but thankfully, still extremely unlikely. I have spared no expense purchasing as much security for TNA as I possibly can. In the event of a hacker attack, the site could be completely & rapidly restored once the stolen DNS addresses are successfully recovered.

Part of our security package with siteground also includes a complete, automatic site back up every 48-72 hours. The site could be completely replaced again with a single click of a mouse. The only loss on restoration would be any threads or comments which weren’t saved by the most recent back up.

Commenting De-Platform By Disqus

This is a scenario I could see possibly happening; Disqus suddenly pulls our commenting platform out from under us. Fortunately, there is another, default commenting platform already built into the WordPress open source. It’s not as robust as Disqus; nor does it have as many of the bells & whistles, but it works and will allow us to keep communication open and going in Comments. This WP commenting system is currently deactivated as long as Disqus remains functional.

Several members have also suggested creating an IRC chat room as a backup. I think this is an excellent idea I am now researching further. It’s only smart to have an online bug out location already established should things really go south.

Blocking Our URL Address

In the event the US Government attempts to block https://thenewamericanist.com, you should still be able to find and access this site by typing the IP address directly into the browser address window.

The current TNA IP address is or ww.thenewamericanist.com./


Since TNA does not run any advertising or sell user information, we are not subject to any form of demonetization.


All in all, I believe we are positioned much better than most Conservative websites to continue operations as long as possible under any form of domestic, political, free speech suppression. I welcome any other ideas to increase TNA security.

Consider Joining The TNA User Email Database

I currently have about 100 user personal email addresses on file. If you would like to have your email address included in the TNA database, please email me @ vip@thenewamericanist.com. Please be certain to text ” DATABASE’ in the subject line.

I never share personal email addresses with other members unless I have permission to do so from both parties; however, should a doomsday of sorts arrive, I will release and send out a complete listing to everyone who supplied their address. ✪