Even as all of this chaos & division now being intentionally pushed upon America is creating a wellspring of uncertainty, malaise and even despair in some of us, I can’t help but thinking about whether or not we can still avoid an all out bloodbath to once again restore this nation to any form of sanity. What follows in this installment of Double Barrel is purely hypothetical speculation and not meant in any way to suggest anyone take matters into their own hands, act unilaterally or in any way break existing laws. That being said, it must be obvious the far Left & their coup cabal hate traditional Americans with a passion and are already fully engaged in the process of marginalizing, eliminating and replacing us. Fortunately, the Second Amendment still remains operational in preventing them from launching a final, full forced frontal blitz. I guess they just expect armed Americans to line up en masse to donate all of our guns to government once they finally pass their gun “control” legislation. As they are about to discover, enacting legislation and then enforcing it are two entirely different things. We are soon going to learn where the police in this country really stand. Sorry, new Red Zone regulations, along with outlawing high capacity magazines and suppressors won’t change a fucking thing. Zip, nada, niente. Unfortunately, because they’re such fanatics & zealots, blind to all except anything that gets in the way of their non-stop search for totalitarian power, they are already beyond the point of reasoning or sensibility. What they do excel at is distorting the truth in order to make it fit their narrative, and in that endeavor, the lapdog media and lickspittle woke CEO’s have their backs, completely. Power is a helluva drug; and there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. 

I’m curious as to which players’ sudden or unexpected disappearance from the game would most profoundly impact upon the current corruption and sedition taking place nationwide. Remember kids, this is just the General doing mental gymnastics here with a keyboard and screen. I’m only thinking out loud and “having a discussion” with myself about the power structure & pecking order of the Left. The very fact I have to even tip toe around this subject by such disclaimers demonstrates the extent of control the left has already taken over intimidating individual speech. There becomes less Freedom Of Speech with each passing day, unless of course, it involves freedom of speech which serves to further push their marxist narrative. Not surprisingly, we see more and more language on the internet regarding Leftist threats about “re-educating” & imprisoning normal Americans because we have now been labelled as “domestic terrorists.” Many corporations have also selected to side with the communists in this fight because they became so obscenely wealthy from the covid scam during the last year. They know which side of their toast is buttered. This has led to the rise of a new germ cult with many brainless adherents known as the “Branch Covidians.” I have been unfortunate enough to directly encounter first hand these simpering, self absorbed annoying sociopathic do gooders who are constantly in search of some sign they are still socially & personally relevant. Then there’s the butt picking, climate change clowns who all swear we are about to go extinct unless we immediately start cooling the planet by injecting tons of chalk dust into the atmosphere and banning the consumption of meat. However, I digress; there is always plenty of enough crazy to go around for everyone. Apparently, their primary solution is to save Humanity from itself by first destroying it. Please inform me as to how the fuck that is supposed to work? So I’ll own nothing and be happy by 2030? Fuck you, World Economic Forum. How I see it is you globalist pigs will steal everything you possibly can between now and then. The rest of us will be expected to eat shit and die like flies so they can live in luxury! Notice to World Economic Forum; that’s not happening!

What they don’t seem to realize & can’t account for is if they eliminate us, they also kill the goose that lays the Golden Egg. Who’s going to feed, clothe and shelter them; provide their energy and wipe their royal asses? What will happen to them once they finally succeed in destroying the system and all the incentives in it which created a comfortable standard of living? Oops! Is that when the next level of government mandated slavery officially begins? Let not your heart be troubled, because they have already formulated a solution! Look no further than our southern border to understand their long game is to completely replace us with an entirely new national demographic who won’t be so hung up on those pesky outdated concepts like “freedom, prosperity and individualism.” A new general population of sheep who will be as happy as pigs in shit in exchange for only a few entitlements. Their vision of the New World Order doesn’t seem to include us; as I cannot find any future plans for regular Americans in it. The Left doesn’t consider the droves of illegals stampeding across our borders each day to be anymore human than us. They are simply more willing to settle for a new life of indentured servitude in America; any life, because that’s far better than the standard of living in the Central American shit holes they just left. Marxist oligarchs couldn’t give a dead rat’s ass whether it’s George or Pedro who keep them in power. Those who refuse to follow their agenda and resist will be summarily removed and eliminated only to be immediately replaced by any of the 4 billion people waiting to take their place. The social engineers are the truly dangerous ones to watch; as they are hell bent on implementing & locking in as much of this New World Order before enough Americans wake up to stop them. Aside from full & open rebellion, are there any other ways they can be stopped? There’s my question, again! Who on their side would prove to be the best to “take one for the team” giving the ranks of slathering, useful idiots proper pause to reconsider continuing on with this “revolution” of theirs isn’t the best of ideas?  Would it be only one person in particular? A group of people or the entire flock of overzealous fools that suddenly believe themselves to be the chosen? Which? The activists, agitators, rioting street garbage or any of the self aggrandizing, communist storm troopers our government now seems to support? Here’s where things get kinda murky. I already know those answers for myself, but won’t put them in writing here because of obvious reasons & concerns. Isn’t that really fucked up? Yet, here we are.

So instead of openly voicing my opinions on this subject, I would instead invite each of you to begin thinking about how you would go about solving this national crisis short of a new civil war. What I’m talking about here is any gesture or refusal to comply with the current ongoing leftist hostile takeover of our country. Any partisan action which preserves existing freedoms. Any action designed to hinder & impede the objectives of the elites as much possible in any way possible. Imagine if election vote tabulation centers suddenly found themselves occupied and swamped on election night by honest Americans in such great numbers, they couldn’t be denied; and they couldn’t cheat? Imagine if city councils were suddenly occupied by large groups of people no longer willing to take indefinite shutdowns, mask or testing mandates. Imagine how these corrupt, criminal movers and shakers could be thwarted when they suddenly find themselves the focus of a large citizenry determined to render them unable to continue in their destruction of the country. Imagine how your neighbor who snitched you out might react if a large group of people suddenly appeared at their front door to demand they answer. How long do you think most police would continue enforcing elitist edicts which place them directly in increasingly riskier situations? Of course, these are all merely hypothetical “what if” questions. Unfortunately, the Left’s vocal insistence they will destroy us once they finally disarm us are not. See lurkers? All we’re really doing here is no more than thinking out loud and role playing a simple mental game of “what if?” Thankfully, it’s not quite yet a mental “hate crime” to still have an imagination, is it? I know you assholes are probably working on that now, too.

I had to write all of this out very carefully, not only because of the current atmosphere of censorship, but also because to prevent any lurking moonbat cult fanatics from making a mountain out of a molehill. Those insects thrive on hyperbole, exaggeration and feelz. Unfortunately, the longer this bullshit drags on, the fewer peaceful and productive ways are going to remain to handle it. Unless things change soon, this could all hit a flash point in very short order. Hundreds of thousands of people could die as a result of the leftists’ attempts to steamroll and gas light the country into a new communist order. Since the Left seems more than comfortable with the prospect of being able to slaughter as many of us as possible if we resist that; they would also consider such an opportunity as ideal to invite in additional UN and Chinese “peacekeepers.” Before this happens, I’d rather like to figure out which of their enablers provides the greatest amount of support for their goals and then act proportionally appropriate. What would send the loudest message to these miserable marxist power mutants who want to replace the greatest country in History with their vision of a mediocre, collectivist, entitlement slave state? So seriously start thinking about it: where will we get the most bang for our buck? If you talk about it, remember to express yourselves in such a way the foamers can’t glom on to. I’ll be interested to learn what you come up with; hypothetically of course. Make it satire, or even full blown parody if you wish; but it’s all coming down to the wire, and shit loads of people are going to find themselves outside of the wire where they will no longer be able to deny reality vs the shit sandwich they’ve been fed.  

As you were

General Mossberg