The State Of Delusion

The State Of Delusion

Ok I gotta confess, I took one for the team by actually watching that bogus pep rally on television led by our senile high school biology teacher president that was ostensibly billed as a “joint presidential address” to communists, I mean Congress last Wednesday night. If you missed it because you forgot, had more important things to do or just didn’t give a shit, then consider yourselves very fortunate indeed, because it was actually much worse than even I expected. In keeping with my own altruistic policy of subjecting myself to this latest form of mental torture that would have made any KGB agent proud, I endured through what turned out to be just another predictable litany of rehashed lies, mistruths, half truths, more lies, imaginary bullshit stories, big fucking lies and a verbal heroin of the most unremarkable & mesmerizing repetitive lines of worn out platitudes and empty cliches ever to come out of the mouth of a so-called president. In other words, this was Joe Biden in prime form.

It was simultaneously both a remarkable and unremarkable experience. Heh. Everyone expected him to take credit for all of President Trump’s immense successes and he did; over & over again! Joe did everything during his speech except walk on water and raise the dead. We needz to keep Joe in president! We also expected him to lie like a rug through his rotting teeth and with this, he also did not disappoint. Instead of inspiring the country, he sounded tired & expired. So what else is new? It was typical, classic Joe; baffling us with his brilliant bullshit of more promises he never intends to keep, happy socialist rainbows and unicorns papering over the obvious unadulterated misery of his incompetent “leadership.” Keep the faith, progressive Joe cult groupies. Joe claims his brilliant multi-trillion dollar ideas of fundamentally transforming America into a B string, euro-peon styled, socialist shit hole are really worth selling the souls of our great great grandchildren into permanent financial slavery to the New World Order. Time to shear them sheep with new 50% tax rates. By the way, that means the Government intends to take HALF of every dollar you make just so everything will be, you know, “fair & equal.” Everything in this amazing new America will be FREE, but only if you qualify. If you are an illegal or minority, you have it made because evil Whitey is finally going to be made to pay for his sins. Always the alpha chihuahua sporting his tiny dog wood, Joe promised to stand up to the growing menace of Chinese World domination by using “stern words.” I’m sure Joe single handedly just saved us all from WWIII which could have started over a Chink invasion of Taiwan, Australia or the Philippines. What a statesman of the ages! Thank God Joe is here to save us!  Joe also said he’s traveled over 17,000 miles to meet with various world leaders & he’s spent more than 24 hours on the phone talking with just Putin. Joe said only America can lead the rest of the World to solve climate change by hocking our children’s future in order to control the weather! Joe proudly announced America is back; and, we’re finally healing from the ravages of our own systemic racism; and soon enough, white supremacy will be only a shameful footnote in American history. After four years of Trump, isn’t it wonderful the country is finally back in the hands of the second coming of Woodrow Wilson and FDR? 

That was just the beginning of the evening, kids! Only fully vaccinated members of Congress were allowed to attend the speech live in the House chambers and only if they were wearing 25 masks and sitting half a mile apart. There’s no such thing as being too safe or careful with our precious & cherished political class. After all, their lives are much more important than yours or mine and don’t you ever forget that! How completely lost we would be as a nation if we were to ever lose their brilliant intellect and shining wisdom. Perish the thought! Those wretched bags of skin who managed to stay awake while Joe droned on and on took their cues for applause from her royal high-ness Nancy Pelosi. She signaled them when to clap, stand up, sit down, roll over, beg and bark like the good little trained Party seals they all are. They all knew if they didn’t follow the program, their seats on lucrative committees could be taken away from them and they’d have to figure out other ways to creatively grift millions of tax dollars all by themselves. The horror! A few of these narcissistic traitors sat thru Joe’s speech mugging for the cameras with their thinly disguised “look at how important I am” personality disorders. Then Joe uttered that mighty word, “covid.” Yes, thanks to his tireless efforts with Operation Warpspeed, Joe had once again saved America! The Democrats couldn’t risk having their rock star Joe make a fool out of himself again by saying something stupid, so they had him drag out the “covid” dead horse again to juice the feelz of his adoring sheep. Hey, is this a great country, or what?

This was in no way only another long winded, “let’s give away free shit to everybody EXCEPT Americans” speech. No, it was much more; a call for the end of our long, dark, national nightmare of systemic racism. A promise from the King to finally face down and end the biggest danger we face: “white supremacy,” along with a TEN TRILLION dollar orgy of socialist giveaways to fellow democrats, blacks, special interests and whomever was willing to to bend over the most to betray America. That old demented fuck certainly wasn’t talking to real Americans like you & I. Instead, he was laying out his vision of a new, post constitutional America. As we are learning the hard way, stolen elections have unfortunate consequences. It doesn’t matter in the least that less than 30% the country agrees with his stupid agenda; most do so only because they’re political whores who are expecting to personally profit from Team Joe’s destruction of the country! According to Joe, if you’re white, Christian, patriotic, own a business or have a job, your free ride on the backs of gifted and loving colored people is now over. It’s your turn in the barrel now, domestic terrorists!

The only reason mentally deranged sociopaths act out is because they just can’t help themselves. the attention is too much of a thrill. Take the Media for example; it wasn’t long at all before the panels of talking heads on the alphabet channels were already singing their praises to Joe by defining the gravitas of this historical moment. Move over Cicero and Lincoln, there’s a new big guy in town! Glowing reports and gushing accolades flowed like milk and honey; finally a compassionate communicator after four years of the orange meanie! Progressives could once again fall asleep sucking their thumb with a full diaper in the comforting embrace of their beloved nanny government. Hail King Joe, the Uniter! In other words, another mind fuck, propaganda blow job to soothe the nervous and concerned flocks of Rat sheep. Not to worry, little red sheep, your Uncle Joe still managed to squeeze in some good old fashioned Trump hate to distract you from the fact he is nothing but an empty, shriveled sack; an old goat with a hard on for socialism. Our Uncle Joe will say, do or be anything for anybody, so long as the price is right.

No, I wasn’t surprised nor impressed by this latest Joe Biden story hour. Nor was I surprised by the completely gushing adoration of his lickspittle Media stooges. This was just another in a long and growing series of abject and total failures by this illegitimate American Vichy regime. Are you tired of losing yet, America, because we’re going to keep on losing until you can’t take it anymore! Once History is finally written, I’m absolutely certain Biden will forever be known & remembered as a fraudulent imposter who was installed specifically to destroy our nation. Some “legacy,“ huh? Of course, what’s a Joe speech without more white shaming and systemic racism guilt tripping bullshit? Yeah, there was lots of sanctimonious, democrat, moral lecturing about skin color from the same people who have murdered 50 million Americans in their mother’s wombs since 1973, but I digress. I’m all kneegrowed out, completely. We are in NO way a racist nation, but we do have virulent racists in high positions of power along with too many whimpering cucks running things in corporations and local governments who fear them. But wait, there’s more! Just when you think this shit show can’t possible get any worse, it does! Soon this brain leaking, mumbling bumbling NWO sock puppet will be replaced by an even more dangerous, hate filled, incompetent fool. Make way for “Heels Up Harris” an even bigger sociopathic maniac with real delusions of commie grandeur! In business, she’s what’s known as the “Closer.” Once she finally becomes president, you’ll know shit is about to get real.  

Should I be depressed, nervous, anxiety ridden or fearful of the future? Should you? No. We could, but what the Hell will that ever get us? Nothing. Besides, that’s exactly what they’re counting on! Fuck them. Instead, I’ll continue to remain cautiously optimistic with an unshaken Faith in God because I know Universal truth always ultimately triumphs over evil. This Faith gives me comfort and strength. It should also give you comfort and strength, because one day soon we will finally emerge from this darkness and restore our nation to its once deserved greatness. How you ask? To be honest, at this moment I can’t specifically tell you here. I wish I could share my answers with you here now without having to worry about TNA being hammered by insolent loser fucks who have nothing better to do than hunt endlessly on the internet to attack anyone who fails to think the same as them, but unfortunately I can’t. Thankfully, most of them are easily identified. They wear three masks, bathe once a month, bear the dark man’s burden and worry incessantly over climate change. Those ass wipes. So I’ll try to avoid giving them any reasons to make further trouble, and trust me, that’s difficult. Unlike them, I endeavor to protect instead of destroy those I care about and would be loathe to know I caused any harm by writing recklessly. I think you all exactly know what I’m talking about here, don’t you?

So perhaps we will need to suffer these fools who call themselves “the government” for just a little while longer until enough of us are awake enough to no longer pay attention to any of them. The good news is we’re almost there! I sense we are on the verge of a great awakening as legions of individual Americans will simply stop listening to these petty tyrants and tell them to fuck off. Our big national “fuck off” is on the way, soon! The Red states are still free. Even the blue states are starting to sicken on the Kool Aide. As King Joe weighs the possibility he may grant us permission to celebrate the Forth Of July if we all get vaccinated, I intend to do what I always do, whatever I damned well please! Eat shit, Joe! I don’t need your “permission” for anything. We will celebrate our Nation on that day regardless of what you or your merry band of thieves and criminals ordain. How we want! Where we want! When we want! With anyone we want! I’m not listening to Joe’s bullshit, are you? I didn’t think so!  

As you were, carry on

General Mossberg.