Ugh, today it was really crappy outside. Although June is already here, the best our changing climate could do here was a cloudy 61F with intermittent rain. That just sucks!  Eventually, the rain & clouds will give way to more sunny & warm weather, even hot! As Mrs. Mossberg  will attest, I’ll take hot any day of the week over what we have now. As you all know, a couple of weeks ago, there was a cyberhack attack on one of our major gasoline pipelines & we all saw what happened. I’m still trying to figure out why Colonial just didn’t immediately shift into that old trusty standby, ”manual backup.” No, I’m not talking about somebody telling Juan or Jose to put the truck in reverse and dump a bunch of border hopping criminals in a red state city without any notice at 3AM. You know, like all representational governments who truly care about the welfare their own citizens routinely do. As far as the Colonial Pipeline is concerned, it seems there was no “manual backup” option available to fall back on because at some point in the past, a company bean counter decided having actual skilled workers in key positions just cost too much damned money. The result was not only an energy pipeline with NO energy flowing, but also about 100 million people without energy for almost an entire week, during which time, gasoline prices over the entire country spiked because of a completely unnecessary “shortage.” Fucking morons. Not to be outdone, here comes the meat packing industry stepping up in a classic, “hold muh beer” moment when it  was also “paralyzed” by another cyber ransomware attack. Wouldn’t you know it & fuck me running, they both immediately ground to a halt (pun intended) because of industry over-reliance on computers! I’m sorry, but given how important it is for people to eat & drive, that’s just complete bullshit! Somewhere in their attempt to streamline production & maximize profits, they forgot they might encounter  situations where employees who know how to use phones would be necessary to get things moving again. Nope, in their quest to completely modernize their entire operations digitally, they trashed their manual, analog redundancy just in case the unthinkable occurred, which it did. Idiots. I get it, computers in business are convenient because they are extremely fast & accurate. They’re also “GIGO” (garbage in, garbage out) and completely incapable of making their own decisions. This isn’t a bug, it’s a feature; as all of those well paid, skilled office workers who were kicked to the curb and replaced by imported H1B visa, curry dot heads will testify. In all of that excitement of corporate cost cutting, everybody overlooked one simple thing…

A single worm sitting somewhere in a tin-roofed shack with a only little bit of computer smarts could bring the entire show to a grinding halt with only a few well placed key strokes. So how are those big automated money saving systems working out now? It could be anyone hiding behind a digital firewall of anonymous online protections; a competitor, a hostile foreign nation, organized crime or some fat, slovenly mutant of all three combined who gets off on creating chaos & mayhem. Who does that remind you of? Kind of like Joe Biden unplugged without his handlers. You see, when you can at least keep the old system around in some redundant form to anticipate inevitable situations such as these, it becomes much more difficult to remotely shut down key industries because there are many more opportunities to isolate and remedy problems in the system created by outside sources. Even in the middle of major outages and production failures, companies still need to retain knowledgable and experienced career employees who are prepared to tackle any challenges to solve problems and keep the lines of production running smoothly without interruption. Unfortunately, those would be the very employees who were let go once they were replaced by digital automation. DUH! Those would be the very employees manning the nerve centers with phone banks 24/7 to head off any potential emergencies to whatever was required to keep the wheels of industry turning and get their product to market. FACT: You won’t have a modern civilization if people can’t eat! Although that’s as plain as the nose on everyone’s fucking face, what do we have now instead? Oh yeah, everything has been so completely modernized by computers, even the most obvious & necessary manual back up systems have been sacrificed on the altar of the all holy bottom line. Shit, if only I was allowed to run the entire World for one day! My first order of business would be to immediately close those glaring loopholes of corporate vulnerability….among other things! Now, almost any snot nosed prick anywhere in the World can bring a multi billion dollar company to it’s knees in only a few seconds and that company is practically powerless to do jack about it because they are now slaves to the fucking computer system which replaced most of their skilled, administrative workforce! Congratulations on your complete lack of foresight, anticipation or any kind of ability to think any further beyond next quarter’s expense cutting numbers, top level corporate assholes! You now find yourself and your business completely at the mercy of Habib, Achmed, Boris, or whichever $15 an hour imported greaseball you have on your IT staff to get your business rolling again. Brilliant!

Then there is always the government: dear sweet, all life giving Mother government. Yeah, if your company is large and essential enough, you can always count on them eventually sticking their big fat noses in your business. Not necessarily to help you solve your problem, but more likely to threaten, regulate, fine and further kick you while you are already down. Especially THIS government. They’ll just tell you it’s the “Russians” (it’s always those darn pesky Russians!). Hey, never let a crisis go to waste, right? The fucking Russians are the only ones in the World who are blamed more for everything wrong than Trump! Who are the favorite whipping dogs d’jour of our illegitimate, marxist regime In DC and their apparatchik news media toadies? Why the Russians, of course! Which is why I won’t waste one single scratch and sniff fart listening to anything that comes out of the mouths of those lying, grifting, crap eating manipulators of reality in government or the media. They lie like rugs as naturally as they breathe. Whenever they bark again about how it was the “Russians,” that leads me to believe it was actually anybody but.   

Here’s another thought.  Remember all the Green New Deal crappola the Left has been vomiting for months now? Isn’t it just the strangest coincidence how the meat and energy industries were so conveniently the industries targeted by the “Russian” cyber hackers?  Why wasn’t it our beloved renewable wind & solar energy industries? Why wasn’t it Planned Parenthood or the Federal Government’s national database for chocolate people entitlement programs instead? Mysteries of mysteries! Inquiring minds want to know! For that matter, why wasn’t it the UN’s digital climate warming database? Whatever the fuck that even is. Thank goodness those weren’t targeted because how would we otherwise know how much time is left before the Earth spontaneously combusts and we all die? Yet here I sit in June looking out the window at rain and a high of 61F. Fuck you, your environmental bullshit and the horse you both rode into town on, Commies! Don’t worry, we still have a little time left to save ourselves! All we need to do is redistribute trillions of dollars of the World’s economic wealth from productive Western nations to fourth world shit hole countries so they can continue to be rewarded for being the biggest polluters. I won’t mention any names, but did you know the reason China and India will be completely EXEMPT from any Paris Climate Change Accord regulations for the next 30 years is because they are still considered “developing” nations? As usual, it will be us folks in the United States who end up taking the climate change stick up our asses; and paying for it all. And that’s exactly the plan, kids! None of it has anything to do with saving the environment: it’s all about creating a world communist government with the authority to arbitrarily steal whatever it wants from whomever, whenever.

It’s NO coincidence how the two primary targets of the cyber attacks in the US just happened to be the meat and energy industries, especially when you consider how much the climate change Nazis hate both meat and fossil fuels. It certainly wasn’t the Russians because they fucking love meat and oil! It should also come as no surprise whatsoever to suspect that these hacking jobs could have even been a part of some domestic Deep State operation to weaken and tenderize the county in preparation for total collapse. I know what you’re thinking now, “Say it ain’t so, General!” I AM saying it; the possibility this all may have been orchestrated by the Intelligence Community in our own government is more probable and believable than any bullshit deflection or claim it was the “Russians.” Prove me wrong! You know I’m right. Knowing they really don’t have a fart’s chance in Hell of ramming any complete New Green Deal edicts down the throats of actual Americans, they are sending a shot across the bow of the ship to put everyone on notice that they believe they hold all the cards and can do whatever the fuck they want while pointing the finger at their fall guys, the Russians. When you stop & think about it, isn’t the ”russian” element really the biggest tell all about the entire situation? I mean after all, it was those dirty Ruskies who colluded with the evil Orange Man to help him steal the Presidency and jeopardize our cherished democracy in 2016. At least that’s what Rod Rosenstein, Brennan, Comey, Mueller, the FBI, CIA and the rest of the domestic clown army told us, right? I wouldn’t stop for a moment to ever doubt the pipeline and meat packing hacks could have been the work of our own dark shadow government with their relentless hard on to destroy our republic from within for even more power and control. We deny this at our own peril! After the past 15 months, who needs to ever buy another roll of Reynolds Wrap again? Not me! We’ve all witnessed and felt it firsthand: and unfortunately, it’s still getting worse!  They’re at the top of my list of most likely suspects because they’ve been so quiet as church mice about any effort or interest to become involved in doing their job to find and handle the actual hackers. NOT.ONE.PEEP. Strange, yes?

Then there’s those frothing, myopic, retarded psychopathic enviro-extremists who call themselves “Earth First, Earth Liberation Front or Extinction Rebellion.” These are the rabidly insane fuckers who will only be happy when the rest of us are dead so that Mother Gia can finally live in peace and harmony after ridding herself of all the Human vermin. They may be bat crapper nuts, but I can still see one of their lonely, sexually confused, soi boy computer geek warriors waging hacker war on evil fossil fuel pipelines and meat processing plants; especially when the only meat “processing” these types of creeps are capable of is ritualistic tugging on their one inch poodles to a daily diet of gay porn. So you see, the collection of possible and probable suspects is much greater and far more likely than the old, worn out narrative of “the Russians did it.” My money is on it being either a group of fanatic climate bung hole worms; or, equally fanatic government deep operatives! In either case, we’re all enjoying this shit show live and in real time. Tin foil is no longer required! In the past, I’ve actually had to watch real people die. It’s unpleasant and uncomfortable as fuck; however, watching an entire nation slowly being suffocated for nothing by evil people is far worse. 

I can’t tell you exactly when this unholy assault on us and our nation will end. I also don’t know if this is just some odd and errant glitch in the fabric of History which is about to sort itself out, or whether this crap will take a century to finally right the ship. I know that probably isn’t what you were hoping to hear; but damn, by this time you know me well enough to know I won’t ever lie to you. I may not always say what you hope to hear, but I will always tell you the Truth. The very first step of pulling yourself out of any unpleasant or dangerous set of circumstances involves being completely honest with ourselves about where we are starting out. Only then, will we know where we want to go; and more importantly, the most effective way to get there. I don’t mean to be pessimistic; but damn, it’s getting shitty out there. The moment to either shit or get off the pot; the moment to either lead, follow or get the fuck out of the way; the moment to take America back is almost upon us. This I DO know; the sun will once again rise and shine upon this nation but only after some kind of tribulation of sorts. True Americans WILL emerge from this hostile & unending assault on everything we hold dear because we have Truth, History & God on our sides. I wish I had a simple solution. In a way I do, but right now it’s purely a fantasy in mental exercise that requires a merciless, no holds barred cleansing of every last marxist rat in the national woodpile. You know me; I would never suggest nor advocate for violence or any such action. Love & piece are are the only real ways which lead to greater understanding and harmony, kumbahyah. I know each of you catch my drift. 

As you were & carry on…

General Mossberg.