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OP-ED: Why I Refuse To Be Vaccinated

I have been vilified for refusing to be jabbed with an experimental vaccine. I have been told that I am among the worst people on the face of the earth as that refusal is putting an inordinate number of people at risk of near-certain death…

That it is my civic duty and obligation to be swept up in the hysteria and march meekly in lockstep with whatever the omniscient government bureaucrats tell us to do.  That I must sacrifice personal choices and freedom for the benefit of the collective.  That, in fact, the choice to get a vaccine and to wear a mask is an expression of one’s freedom to be a moral citizen and to protect family, community, and country.

Joe Biden has told me that I am unpatriotic, and a very stupid person for not being vaccinated and robotically believing his claim: “You’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccines.”  (That is an out-and-out lie.)

I am in my later 70’s; over my lifetime I have lived among and have been exposed to people in refugee camps suffering from tuberculosis, cholera, hepatitis B, and diphtheria and, after arriving in the United States, polio.  I managed to get through the Asian Flu pandemic in 1957-58, the Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968-69, the HIV/Aids pandemic in the 1980s, and the Swine Flu pandemic in 2009-10. 

Thus, I am well aware of medical risks and realities, particularly when it comes to my health.  I have been vaccinated for everything from tuberculosis to diphtheria to smallpox to polio to the annual flu.  I have been reliably informed that I have a very robust immune system and, thankfully, I have never been seriously ill with any viral or bacterial infections.

I researched, from credible non-government sources, the evolution and development of the mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) vaccines, their possible side effects, and the approval process.  After considering the short and long-term unknowns of a new type of vaccine that contains attenuated virus based on the Covid-19 genetic code provided by China combined with the realities of Covid infections, I concluded that I was unwilling to run the risk of compromising an immune system that had maintained my good health for nearly eight decades. 

My medical history and attendant health decisions are unique to me.  Every person in the United States has their own distinctive medical history and, depending on circumstances, heredity and previous access to medication, and an immune system able or unable to fend off a variety of diseases.

A one-size-fits-all vaccine, particularly one that was approved on an emergency basis with unknown short and long-term side effects, requires allowing the citizenry to evaluate the risk for themselves.  Instead, those that choose not to vaccinate are being called vile names and being threatened, intimidated, and coerced by politicians and government bureaucrats.  Additionally, vaccines are being mandated as a condition of employment by many private businesses and in the federal government at the direction of the Biden Administration.

There are those who are attempting to compare the Supreme Court’s approval of individual states mandating the smallpox vaccination in response to a virulent outbreak around the turn of the 20th Century as a legal justification for the de facto mandating of Covid vaccines. 

But the differences could not be starker.  Nearly 30,000 out of 100,000 of those that contracted smallpox died of smallpox.  Less than 110 out of 100,000 of those who contracted Covid-19 died of Covid-19.  Further, the smallpox vaccine had been developed over a hundred years before 1900 and its benefits and side effects were well known.

As further validation that the Covid vaccines were approved with little or no assessment of short- or long-term effects, this past May, Professor Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and Nobel Prize winner, predicted a potential outcome of mass vaccinations.  He said:

Mass vaccinations are a scientific error as well as a medical error.  It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants…there are antibodies created by the vaccine forcing the virus to find another solution or die.  [This how the variants such as the Delta variant are created] These variants are a production and result of the vaccination.

Every country that has pushed mass vaccination has experienced tremendous growth in Covid cases as well as increased hospitalizations and death rates among both vaccinated and unvaccinated people brought about by these variants. Fortunately, the variants to date, while highly contagious, do not appear to cause the same hospitalization and mortality rate as the first or alpha variant. 

But that does not stop the Marxist-inspired Democrats and the Biden Administration from using the growth in cases to again threaten mandatory vaccinations, mask mandates and potential lockdowns in furtherance of the strategy put in place at the beginning of the pandemic to strip Americans of their rights and transform the populace into one that will meekly acquiesce to any specious government edicts.

It became clear to me in March of 2020 that the Chinese Coronavirus would be politically weaponized to defeat President Trump in the 2020 election and to launch the creation of a hybrid American version of a police state. And that all edicts and mandates from elected politicians were politically motivated.  Further, drug approvals or disapprovals, as in the case of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, emanating from the Democrat party-dominated federal medical bureaucracy had to also be viewed through the lens of political and/or financial motivation. 

Individual freedom is an increasingly rare commodity in the world today.  As it is under siege virtually everywhere and now in the one country that once epitomized liberty.  Making an informed decision whether to be vaccinated or not is part and parcel of the most fundamental of all freedoms.

The American Marxists currently in control of the Democrat party and myriad institutions believe that not only public health programs but all public policy should be based on force and coercion.  By forcing the American citizenry to compromise their rights through overt prevarications and enforcing ill-advised mandates, the entire structure of individual freedom is eroded and trust in government permanently compromised. 

These collectivists fail to understand that protecting constitutional rights encourages societal solidarity.  People are more likely to trust officials who protect their personal liberty.  Without trust, public officials will not be able to persuade the public to take the most reasonable precautions during future emergencies which will make a bad situation even worse.  21st Century public health depends on good science, good communication, and trust in public officials to tell the truth.

By refusing to succumb to the pressure to get the Covid vaccination, these Americans are telling those in government that preserving the public’s health in the 21st Century requires preserving respect for personal liberty. ✪

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