After Weeks of Devastating Bush Fires, A Mighty Downpour in Australia

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☆ Arson not climate change.

It is a propensity of human nature to be much more interested in the bad news than the good. Hence news media seemed to almost delight in the shock of Australia ‘burning’. There were many phenomenal pictures, hysterical headlines and apocalyptic analyses.

In recent days, though, there has been some welcome good news and yet, to a large extent, this is buried away in mid-page columns, if reported at all. I guess ‘Australia being blessed by rain’, is not as dramatic as ‘Australia burning in hell’. Many fires are still ongoing but there have been some remarkable stories and pictures of the effect of the much prayed for rain.

I thought I would share with the readers of Christian Today some of this good news.  After all, we are those who are interested in good news. Isn’t it interesting how the miserable ‘end is nigh’ doomsayers are now the ‘progressive secularists’? We have a better story.

Russell Crowe for example tweeted this remarkable picture of his own burnt property. It is an extraordinary image of renewal.