China Preparing To Flood The US Auto Market With Cheap Electric Vehicles

Chinese automakers are looking to flood the United States market with cheap Electric Vehicles (EVs) as President Joe Biden’s administration has made a rapid all-electric, green energy push without having first ensured domestic manufacturing capacity...



ccording to Axios, Chinese automakers like BYD Co. Ltd., Li Auto, Xpeng Motors, Nio Inc. and Geely are looking to the U.S. market to sell cheap EVs to Americans as the Biden Administration makes their push for an all-electric economy. Axios reports:

“William Li, CEO of Chinese EV company Nio, recently told the Financial Times that the U.S. should offer Chinese EVs equal access to the American market, arguing that carmakers shouldn’t be victims of U.S.-China political tensions.”

In fact, some China-built cars are already for sale in the U.S. under Western brands, including the Buick Envision, Polestar 2 and soon, the Lincoln Nautilus. And China’s BYD is already the largest manufacturer of electric buses in North America. [Emphasis added]

Chinese automakers will likely follow the same script as Japanese and Korean brands decades ago: Use imports to exploit a void in the U.S. market, learn quickly and then go deeper with factories on American soil.

Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour has long warned that without major investment in domestic manufacturing and auto workers, steep tariffs, and time for American automakers to adjust, China will dominate the EV industry.

“A Biden-led administration’s rapid push towards an all-electric future would rob U.S. auto workers of the advantage of experience and U.S. auto plants of the advantage of previously built manufacturing capacity,” Mansour wrote in October 2020:

Biden’s rapid push towards EV would tempt American automakers to train workers in China and invest in new plants there — a temptation that will likely be fostered by almost unlimited state subsidies from the Chinese regime and one-way trade barriers that will make it easier to sell cars in the U.S. and China if they are made in China. [Emphasis added]

Given time and a Trump administration’s protections of U.S. manufacturing, U.S. automakers could be incentivized to train American workers to build EVs and to invest in U.S. capacity. Rushed and without tariffs, most of this will likely end up in China — just like all the rest of American manufacturing thanks to decades of failed trade policies like Joe Biden’s. [Emphasis added]

Already, China is dominating the critical minerals that are needed to produce EV batteries. Supply chains of minerals like nickel, graphite, lithium, and cobalt — all needed to make the batteries — are completely controlled by China. ✪


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