The Green New Deal & The ‘Chinafication’ Of The US

Environmental marxism: bringing economic ruin to America while benefiting China and its ruling class…



e are living through extraordinary times, not too different from what was portrayed in The Matrix—a 1999 science fiction film that depicted humanity being unknowingly trapped in a false reality. In truth, we are being deceived on a range of important and vital matters by a Deep State Ruling Class residing in U.S. Government, universities, media, and business corporations.

Members of this Ruling Class work behind the scenes to create narratives to redirect resources and power to their benefit. Programs with greatest mass appeal are often those wrapped in some moral or social justice cause, crafted with compelling catchphrases. The most captivating causes are often those that include a global vision—such as saving the Earth. This explains the appeal of the Green New Deal, although common sense, history, science, and economics reveal that it is more of a hoax than real.

It is important to understand that many elites who push these narratives have little affection for the U.S. and identify with China and the World Economic Forum on many matters. What is different now for us—the American people—than previous times is the large number of U.S. government agencies that have fallen under the sway of narratives and collude with the technology information sector.  As a result, First Amendment laws are being violated with social media companies effectively acting as subsidiaries of government agencies carrying out those agencies’ unconstitutional directives to block or cancel those with contrary views, effectively denying them access to mainstream and social media. Thus, narratives and propaganda, however distorted or false, often advance because well-reasoned dissent from prominent experts is censored.

Great harm against the United States has been incurred recently by this information-blocking duopoly. Consider just three instances—the results of which continue to weigh on the American people:

  • Doctors who were advocates for safe therapeutic preventative treatments for Covid-19 were censored and cancelled to protect and ensure a risky vaccine monopoly and the outsized profits that came with that treatment.
  • The Hunter Biden laptop story was blocked by the FBI, who colluded with social media to censor the story before the 2020 election, which ensured the corruption of the Joe Biden family would remain hidden and facilitate votes for Joe Biden to win the Presidential election.
  • The dissenting voices and video recordings that refute DHS Secretary Mayorkas lies that “the U.S. southern border is secure” have been largely censored, facilitating the influx of some 5 million illegal entries in the last two years—including criminals, terrorists, and human, child, sex and lethal drug trafficking cartels—all of whom put enormous burden on American schools, health care facilities and law enforcement.

But there is a bigger and more devastating hoax. It’s called the Green New Deal and the goal of “Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2050,” which is proceeding largely unchallenged. The economic reality of achieving that goal, the core of which is ending so-called fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal) would bring economic ruin to the U.S., cripple its defense capability and likely cause mass death.

Ken Gregory, the distinguished Canadian climate engineer, is unique in having done rigorous economic calculations on costs necessary to achieve Net Zero CO2 emissions in the U.S. by scaling up wind and solar energy sources and building out 30 days of battery storage to make up for the elimination of “on demand-anytime” fossil fuels. That cost, conservatively estimated at $290 trillion, makes Net Zero’s cost absolutely unaffordable. Even a Net Zero plan with 50% fossil fuels and 50% wind and solar would cost $21 trillion, making it impossible to fund given chronic U.S. deficits running about $1.5 trillion annually with a national debt wall of $32 trillion and growing.

It turns out that not only is the Green New Deal’s goal of Net Zero CO2 emissions a fool’s errand economically, but it’s neither grounded in science nor is it desirable.

Gregory Wrightston, a geologist with nearly 40 years experience, and presently an “Expert Reviewer for the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change,” has been researching and studying the Earth’s climate by applying the accepted scientific method of using proxy data from  geologic strata to determine temperatures going back as far as the Bronze Age.

The evidence shows that present CO2 levels at 420 PPM are historically low, at one-sixth the level of the past cyclical peak temperatures. Wrightsone finds that the scientific evidence on climate and temperature, supports historians’ observations that the flourishing of civilizations of the Bronze Age (3300 to 1200 years B.C.), the Iron Age (1200 to 600 B.C.), the Roman period at about the time of Christ and the Medieval period of the High Middle Ages (850 to 1250 A.D.) coincided with cyclical periods of warm temperature, while cyclical low temperatures were accompanied by diminished agricultural output, famine, suffering and higher death rates.

The push for Net Zero CO2 emissions is nothing short of another hoax being foisted on Americans to redirect resources and power. So, if this hurts most Americans, who benefits? Two groups: First, the elite stakeholders whose green investments benefit from government favor and subsidization. Second, the Chinese—who continue to expand their use of fossil fuels—but also dominate every step of solar panel production, and dominate every stage of the electric vehicle (EV) lithium battery supply chain—providing a 70% or more market share in both.

Even if the United States wanted to maintain its sustainable energy trajectory and wean itself from China for national security reasons, it would remain dependent on outsourced minerals for its wind and solar energy and EV transportation systems. And the key minerals such as lithium and cobalt, are controlled by one country—China. Proceeding with the Green New Deal only means a weaker economy and further ‘Chinafication’ of the U.S. ✪


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