A Large Majority Of America’s Workers Now Support A 4 Day Workweek

According to a survey published by Bankrate Wednesday, American workers want a four-day workweek as they seek more flexibility on the job; and, those workers are willing to make significant changes to get it...



he survey showed 81% of the U.S. adult workforce support the four-day workweek. When hybrid and remote work options are included, the number rises to 89%.

A majority of those looking for a four-day week, remote work or hybrid work — 51% — said they would leave current employers or even switch industries to get those options.

More flexible schedules and remote work patterns established during the COVID-19 pandemic appear to have permanently altered worker attitudes toward flexible work scheduling.

“Whether currently working or aspiring to work, now that people have seen or experienced changes forced by the pandemic, there’s no putting that proverbial genie back in the bottle,” Mark Hamrick, Bankrate senior economic analyst, said in a statement. “At the same time, employers must adapt to these shifts while striving for success and greater productivity. Otherwise, many of their employees are going to seek work elsewhere.”

Bankrate’s survey found 64% of workers would prefer fully remote work while 68% prefer hybrid work.

The preference for flexible work options is pretty consistent across generations of workers: 93% for Gen Z (ages 18-26), 91% for millennials (ages 27-42), 87% for Gen X (ages 43-58) and 87% of baby boomers (ages 59-77).

Women prefer work flexibility even more strongly than men — 92% compared with 87% for men.

Among workers who want remote work schedules, 78% said they’re willing to sacrifice something to get it, according to the survey.

Over half — 54% — would work more hours, 37% would change jobs or even industries and 27% would agree to come to the workplace location more days or even fully work in person to get the four day workweek.

The Bankrate survey was done July 20-24 among 2,367 U.S. adults working full time or looking for full-time work. ✪


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