BREAKING: Daily New U.S. Coronavirus Cases Fall For The First Time In 7 Days

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☆ The First Trend Reversal Seen In The Exponential Growth Rate

New daily Coronavirus cases in the United States fell for the first time in over a week, according to the latest numbers from Worldometers. On Sunday March 29th, the US registered 18,469 new daily Coronavirus cases, which was down from 19,452 on Saturday. This could very well mark the beginning of a “peak” in new Coronavirus cases in the United States. 

While the “total” case number is still seeing steady growth, this drop in “daily new” cases could mean that the exponential spread of the virus has come to a grinding halt. As you can see from the chart above, new daily cases were growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis until Sunday, 

From March 21 to March 22 alone, our new daily cases skyrocketed from 4,825 to 9,400. From March 25 to March 26, the daily cases grew from 13,355 to 17,224.

This pattern continued for several days until the final number was tallied on Sunday, registering at “only” 18,469, down over 1,000 new cases from Saturday.

Yes, our “total” case count is still growing by what could be considered an alarming rate, but we need to look deeper into the numbers. The fact that the daily “new” cases appear to be slowing down means that the virus is not spreading at the frightening rate it had been.

Take note, the cases that are showing up now are cases that likely originated 5-7 days ago. That means our nationwide efforts to enforce “social distancing” are working just like Trump said they would. (KEEP IT UP!)

Another reason these numbers are incredibly encouraging is because we’re TESTING more people than ever before. On Sunday, our country conducted 95,000 tests alone, yet we still registered over 1,000 less cases than the previous day.

We’re not saying the pain is over yet, but this drop in new cases is the first glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel for our country. 

Cases may very well jump back above 20k on Monday, but as long as we have stopped the exponential growth of new cases per day, we are well on our way to defeating this invisible enemy once and for all.