Democrats only strategy on impeachment is to make it take as long as possible

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☆ Until the November Elections?

By the time the House impeachment managers finally wrapped their opening arguments Friday, it had become painfully clear that their goal in this trial is simply to spend as much national-TV time as they can get denouncing President Trump as a menace to the nation and the world. It’s not about proving their case, or even making a real case for new witnesses and subpoenas; it’s not even about convincing “gettable” Republican senators to vote their way.

You can tell by the way the “prosecutors” keep showing their contempt for those Republicans, from Jerry Nadler’s charge the first night that they’re basically traitors if they don’t vote for more witnesses to Adam Schiff’s blaring Friday of the hearsay report that the White House is directly threatening GOP senators — a claim clearly proven false by those same senators’ live reactions of outrage. And by the way Schiff and others have started bringing the whole “collusion” canard back into play — even though the Mueller investigation showed conclusively that there was never any collusion, and every senator knows it.

Not to mention the insult of the managers’ insistence on using all their available time to repeat the same basic points over and over and over again. It’s no wonder that senators from both parties have struggled to stay awake. Indeed, that bald, incessant repetition is a clear sign of what the managers will offer if they do get to call new witnesses — more histrionics, more repetition, more delays. It’s as if the House members have been nursing jealous resentment of a senator’s right to filibuster, and are determined to do as much of it as they can while they’re visiting the Senate floor.

Sadly, you can expect Democratic senators to play along when they get to ask questions, by offering the managers more opportunities to say the same things yet again.